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Okay, my Gamer side is in love.

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posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 10:09 PM
I ran a search on this and only saw a total of 10 hits, of which none were recent that I could find. My apologies if I missed one.

I have just discovered what I believe will change the way I play games going well into the future. I was a Game tap Member of a few years but this new service is far beyond where that other service left off. OnLive is the name of it and I rarely post about something unless it's for help or to complain. Sad, I know but it's honest. I can't help but share this find though.

What makes it special is as simple a concept as I'm sure it was difficult to actually pull off. In a nutshell, you pay your monthly fee to play 100+ games including many new ones (Deus Ex HR is among them..though it comes at additional cost being brand new the way it is....It's free to spectate though ). So far...nothing new..except you aren't downloading ANYTHING other than their client program. No multi gig downloads, and FEAR 2 or STALKER runs as smooth on my door stop laptop as my Gaming rig.

The most impressive feature also proves the concept and how it works. Arena mode gives a tile mosaic of games in progress by other real players in real time. Hundreds of them across all different games. You click on the full motion video thumbnail and low and behold...the screen that opens on your monitor is precisely what they see playing the game on theirs...since everything is run on 3rd party servers, it's just another pipe of the video feed. I've found myself spending disturbing amounts of time in the past couple days just watching other people play through games or parts of games I know all too see how others handle problems I solved or... never did get past.

Anyway... It's as revolutionary a product as I've seen come down the pike in quite some time in terms of sheer innovation and the miracle it must have taken to incorporate production games into a whole new interface like this.

A new concept in online PC game 'rental'

Have a good night and Happy Hunting out there!
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posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 10:43 PM
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

That looks pretty good, there is something similar that has been out for quite awhile that is hosted by my ISP -

Thanks for sharing though, onlive seems really easy to use and it's good that you can download demo's etc before purchasing.

I just wanna add, im looking forward to Battlefield 3 and the newest COD due out in the next couple of months

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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 02:05 AM
Thanks for that link. I love their piece and screen shots on Diablo III. That is the one I am waiting on above all others. I'd almost given up on it entirely as vaporware and what a sad thing that was looking to be, then it comes back into life and quickly into a release cycle. My wife and I can both play that one together, so it's in a category all it's own for us.

Oh, a quick note. My wife ought to be testing OnLive peformance before too long via public Hotspots in a local medical center. A waiting room sounds ideal for testing in signal and plenty of free time.
I will come back to the thread and drop a note as to just how demanding this really is for bandwidth and ping/lag.


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