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The New Order

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posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 06:36 PM

As we launch ourselves into the new order, which started in 1991 with the fall of the Soviet Union, we need to separate fact from public illusion.

This new order had curious beginnings. When Communism defeated itself just as spectacularly as it defeated Nazi Germany (through sheer willingness to take casualties), leftism changed. It became clear that a strong central power grab was not possible, and that pure communism wouldn’t work.

Hence was born the new leftism. Essentially, all leftism has always been the same, from 1789 onward — all people are equal, which is another way of saying that I the individual want no one to tell me what to do, even if my actions are destructive to future generations and the collective socialized investment.

The new leftism however combined the two forces that won the last war: American-style consumerism, and Eurasian-style Socialism, and from them fashioned globalism, which was an update to the old “internationalism.”

As I have been aware of for a while now and something I notice most people, even here on ATS have yet to fully put together, the real problem is a new variant of an old enemy. It does not sit upon any single throne, label itself any one name, or hold unto it any single nation. This is “New Leftism”, new only in its tactics yet still as sinister in its intent. They may have removed the veil of Communism but have no intention of changing the heart of Leftism.

If you want to know what the beginning and the end of the Leftist idealism is, and I do not just mean “Liberals” but even self-proclaimed Conservatives which dominate our center-right parties across the West, you must look to 1789. Its start is revolution, its course is murder, and its result is authoritarian. Worse than the most despicable of monarchs, more unethical than the most deviant Aristocrats, it exemplifies the very underneath of human civilization. Its name is Leftism, its approach is perversion, and its God is man.

This new consumerism-socialism axis proved very popular because in every situation it is the lowest common denominator. Everyone wants to be free, but also wants a safety net; everyone wants equality, but also the ability to have more shiny things than their neighbors, and so to show off. These are not humanity’s proudest traits, but its lowest common denominator.

When during the Cold War the conspiracy theories of world government formed by an alliance of big business and communism were laughed at the truth was never so clearly told. How could big business and communism work together, are they not mutually opposed? They would be had the fact not been that both seek the same ends just through different means. Now that the Iron Curtain is down and so too are our guards they decided it best to get together for the final stage of the ‘Enlightenment’ that went horribly wrong; globalization.

Internationalism had always been a goal of all Leftists but there had always been divisions in the movement; first it was Liberalism, then it became Anarchism, followed by Communism, and then broke off into Socialism. Want to know why you can change your leader but still have the same leadership? Because the opposition to Leftism has been broken, torn down and relegated to the ‘fringes’ of society. Do you know how they did it?

Since 1991, we have had two decades for the new order that we might call “consumerist post-totalitarianism” (in a nod to Vaclav Havel) because it does not directly command us; instead, it sets up a dogma and rewards those who obey. Part of that obedience is ostracizing those who do not obey. It is social control, not political control. That is its grand evolutionary leap.

What is deadly about social control is that it has no head to sever. It is administered by frightened people, upon one another, through indirect means that never can quite get tracked back to a central government.

We can observe the social control all around us through the use of imprisonment in Europe for questioning certain “truths”, or even quoting the Koran with negative intent, or all across the West our rampant use of politically correct to dehumanize the enemy. By dehumanizing people it allows for the group to socially control them, the enemy is no longer human so is no longer entitled to human sympathies and rights. They are no better than the worst member of the SS. Through this social destruction of the enemy they will obey out of fear that the mob, made up mostly of those who just want to ‘fit in’, and either join the mob or shut up.

Give the proles a target (the rich), gather together the discontented, promise them more freedom (marijuana, sex, immigration) and then use them to replace the middle class. Quietly build a permanent power base by biologically/genetically destroying those who might oppose it.

The message here isn’t “we might not be so different as we think.” It’s that the power structure of globalism is what defines the new order, and it’s here because the same leftist urges from 1789 have mutated to a more deadly form.

As you watch the political drama play out across the stage, remember that it is for the most part an illusion, and behind the scenes, the agenda is the advancement of this new order and its elimination of those who might oppose it.

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