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The Way In Is The Way On by John Wimber

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posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 06:17 PM
The following book is a tremendous read for all who love seeing God involved in tangible, powerful ways in our END TIMES era:

The Way In Is The Way On

Christy and Carol Wimber also wrote a lot of it as well as others in John's life.

I met John 1:1 in Taipei before he died.

He's a very authentic, down to earth, humble man--no doubt even more so in Heaven!

Here's a few of the excerpts that have most touched me.

I took them off my Kindle version so there's no page numbers:

The Manifestation of the Spirit of God

The manifestation of the Spirit is not supposed to be the norm. How many of us has God given spiritual gifts? To everyone! Some might think, "Not to me. What Paul is talking about hasn't ever happened to me." My answer is, "Yes it has! You just didn't have the theology, the practice, or the encouragement to recognize it and respond."

Most of us, frankly, are just too dull, lethargic about our Christian witness and responsibility to be able to release the gifts. Furthermore, many of us are ignorant about spiritual gifts simply because we have not received biblical teaching about them and have not seen healthy examples of them,

"Now about spiritual gifts brothers, I do not want you to be ignorant" (1 Corinthians 12:1).

I think he is spot on. I've observed that repeatedly in my 64 years . . . around the world and in a variety of denominations.

Many years ago when I started to teach on healing, I taught for nine months on healing alone. It was then that we began praying for healing regularly for the sick. But we did not see anyone get healed during those nine months!

We grew desperate. We saw it in Scripture, but couldn't perform it, so more and more we called out to God. Then someone was healed. And like a trickle, it began. It has greatly increased since that time to now where we see healings every week. The point, though, is that our practice is rooted in what we saw in Scripture.

John seems to buy into the nonsense dichotomy about Scripture vs Experience more than fits my taste. However, he emphasizes that their walking out of the manifestations of Holy Spirit's gifts AROSE OUT OF SCRIPTURE vs some supernatural experience first. I think that's a wonderful point for him to make.

My point about experience vs Scripture is that it's a silly, absurd distinction. One CANNOT have ANY awareness of Scripture apart from . . . drum roll . . . one's EXPERIENCE of the Scripture! LOL.

Most of the models of spiritual gifts to which the evangelical community has been exposed are immature Christians--persons not formed in a godly character.

What put me off for years as a pastor was the steady stream of people that would come to me after having been baptized with the Holy Spirit, who were now operating with an elitist attitude, telling me that I was not as spiritual as they were. Of course, I measured them on the basis of their family life and character--what I think are sound bases for judging growth and maturity of individuals--and I very often saw immature people.

But this was a false basis for judging the validity of spiritual gifts because gifts are not only given to mature people--they're given to willing people. It took several years for me to realize that these people had become barriers rather than bridges to my experiencing and understanding gifts.

I think this is an excellent and Biblically as well as experientially extremely valid point.

He elaborates on it in another section of the book as follows:

The gifts of the Spirit are for the receiver (the one being prayed for) so all that is required is that the messenger (the one praying) gets the package to the ones who God is sending it to.

The gift says everything about the Giver and nothing about the messenger. The only thing required to be used of God to deliver a gift—be it healing, deliverance, prophecy, etc.—is to be available.

All the humans walking around loose I've ever seen in my mirror and elsewhere are quite flawed. Some greatly flawed. The 12 Disciples were also.

God is looking for willing hearts available to do whatever God asks however God asks it to be done . . . without rebuttle, whining, protesting, rationalizing, changing . . . running from it.

There are many denominational Christians who are going to be taken to task for


"DOING THE STUFF" as John put it.

He loved to read it in Scripture and do it.

He loved to tune into whatever God was doing in a room, with individuals, and run with that and see miracles occur.

PRAISE GOD--HE GOT IT and passed it on to many churches better than any leader I've ever observed in my 64 years.

Truncated text in image :

Don't say you can't . . When God says you can!!
Don't let Sin & Fear keep you from your
Blessing at hand!
Don't wast another minute . . .
Holdin yourself back in Pride.
For you'll never know what He has in store
for you if you don't give Trust In Him a [PERSISTENT] Try!

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