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In response to the "this is it!" trend.

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posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 06:14 PM
just a quick note to the mods: This thread was posted earlier in an unamended form but it was closed before my edit was completed. I am confident in this version I have met the minum expectations of the T&C for coherency of opinion & direction. please U2U before closing the thread if you disagree so I can edit it down to make it more focused or whatever. thanks.

So, this is a thread about the current occupywallstreet demonstrations & it's reactions from onlookers & the media & the ripple effect these events have in society at large.

From personal experiences in these protest movement here in the UK I have a familiar feeling in my gut that none of those protesters in NYC are going to be walking away with any kind of victorious feelings.. though they hope this, as do all revolutionaries... and so there will be strong fights from passionate groups of people around the fate of this movement possibly becoming more frantic as the days rolls by and hope inevitably decreases..

i keep reading in recent threads about the occupywallstreet demonstrations "this is it" or "this is the one" etc but that's not a reality we have been conditioned to know as possible on western soil.

what has now become "normal life" & "normal living"?? is my point ...we see revolutions through the window inside the comfort of our houses, we have no idea about the reality of sufferings in the arab world or the conditions that catalysed those revolutions, likewise they would have little awareness about the levels of creature comforts we are able to take refuge in & indulge in & take for granted... so unlike in the west those revolutionaries had the distinct existential feeling revolt as a last resort out of real desperation under extreme political or economic oppression. This is not the same for "the land of the free". Therefore the western revolutionaries of recent decades have been somewhat detached from the reality -in other words sincere hope- of ever achieving a victory against the oppressive system we are ruled by. We have witnessed the rise & fall of many such revolutionary demonstrations and cultural upheavals in the past & rarely has this trend been analysed fully or sincerely by anyone. So here & now as the occupywallstreet protests are taking place I would like to encourage others to view the bigger picture.. dare I say it... beyond politics, if there is such a thing exists for sincere political thinkers / philosophers........

So in my obervations society has experienced a severe trauma from dissipated political passions as revolutions rise & fall. Many dark cracks have formed in the fabric of society where hopes & dreams are sucked into oblivion like a vortex, carried on through the decades like a contagious poison infecting the younger generations breeding apathy about with inherited depressive passions for life some have struggled to overcome.... I find it very sad to witness so fragmented individuals in this modern world because of such untold sociological tragedies... all we have are labels and psych wards & monkey mind academics chasing the subconscious constructs of over or under stimulated neurotic victims of those specific deeply rooted karmas very few have considered in the academic world when interpreting psychological issues.

My concern is that what we have now is a resurrection of that spark in the younger generations because of the insecurity about our future & it would be great if those passions are not transformed into despair often happened in the past. In my opinion the root cause is a very strong inner feeling that the fight (protest movement) you are in is the one & you're willing to invest all your time energy thoughts & feelings throughout the campaign clinging desperately to the idea of victory... ...... the problem is most often this is based on deep insecurity & when nothing manifests especially after a long campaign often depression naturally results. But I would like to point out that at the moment that feeling is universal. By that i mean people inside their comfort zones watching the televised global revolutions who are also insecure will want to trust what they feel they know works for lack of stable and reasonable alternative at this time in our civilisation > according to their conditioned imagination.

The success of these recent protests in New York are I believe not in the best interest of the majority of Americans, because they aren't ready to loose faith in the system their families have spent generations invested in.. literally and spiritually the American dream hasn't woken up from its material frenzy yet including those out on the streets protesting because if they had a lot more would have already taken place in hearts and minds and the events we are viewing unfold now would have more direction than they actually do. What i'm saying is this will never work & it is actually harmful to believe it will.. revolution should be from within making us realise that we actually do not to exist by such chaotic in-stable financial systems & that by getting involved in politics ew are scoring an own goal because politics is like a sport everyone wants to score but the difference is all goals in politics are own goals because politics (as we know it) is just corruption of natural existence because it functions to serve where there is a lack of unity & it does not function to serve the establishment of unity it feeds into a system of divide and conquer so by playing that game we are feeding the system we oppose...
just my two pennies from across the pond

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 06:19 PM
theres another thread that states that san fran has an occupy too.

I wont particpate only because of the possiblities that the government will do I want to stay as far from that. so when need be I can shove off into international waters.

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 06:32 PM
This is it!
I get 200 flags for adding this to a misleading title.

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 06:32 PM
Can you please clarify your last paragraph for me.

What I think you are trying to say is that western soceitys don't have it that bad and to make it better we need to change ourselves not the system. I like to really have a grasp of what you are trying to express before I put my two cents in.. Because I defiantly agree it could be worse and there are places that know true suffering and despair. But by no means that that not mean that things don't need to change.

Again if you could just clarify this for me I will let you know what I think because I think this is an interesting discussion.

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 09:32 PM
reply to post by navione

Well if you like I could summarise like this;

Politics causes more harm for humanity than good due to the distortion of our natural instinct to maintain stable social & emotional systems with a self confidence from passions that we are aware stem directly from universal love & spiritually fulfilling lives as opposed to the hypnotism society is currently under conditioning us to place all of those natural moral instincts manifested in this example in the form of visions hopes & dreams into the highly charged atmosphere of an ever-turbulent & insecure political arena.... we put our hearts & souls into this & I believe this is poisonous for humanity on many levels affecting individuals & group dynamics in a multitude of complex & subtle or grossly obvious ways....... we can't defeat the beast, we must tame the beast. In order for humans to be happy we must recognise our collective subconscious is a delicate thing & politics is essentially sucking our soul away! We are all looking like this smiley on wall street
- for the very reason I have outlined above. humanity needs to learn about the soul & the supersoul that they are internal & we should literally surrender to this existential reality we have ignored for too long... if we don't then the game is soon going to be over as
erupts from the massive
politics has put on all our shoulders as we struggle for a collective identity. I know I have started to sound a little religious but just think of it in terms of equality. The best moral foundations are built on the understand of our inseparable nature & interconnectedness with the rest of humanity & the planet meaning that when others suffer we are suffering too because all is one.
If this is realised the pace will slow down & the heart will begin the process of healing itself but I fear greatly
- this turning into a massive
leading to global destruction... it's a very delicate time. This message was sponsored by meitreya

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