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There is no economic crisis.

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posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 01:40 PM
There is no economic crisis.

The news is full of hysteria and dread as to how much of a an economic crisis the world is in. Rome trembles. So to speak.

I submit that it is all part of the social manipulation that is at work on us by the media. They only focus on the debtors and ignore the lenders.

These lenders are in actual control of the economy.

If mankind wants to end the so called economic crisis, all mankind need do is rein in those run away rich lenders.

Let us not forget, those nations in debt; Greece comes to mind, should also be made to come to heel on it‘s extravagances.

Woe to the rich. The tax man cometh.

If there were an actual economic crisis, it would be the lenders in the news and not the debtors.


posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 01:44 PM
WHat Planet are you from and what do you mean no economic crisis hello half my paycheck goes to gas the other to food and pray i can make rent and theres no crisis. (scratches head) are u one of the greatests wool over eyes people? I mean how can you say that the media is creating this imaginary world of homeless brokeness?

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 01:47 PM
reply to post by Greatest I am

Theres Def. An Economic Crisis and if you cant see it just keep playing with your playdoh.

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 01:49 PM
reply to post by Greatest I am

For somebody like me that has followed the markets for years and the economy I will have to disagree, but I will give you the reason of doubt, post links to articles that sustain your claim and then we may have something meaningful to debate on

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 01:54 PM
I could be wrong, but I think you both misunderstand the OP.

I believe he's saying the economic crisis is engineered. Perhaps I am reading too far into it - But I believe he's alluding to the idea that the economic crisis is manufactured to squeeze even more out of you and I. I have often felt the same way.

It's all engineered. We use Monopoly Money for everything. People no longer trade goods and services, just little scraps of paper or a balance that exists in binary only.

Please clarify OP - I'll gladly take back my comments if I'm incorrect.

ETA: In summary, REAL wealth is not threatened. Only the fiat wealth that we have all been trained to see as true wealth. Those that truly have resources are not scrambling to fuel their cars so they can go to work so they can continue to fuel their cars - They are sitting on piles of REAL wealth, while we scramble to earn a scrap of paper.
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posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 01:55 PM
No economic crisis?

Tell that to my father and my brother who both have lost jobs and are still looking for over 3 years. Tell that to the unemployed masses and underemployed. Tell that to my friends who have college degrees and are either unemployed or underemployed hit with loan debt. Tell that to those who are not reported because they found part time jobs. Tell that to the economists who are not paid off by Wall Street or Corporations.

I have a B.A. I'm 31 years old, and in the last two years, have lost a job, house, and moved back home with my family. I send out countless job applications, and remain head fast.

To say that there is no economic crisis is asinine. Look at the wealth divide. Look at the falling buying power of the Dollar in the last 10 years (let alone the last 40). Look at the failed bailouts. The crisis is there. You have just been lucky enough to avoid it. Living in Providence, Rhode Island (one states knee deep in economic and jobless woe), I've seen this degrade in the quality of life first hand.

Unfortunate to you, and to us all... It is only going to get worse...

Hopefully, the masses do wake up and realize that the dealer is just handing us all bad cards. It's a fixed game... But it's been fixed for 100s of years.

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 01:55 PM
What is the world coming to...
And what world do you live on?
Can I join?
It sounds like some crazy utopia that you're making up in your head...

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 01:58 PM
I believe the OP is expressing that this crisis from beginning to end is engineered by the controllers. There is no real crisis, only a manufactured one. The end result, however, is high unemployment and strain on the average persion. However, this is the exact outcome that is being designed by TPTB as they grab our money and take it offshore and/or put it into their own pockets.

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 02:00 PM
When you lose almost everything but your kids, and you have to START ALL OVER AGAIN. When you leave your home in hopes of greener pastures on the other side, When you pray every night somebody blows the whistle for humanity. Thats when you know its not a fun little game of humanity roulette. When people Lose houses in rapid time, have had there houses ripped out from under them, when they downsized there cars to what resembles a lego, when their hours have been chopped, when theres more and more american citizens begging for help, when the coupon doesn't work as good as it use too. THATS WHEN THE (insert foul language here) HAS HIT THE ECONOMIC FAN.

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 02:01 PM
Also, and not to be rude or disrespect anyone - but even in today's economy if you're out of work for 3 years you've given up or your standards are all out of whack.

If I was out of work for more than a couple months you can damn well believe I'd be applying at every fast food chain and gas station I passed. I would take ANY job at that point, because I have people who depend on me. If you can't find a minimum wage job JUST TO GET BY while you continue to look for something better you've given up or are expecting something that will never happen. You always have the option to create work for yourself, too. My daughter is 10 and started her own business walking dogs by advertising in pet shops, craigslist, hanging fliers, etc.. There are plenty of ways to get by if you get off your ass and try. Most people are just lazy.

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 02:04 PM
reply to post by MissCoyote

I feel sympathy for you and your kids, and I hope things get better for your family and all other families.

That being said, it's no one's responsibility BUT OUR OWN to take care of ourselves and our families. Welfare is not the answer. WORK is the answer. Again, my 10 year old daughter is bringing in more than I did delivering papers at her age and she's walking dogs. She came up with the idea and did the majority of the work herself. She has a goal and is driven to achieve it. She didn't ask me for money, she didn't ask her mom for money, she didn't expect a payout - she decided she wanted to save for something and she figured out a way to make it happen INDEPENDENTLY. Why can't "responsible" adults do the same?
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posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 02:04 PM

Originally posted by Greatest I am

There is no economic crisis.

On the surface it appears as if you are correct.

People still go about thier daily routines as if nothing is happening and the TV continues to spout mindless entertainment and the news continues to focus on the usual stories of police interactions with the public and politicians who promise stuff they can never deliver.

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 02:10 PM
My 7 year old pulls peoples weeds. hush on the child labor crap okay. she started doing this because me and her father would argue about money. and see us crying because we had to choose what was more important to us. granted its said that my daughter has taken up employment. that we can no longer afford the toy a week and the allowance was removed until further notice and christmas consists on 3 gifts just for the 2 kids I have and most of which are under 20 dollars.

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 02:13 PM
reply to post by TinkerHaus

I have a very strict budget lol im barely keeping my head above water but im doing it. i've even done portion control, and me and my husband work and I do not receive help from the government because there are people worse than me.

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 02:19 PM
This is the end of oil.

That's the crisis. Saudi's financed 9-11 to bring down the Twin Towers that were robbing them of hundreds of billions. They kicked the US military out of their country.

2007 they declared "we aren't accepting US dollars for oil". Obama put into power to appease them.

That Solyndra much you wanna bet every single solar panel went to Saudi Arabia in exchange for their oil?

That's the economic crisis. Yer fuel source closed the tap.

Cuba let China put oil rigs right in the Gulf of Mexico near Florida. They've been taking our regions oil. Hmm....did they drop a bomb down the wellhead with a timer on it...fill the well with concrete....few days later BOOM! Undersea oil reserve in Gulf of Mexico pressure spikes resulting in Deep Horizon failure/fire/ the ocean floor buckling and breaking open....

The crisis is energy sources. China wasn't happy about what we were doing to them. They were REALLY mad we intercepted that Chinese ship headed to Iran and took all that military gear.

Hence why they shot that missile right off California's coast....Iran is China's fuel source.

It's all about energy...the little left around the world.

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 02:31 PM
Engineered or not, there is definetly a crisis!

I know for a fact that here in Ireland, emigration has gone through the roof.
We are being told for the last couple of years that we have to make sacrifices to make up for the extravagent lifestyles we 'all' led during the boomtime...

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 02:33 PM
reply to post by Greatest I am

I think that the title of this post should be followed with a Jedi mind wave and then have Obama riding off into the sunset on his bike (with helmet).

My 2 dinars

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 03:11 PM

Originally posted by TinkerHaus

Most people are just lazy.

Anyone who thinks someone who lost a job (with a degree) should just suck it up and work at three jobs via McDonalds, Walmart, and a gas station is just skipping the root problems.

With the economy a mess, this option would mean that people have to work twice as hard doing three times as many jobs just to make it over the poverty line. Also, you must be missing the problem. The loss of work. When Adults are taking what is understood to be entry level, service industry jobs that were at one point "high school kid" jobs, this is a giant indicator that something is gravely wrong.

I have a college degree. I've worked my whole life, and yet because I don't immediately settle for a three "Mcjobs" to supplement my lost job, I'm lazy. Right...

Then again, if I had a family to take care, I would do anything to bring in a livable income. Luckily, I am smart enough not to have had children yet. And will not in this setting.
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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 08:23 AM
reply to post by squidboy

squidboy, I understand the problems. I understand jobs are being lost. I agree with you.

I'm not saying a low paying job is a GOOD alternative, just that it's available for people who need to earn money to live. I'm saying that if you're down to your last leg and can't get something better this is an option to at least keep your head above water while seeking a better job.

As I said, if I lost my job today and couldn't find a job - you can damn well believe I would have settled for a job at McDonald's before three years have passed. I have responsibilities. I cannot be unemployed for three years. I am simply saying that ANYONE who is still unemployed after three years either isn't trying or doesn't want to work.

I only hope these people don't have kids. If I didn't have kids perhaps I would sit on my butt and complain too.. But I do have kids, so I would be forced to work.

This in no way is meant to claim that jobs are not being lost, or that a job at McDonald's is anywhere near as good as the jobs being lost.. It is only to say that three years of unemployment is irresponsible.

My friends father is a software engineer, or rather, he was. He lost his job a few years ago, he works in CUSTOMER SERVICE now, making 1/3 of what he once did. All but one of his kids are out of the house now, but the one that is still there has a secure place to live, food on the table, heat and electricity. Why? Because his father is a responsible person who isn't too proud to provide for his family through any means necessary. It helps to manage your debt and always live within your means.. If your job is lost you don't have ridiculous car payments and credit card bills that you can't escape.

ETA: I have a degree too. So what?
Just because I paid out the wazoo to go to school doesn't mean I deserve anything everyone else doesn't. I am fortunate to be doing what I studied..That's not always the case.

It's not a matter of what you HAVE DONE, but what you ARE DOING. Either you'll find a job that utilizes your degree or you won't - the question is, if you don't, will you be too proud to suck it up and work where work is available? If you answer "yes" then you deserve whatever comes to you. That may sound harsh but it is the cold truth.

Best luck to all, but remember - YOU are responsible for YOU. No one owes you anything. If things aren't going your way, YOU are responsible for making that change. Even in this economy there is a lot of opportunity. Find it or create it!

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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 08:41 AM
There is clearly an economic crisis, unemployment, home repossessions, families forced to go for charity food handouts, pensioners having to chose between heating and eating and the spending power of the citizen dramatically reduced due to rising prices of food and fuel.

To say that there is no economic crisis is not a tenable position to hold, let me be clear that there is an economic crisis and the casualties are not politicians or bankers, its casualties are all of us and the pain is real. The only people whi see no economic crisis, or don't feel the pain of it, are the elite people who govern our countries and run our big companies because they lack nothing and certainly won't have to make the choice of eating or heating come this winter.

If their is to be a debate amongst us, then at least let their be a consensus that their is an economic crisis and come together to find solutions rather than live if in denial of the existence of the crisis, it has no credibility and does not help anyone facing an array of problems due to this financial crisis.

This is my opinion anyway


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