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A mystery.. Wesnoth (Have you heard?)

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posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 12:42 PM
Well as of two days ago this game has died.

If you don't play this i'll let you know it's a TBS, one of the best, and it's completely free.
Well two days ago the main server went down. This is normal. (It's free, what's to complain?)
There's three servers, the main one, and two alt servers.
So generally the first server goes down and everyone goes to server numero two.

So it was giving me odd connection problems and so i wanted to check the website.
Well the website is down too.

Now here is what this thread is for:
Can anyone find some chatter about this on the internet, or figure out why the whole website randomly died?

(My first guess is that they didn't pay their dues, cause after all it is the begining/end of the month)

Greatly appreciated, this mystery


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