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Remember what OUR assets are. We are not the weak ones.

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posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 12:46 AM
Would it really be a coup if the Military simply restored the United States of America? I say this because people need to realize something...the U.S.A has been defunct for a while now. We are a zombie nation. Lady liberty is a corpse, preserved and propped up by the bankers, the oil men and the military industrial complex. Weekend at Bernie's could be an analogy for the current status of Uncle Sam.

Our media is only privately owned in a technical sense, but make no is state run media. The best thing about them not covering the people occupying Wall Street is that they are revealing themselves for what they are. We do not have a free press. We have a "free press" that is scripted via being bought and paid for.

I have no idea to what extent each president since JKF has been compromised, but make no doubt, each of them have been. To quote Col. Kurtz from "Apocalypse Now", the presidents since JFK have each been "an errand boy for a grocery store clerk".

Also, perhaps we need a central bank, but they must be under the control of congress. The Federal Reserve is a joke of a name because it is just that...a name. There is nothing federal about them.

Our politicians are bought and paid for like a college basketball team guilty of points shaving.

All of these reminders of misery and virtually being f-ed up the rear could make one feel overwhelmed, but STOP!

These are all flimsy fronts that are only as strong as we allow them to be. Yes, they would need to be removed by most likely radical methods, but not illegal ones.

We need to remember this...the police and military our ours, not "the governments" (which appears to no longer be "for the people, by the people"). The police and military are the forces of the United States of America (i.e. You and me).

This diseased form of the government is not you or me, but for a select few.

This is so much bigger than whatever your social beliefs are on government involvement in programs for people. Those are the debates we will always have. They are healthy debates, but they are not why our country is sick.

It is sick because of the terrorists who have hijacked it. Yes, a select and crucial few are terrorists.

Wake up...we need to start remembering the definition of the words we are scared with and use them properly to see where the real problems lay.

What we need to do is start reaching out to our police and military. They are OUR asset and we spend too much time vilifying them. Yes, far too many of them are possibly sociopaths, but those are not the norm.

What a day it would be when the police and military stand behind the people and get the banks to give us our money back. When they stand behind the people and tell the fed they are not the property of the big, private banks, but rather MUST and WILL answer to the U.S. congress. As I said earlier, perhaps we need a central bank, but a constitutional one. I do not care if QE2 was the right or wrong fiscal policy, because unless it was done by the consent of was illegal.

So if you are military or police and you are not a sadistic sociopath, we love you and respect you. None of our displeasure with your possible missuses is directed at you. Also, did you see those checks we were forced to cut the banks...we have money. You will always be paid when the people of the United States of America are honored and protected by your valiant services. Always remember that.

I am not intending to incite any violence. Take these words I have written based on your personal beliefs alone and do with your personal revelations as you will.

"We the people..."

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