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People Rounded up Like Cattle @ NYC, Riots Imminent: Occupy Wall St Turns Sheer Police Brutality!

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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 08:15 AM
reply to post by doom27

Exactly , the dinosaurs died because they didnt have a space program!

I totally agree, however I thought the protests were about the bail outs in general , and that our governments shouldnt have bailed out the banks and let them fold , that way new bank companies can rise out of the ashes and form new banks with better banking systems and contingency to stop this sort of thing happening in the first place.

They basically used our money without our permission to bail out the rich , just like they use our money to kill people overseas for oil and empire building

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 08:41 AM
reply to post by NorEaster

Newsflash: There's no corporation on this planet that doesn't owe its day-to-day survival to the people who buy their products. That direct financial support can be taken away, and it will be once the average "lazy fat ass" person wakes up to the fact that if they collect together, they can kill off each and every corporation they feel like killing off, and for no other reason than they feel like killing it off. Imagine how much fun it'll be making that sort of disaster happen to one multi-national after another. Soon enough, if those corporate jerks and their bankers don't notice this small hitch in their master plan, then it'll be "Go ahead, make the stuff for pennies a day in some 3rd world fever swamp. Just don't expect anyone with any money to buy it. No one here, anyway. Oh, and about Europe or Asia, have fun trying to reprogram those folks into being American-style consumers fast enough to survive the market shift. They don't even watch TV for the most part. You're screwed."

No matter what happens, this is the way out.

In every single community groups of citizens should have always been there, inclusive of everyone, the poor, the homeless, working together, with those who are not so traumatized and broken they could participate, but their advocates would be there.

And overturning land usage restrictions on local and federal levels, so land could be donated, yurts and eco homes built, like in Bali, where traditionally a house was built by the village when you turned of age.

Every single corporation that is considered needed goods and services should be replicated grass roots at lower levels, and these local groups share jobs, match employement up, taking in some homeless, and even addicts, having shared shifts, so that the money that might eventually be made goes around to many, not a pyramid, corporate system but an inverted pryamid corperation, people run.

And we all should not buy from these corporations, but only from each other, and one by one replace them all, and only get second hand vehicles, clothes etc, so that the employment would be grass roots up.

I've known this for years. We always had the power. Its the cooperation that's needed, and a willingness to not buy from corrupt psyhotic selfish individuals. Only from each other and the most caring.

We can also start our own banks, not running on large interests, there are different types of banks in third worlds that lend money in small ways, different systems that are much better.

Eventually when the system is running well in every area, grass roots, do away with money. Or change the currency of the economy that we forge, to something that the corporations don't have sitting in their bank accounts, so their stockpiles are valueless.

I would do it without money, however, if there were replacement businesses that made the average grass roots community wealthier and equalized, and then larger harder to set up essentials, like vehicles, and medicines would be joint run, with shares, where the profits could in turn be used to fund education and medical systems.
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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 08:49 AM
reply to post by ignant

You seem to know a lot about these people just from a few youtube videos - can you teach me your ESP skills? And drop the patronising 'sheeple' please, and I might begin to think you're worth listening to.

What's happening there is just what police do to protesters these days - it's called 'kettling' over in the UK. It's counter-productive because it annoys the protesters who might otherwise remain peaceful.

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 08:50 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

You do realise what you've just suggested don't you? A working model of communism. Who knows, it could work!

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 08:53 AM
reply to post by FlyingSpaghettiMonster

What I described, with money, is the the only way to run grass roots a fair system. And i don't label it anything for my friend who literally escaped Hungary before the wall fell, with her family and lived working for KFC here in BC, Canada, said that the communistic countries most resembled ultra conservative government policy in Canada, and the only advantage her family gained from their low income slavery, was they had a vcr now. Social Darwinism is a hellzone, all pyramids are hellzones run by demons. I believe in a system of equality and abundance for all, much like the Venus project with complete freedom of thought, education, movement, and good lives for everyone. NO ELITES. And no casualties, or poor. All provided for. And will never support anything else.

Slavery is illegal, and people should never give their power away.

We have the power to take it back with cooperation. We can remake any goods and services and ONLY buy or trade with ourselves. We can crash their world and should have done it long ago.

The problem is a very small group in First World nations, pat themselves on the back thinking they're all that for their flat screen tvs and let billions in this world be casualities. Pure thoughtless greed. And they're the ones who keep voting the system of bad guys in who walk over the world with huge spiked boots. That group needs to wake up.[

People really need to stop buying into ISM's and get rid of their programming. Right Winged, Left Winged, and all the economic trickle down policies.

We need 100% equality and sharing and Freedom, none of the current systems apply.
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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 09:08 AM

Originally posted by ignant

i dont know, but to me the underlying problem is most of these sheeple aren't upset with 'WALL ST', they are throwing a tantrum and just one step away from getting violent and spawning riots,

Exactly what needs to happen. peaceful protests are useless and allow these scum to just continue abusing the pvery people who are the ones that actually keep this world running through their work and forced overtaxation. This government is the world's biggest source of organized crime who wants more and more "Protection Money."

they can't take out any more credit on their maxed-out credit cards to finance their consumerist mtv-steered lifestyles.

It's a system designed like this to control, enslave and create an unprecidented amount of revenue for those who imply it. If we kept the money that "We WORKED for", we would'nt need their credit.

i think in the end, if the escalates without mediation, we're going to see all the ugly of the people come out at all the ugly of the police, and its gonna be one CONTAGIOUS mess from one city to next throughout our police state on lockdown.

As sad as it is it's the only thing which will change this modern slavery. All the people need to get on the same page and take back what is rightfully all of ours. Who gives them the right to control all the world's resources and enslave the world. If you thinmk this system can be ammended your off your cracker. Once you realize there's corruption, it's too far gone to fix. Kind of like a roach infestation. you need to exterminate them all.

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 09:14 AM
Also I don't know who it was but someone in the past on ATS was patting himself on the back for his success as a self made businessman on the computer, and saying anyone who was working low wage jobs was just low mentality, and therefore deserved it. ie. they deserved to be nurses, child workers, home support workers, work in service jobs ie. restaurants and supermarket. Hmmm.....a world without these needed positions would be extreme austerity, wouldn't you think.

Oh, I forgot, since you can't be a hand crafter and make money competing with the work of your hands online, since your competing against child slavery elsewhere, he and his friends made money fast talking sales deals, and something about penis enlargement.

So you have to be immoral, crooked and sleezy to make a buck, and the all the other hard working citizens deserve to be slaves because they just arent corrupt enough and have some ethics.

Well he's right, they aren't.
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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 09:22 AM
reply to post by stereotype

23? Self made? You know nothing about work ethic kid. You like all the others have had everything handed to you on a silver platter. Just 50 years ago, being self made took at least 25 years after high school, with nothing but hard work every step of the way. The only reason you might be "self made" now, is because of those that came before you. But you claim to have done so in 5 years. There is no such thing as "self made". Understand? Anything that you have made for yourself comes from others. Being self made in its purist form is going out into the woods, and living off the land by self sufficiency. That is where the original term was coined from, that is now being used by tennie boppers like yourself. Now it correlates usually to how much money you have, and possessions.

Your 23 kid. You havent seen anything. Especially trends in the Work force. 5 years is a trend? Dont think so. Try 40 years. Or better yet, 60. This entire Generation is lazy compared to others by this type of analysis. You included.

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 09:35 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

OK, I was ribbing you slightly. I can't argue with a lot of what you say - it's just that you do see what a big task it will be, don't you? Capitalism is sunk deep into the DNA of USA culture. It'll take more than successful demonstrations to kick that into touch. Nice if it did happen though.

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 09:36 AM
Governments are rather interesting concepts. We seem to accept this corrupt institution ruling over us for no apparent reason. I'll tell you something right now, they're supposed to be hired managers of our joint assets, not embezzlers and treasonous felons.

The only purpose for government is to equalize and ensure no cost medical, dental, and services exist so that everyone lives well, and equal.

Any town or group can fix roads. We didn't hire them to sell off assets or sell off people to corporations.

In fact unless they're equalizing and providing services and protecting enviroment from poisons including NUCLEAR, and FOSSIL FUELS and promoting and revealing clean alternative technologies, what the heck they even there for. They're not like fixtures, like the kitchen sink, like the toilet, they're not given their position from above. If they're not doing that job, they need to be sent into retirement, or prisons, depending on what citizens and private investigators find when they scour the tons of documents that have been hidden.


I also don't believe in pryamids, or one position at the top. Counsels of citizens, shared equally women and men, rotating shifts, all citizens taught to contribue in ever widening spheres of influence from local to national to international human rights being maintained. Otherwise, no use for them at all.

Note, I don't believe in military or our prison system, so they're NOT LAW AND ORDER TO ME. That could be done in so much better and more mature, compassionate healing kinds of ways.

So, they're not just THERE. FOR NO REASON. I don't give my power away to THE MAN. He's accountable to us.
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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 09:48 AM
Well for one most these protestors are anti capitalist that want our government to tax the rich and give to the poor or unwilling to work. Now unions like trumpka are getting involved. Oh please. This is gonna just be a anarchist mess.

If people really want a change a Ron Paul revolution or real revolution of substance is the answer not this.

Hope it don't escalate and we see all the ugly people converge in violence.

No good not good at all!!

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 09:51 AM
I find it interesting that the media really isn't covering this all too much. Maybe they are trying to keep it a bit more hush in fear that coverage will only fuel more protests? I'm all for ending greed but all I really see so far is a bunch of young kids and hippies who are probably unemployed or have low paying jobs. Most middle-class Americans won't bother unless their routine life is disrupted or effected. So I don't really see any sh!t hitting the fan until millions more are laid off from better paying jobs. I predict this will all fade as the colder weather and holiday season approach. I really don't think it will grow into a truly government overthrowing force anytime soon. I could be wrong but thats just how I see it. We are not Egypt, Syria or Greece. There is a lot more money here and way more people with way more to lose if they join a protest. Things will only change here if the floor is ripped out from us all real quick leading to total collapse.

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 09:54 AM
reply to post by ignant

I have been worried about my brothers and sisters who are protesting as well as my brothers and sisters in blue (NYPD) over this situation. These are volatile times and we must be firm in supporting the safety of everyone and working towards safe measures of expressing ourselves without doing harm to others. I have 3 friends on NYPD and 2 of them commend those folks on what they are doing and one of them is concerned for the fallout that will come from it and innocent bystanders who will be caught up in violence. Everyone there is doing there part to the best of there ability. I take no sides on the matter when it comes to safety. I want everyone safe and able to do there part in society freely and properly.

I commend the NYPD for showing as much refrain as they have and the Protesters for being as resistant and peaceful as they have been so far. I thought for sure NYPD would have went way further than they have so far. And I expected the protesters to respond more aggressively by now by the activities of NYPD to date.

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 10:08 AM
There was talks about a counter to the tea party forming for awhile
Well, here it is.

Whereas the tea party needed nearly the full attention of fox news for a year and endless pushing from the network for it to grow..this movement is growing despite it being generally ignored by the media.

The message? its simple really, the rules being endlessly put in place are anti-job, anti local economy. Corporate bailouts, no trade closing with china, etc..there are a number of things, you can't put it on a bumper sticker because its a complex mess of nonsense that ultimately comes down to a single chant..down with corporatism (or the united corporations of america)...

The tea party (tm) formed as an answer to wild spending habits...and its a good core movement. Yes, our taxes should be spent wisely. Corruption and waste..major insane waste, needs to be eliminated. Not a single rule, suggestion, or idea has come forth from congress to even look at the incredible waste, so why should people pay taxes...just say when your taxes are due you will do it yourself, then promptly toss a bunch of money into a furnace...

I agree with the original T there.

What this movement is about (lets call it the coffee party) is to get trade and economic laws overhauled so that the government stops being stooges for giant megacorps that are using tons of slave labor in china and india outsourcing, whom will allow the worlds greatest wealth disparity to continue while slashing programs we all pay into for our entire lives in order to give yacht owners even more breaks for unknown reasons (no, rich people are -not- job creators...demand is..and demand is formed from middle class wanting stuff..eliminate the middle class, and you eliminate the actual job creators). etc

But whatever..I love how when the tea party was doing their rallys, many were cheering its formation...the anti-government stance.lead by the media and right wing politicians of some sort of meaningful change (nope, not just a ruse marketing strategy)..yet now something is formed different and because their philosophy is not core neocon, people are starting to cheer being brutalized, arrested, etc.

The fringe right wing is, in my opinion, the most unpatriotic, anti-american party out there. Not just anti-american, but anti-western. my way or toss em in prison mentality.

Go to hell..or rather a nice conservative place like saudi arabia.

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 10:09 AM

Originally posted by Frankenchrist
What needs to happen is...

When one of these cops starts in on a protester, I think 100 of the protesters should bum rush that cop and show him what time it is.
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Sorry but that is the wrong thing to do. The thing to do is for one educated protestor to call the county Sheriff, not a deputy but the Sheriff himself, have him come down there and stand guard, ANY police officer/city security guard, that steps out of line and violates the peaceful right of the Citizen to peacefully assemble, gets arrested on chrages of malice and intent to do bodily harm. Nuff said.

The Sheriff is elected, the cops are hired, BIG DIFFERENCE!! Sheriff is the ultimate law enforcement official and ALL police powers are subordinate TO THE PEOPLE!!! Exercise your right!!!

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 10:14 AM
Must be nice to spend all day protesting for weeks. I for one have to work for a living and dont have the luxury to stand out on a street and do nothing all day long.

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 10:23 AM
Some people are like - whew-

"They MUST be unemployed because they are out there and not working and if they are unemployed then they are NO GOOD."

Because only people with jobs are good and decent people and should be able to have a say, right?

Do you think that attitude is a 'safe' one, a 'nonviolent' one, when 10-20% are unemployed in places??

If my husband, who worked his entire life - A navy vet, 25 years on his last job - he suddenly got laid off along with MOST of his friends - if you think those people are not good worthy people - all now unemployed- something is wrong with you. Either you are living in a paranoid fantasy world where you think all the unemployed are gangsters out to steal your haaaaaaaaaaaa, or you're living in some rosy tinted world where you think it couldn't happen to YOU, or both. Either way that attitude is not only out of touch with reality, but it's down right mean and cruel.


posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 10:26 AM

Originally posted by kellynap43
Must be nice to spend all day protesting for weeks. I for one have to work for a living and dont have the luxury to stand out on a street and do nothing all day long.

The reason they are protesting is because...they don't have a luxury of employment.
Your not keeping up, are you

Must be nice to spend all day posting on ATS instead of doing your job while at work though..some don't have the luxury to sit at work getting paid to mess around on ATS being condescending towards those whom don't have as good employment.

See how that works? Now, would you like to add something to the convo, or just voice your self proclaimed superiority over an entire group of people?

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 10:37 AM
Remember Libya, and the other countries, and the "revolutions" or protest won them the Muslim Brotherhood, who's growth was in connection with the NAZI's, just google Banna and Nazi. That fundamentalism was only small support in the past.

I want people to stand up to what is happening in this world, but at the same time Im wondering what ways are best. Ie. counsels of citizens, inclusive to all, letter writing and meeting in groups with leaders, like I wrote, actually solving problems for the homeless, and taking back corporate pyramid structure businesses and inverting the pryamid to small local groups and shared work, shared profits. There are many ways for people to flex their muscles and stop being children, but start being more active, helpful, and put on their thinking caps to both strive for equality AND freedom, and euotpia not corruption.

But this seems like a setup to me. Who is behind it? What is the purpose? I support all the protestors and their points but the other protests were rigged.

I think its all leading into some kind of Problem/Reaction/Solution.

By the way, the meditating parts of the protests, were good. Everyone could consider adding meditation and prayers, and not responding or retaliating to any form of aggression. They could link up town to town, in meditation and join support.

Just be aware that being manipulated one way or the other is not being free. It takes something else, more than this, and maybe making a list of the possibilities of who could be on the other end of the puppet strings here, and what they might gain from this protest is a good idea too.

This is being said while I support the protests, just have a feeling something is being manipulated.

I found this:

While it may very well be right winged propaganda, since everything seems to be spun to cause people to react, one way or another there are still some factoids in there relating to contributions, shares, money deals, that I think are interesting. To me this is like a web, with many strands, no door or window anywhere, its all controlled and people are herded.

I wonder if there is any behavior that they did not put on their computer models and analyze.
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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 10:39 AM

Originally posted by nuttin4U

Originally posted by havenvideo

Originally posted by stereotype
Why isn't occupy wall street bring questioned?

Oh thats right, we've been being led this path with all the other countries doing it. The american dream is not dead just the american work ethic.

You REALLY think this is about people not wanting to work anymore?

Do you not realize that one of the main points of this protest is about corporations TAKING JOBS FROM AMERICANS AND SENDING THEM OVERSEAS?

THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF THE DRIBBLE YOU ARE SPEWING! Do you honestly not realize that? Do a little research before you "stereotype".

You got me laaaaaaaaaughin'. So, this is about PEOPLE dictating what other business owners decide to do with their own business? Are you telling me, that corporations don't have the right to take their businesses elsewhere....for the sake of THEIR business? Apparently, YOU don't have a business....nor do you know what it takes to run one.

Newsflash: business owners have to do what's best for their business....NOT YOURS! It's nothing's just business! The real problem is this: people have been FOOLISH with their lives, and's biting them in the ass!!! Perhaps people should stop blaming OTHERS for their woe's. Corporations don't have to stay in a place, that is SUCKING THEM DRY. Face it.....the rest of the people in this for pennies on the dollar, and put in 16 hour days...while Americans sit on their FAT LAZY ASSES and do nothing...while making tons of money.

Sounds to the scales are being balanced. The reason why these corporations have because Americans are way too expensive and demanding to keep. They actually sue their employer because they got 29 minutes for lunch...and not a full the law says. They use ANY excuse to make a quick buck. Now, you tell me....who's right and who's wrong?!

ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!!!????? WHAT LITTLE WHITE CASTLE DO YOU COME FROM???!!! WHY DON"T YOU TRY LIVING IN THE REAL WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your perspective is obviously looking inward on your own life, rather than having any outward social conscience whatsoever. There are plenty of hard working true blooded Americans getting scraped over the coals year after year because the criminal element has found it's way into the corporate world through the influence of drugs and money. The real joke is how organized crime is hiding behind "the corporations" re-writing life for every American citizen out there. Criminals follow the money and the power, go figure...

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