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Violations of the Constitution

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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 05:37 PM

Originally posted by LuxFestinus
reply to post by adamc3

Car insurance is a State's rights issue under the 10th Amendment while Obama care is Federal mandate. You are comparing apples and oranges.

Its interesting how congress required a provision in the constitution to start a post office, but apparently they don't need one to start up Obamacare which is supposed to be a vastly larger and vastly more costly program. And how alcohol required a prohibition amendment to the constitution in the past but now hundreds or thousands of substances suddenly don't require an amendment for a federal prohibition. Clearly the constitution should have included a lot more teeth to punish its violators. At the very least everyone who votes for a bill later found to be unconstitutional should have their office put up for a fast-track re-election. Leave it up to the voters to decide whether the offence is worthy of booting the thug out.

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 06:09 PM

Originally posted by DaRAGE
A DUI checkpoint is not an unreasonable search.

However you make many other valuable points.

It absolutely is when the police have no probable cause to specifically detain / stop you.

If I'm safely driving down the street violating no laws, based on observations alone the police have zero reason to detain me.

BTW they're not always DUI checkpoints, LAPD calls them "Sobriety & Drivers License" checkpoints. You can be sober as a judge while lawfully minding you own business, and still be "papers?" detained based on nothing..

btw the tow yard in LA.. called "OPG", Official Police Garage.. city owned, meaning the city gets $$, exclusively, from impound/auction fees... while the PD gets "vehicle release" fees. It's a proto-fascist cash cow scam.

They know millions drive unlicensed.. but dang it, a study revealed many unlicensed drivers are paranoid and tend to drive SAFER / repair equipment violations.. in an effort to avoid being pulled over & losing their car. So the powers that be added Orwellian terms like "safety", "drivers license" and "courtesy" to the overtly Nazi "checkpoint".. where you will show your papers for no reason, or else!

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 03:11 PM
As much as I believe in the Constitution, The Bill of rights, and the Declaration of Independence, a little remembered fact about contracts with the foreign country we call Washington D.C. (Washington, a district of Columbia) ..

As long as you agree to have an SSN, a State/Federal controlled Drivers License, Agree to Insurance policies, and generally sign "ANY" document from organizations which are federally controlled, You are agreeing to be controlled, manipulated, and must follow the rules set forth by the federal agencies in D.C.--Washington..

You see it is a contract, which makes you a separate corporate entity, which can be legally taxed, and follows the rules set forth in D.C., for D.C. residents..

To remain a full blown sovereign American of the United States, you would have to end the contracts you currently have with D.C... thats the SSN, the Drivers license you carry, the refusal to sign anything from the accounting firm we call the IRS, and ANY other contract, from any facility that uses the American Flag with the yellow frills on the boarders..

BY doing this, even the local "federally funded" Cops, cannot legally detain you, do anything with you, or even get in your way.. the courts (which are D.C. controlled) could not detain you, prosecute you in any courtroom, that is federally funded (which means, that their is no local US court like that anymore, which is a travesty)..

You have been duped for generations, into believing that we need federal support, to remain or even become a Sovereign American of the United States, under contract set forth by the Constitution,, The Bill of rights, and the Declaration of Independence..

All federal "property" is in fact not the property (nor can ever be) the property of the federal government on United States land, but is in fact a "lease" program, held only in check, by both the inaction of the sovereign citizens of this land to change the arrangement, and by monetary exchanges between the greed of local politicians, and back--door contract arrangements between local individual corporations (i.e. people that use government controlled facilities)..

As long as you allow the government officials of the District of Columbia--Washington, to get away with this arrangement, to continue to receive monetary and or physical contributions from that POS country (D.C.), you will never see change, only further spreading of the cancer, into this sovereign country of ours..

Most of you will be unwilling to take the necessary steps to abolish the contracts you have with them, you would prefer to have your meatloaf Wednesdays, your electronic gear, and your warm bed provided for you, and like all cancers, the best solution, is to simply "cut it out", and heal..

I doubt very much if the majority would have the necessary stamina, to bear the burden necessary for that kind of needed change..

Makes any service I did to protect this sovereign land of ours "moot", and the blood spilled of patriots before me, meaningless..

Go back asleep, but when the deeds need to be done, it will be far too late for talk...

Do you have "It" in You to make change happen?, or are you willing to continue to sell out your children for a "few dollars more", and slice of bread to eat?

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 11:58 PM
I think everyone here has the U.S. constitution quite not so right as they see it as it's really supposed to be. The real reasons for amendments are real simple. The amendments in the pretty paper are there as permanent laws that cannot be questioned throughout the land. Nothing more, nothing less. I really can't explain it more easily than that. They aren't anything more important than any other law of the land, you just can't change them throughout the land.

Let me give you an example. Let's say in state "A" they have a law about chewing pink bubble gum as a no no in their state. Another state "B" says Pink bubble gum is not allowed in their state. The U..> constitution amendment article Test 1 says that "All Blue Bubble gum throughout the land is Okay", no state can question blue bubble gum.

So you see it is nothing more than a UN-questionable law as an amendment. Now, can the supreme court interpret those permanent laws? Yes, they can.

So, what congress and the White House figure out in the 70's is you don't need amendments as they are not necessary. Why aren't they necessary? You can enact laws to do the same thing, but they are temporary laws and can be changed at a whim notice. This keeps you employed, so they wised up. Don't enact permanent legislation.

So you see the constitution isn't really there for you as you might suspect it to be. The only thing the constitution guarantees you is" A republican form of government". That right there is all you get.

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 12:52 AM
These violations of rights are takng place on a daily basis. It is good that someone is finnally bringing these things to light. thanks for the excellent work OP

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 01:52 AM
Anwar Al Alawki got just what he deserved.

As for a trial first you have to catch him and that would have involved troops on the ground to capture him and no military troops should ever be endangered just to catch a terrorist if they can be taken out with a well placed missile.

I well guarantee that the US has so much evidence that a trial would have just been a formality.

If anyone has read the book "The Puzzle Palace" by James Bamford back in 1982 and knows what improvements in electronics have taken place since will understand what intercepts of evidence the US has got on Anwar Al Alawki.
They will also understand why none of this evidence from NSA intercepts could ever be reviled by the NSA to the public. Much less in court.

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 07:21 AM
The constitution is continually violated by those in power, because the wrong people are at the controls.

If the country was run centrally with the entire country answerable to the same set of rules we wouldnt have these shennanigans. The problem is that corrupt, greedy, control freak local and state governments continually run amok, steamrolling over the constitution whenever it suits them.

Some of these maggots think it's acceptable to just invent some bull# law that violates basic human rights but makes just makes them rich through collection of millions of dollars in fines.

This outrage is widespread for the same reason corruption is rife amongst lawyers and judges. They dont answer to anyone. No-one is watching. No-one cares. In reality who can do anything about this? Answer: Nobody.

It's a free for all for these nasty little state legislators. They can rule us with an iron fist if they feel like it. The whole bloody lot of them need to go, and be replaced by a NATIONAL government that makes fair, proper laws and rulings that dont violate the constitution. As long as these matters are still being decided by those who profit from oppression we'll see no end to this.

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 11:53 AM

Originally posted by warsight
reply to post by jrod

the thing is the coast gaurd isn't funded by the department of defence. They are funded by the department of transportion so it by passes the whole military part not arresting the citizens.

They are now funded by the department of homeland security. The Coast Guard is considered part of the Armed Forces and the fact they can and do arrest US citizens may not be unconstitutional but it is not right. Enabling the Armed Forces to arrest citizens means we live in a police/military state.
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posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 09:39 AM
reply to post by TupacShakur

Hello fellow inmates.
please take a couple hours and watch this video. It may be the wake up call your needed.. Spread the word!

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 09:41 AM

Originally posted by DaRAGE
A DUI checkpoint is not an unreasonable search.

However you make many other valuable points.

I always thought the law required probable cause before they can stop you or search you.

Where is the probable cause with a DUI checkpoint?
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posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 09:57 AM

Originally posted by ANNED
Anwar Al Alawki got just what he deserved.

The smart thing would have been to call his illegal murder collateral damage while going after a foreign born terror leader.

OOps we didn't mean to kill our citizen. Sorry.

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