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Metaphysics Behind Wars of Liberation (Rare Color video Of Indochina Conflict)

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posted on Oct, 1 2011 @ 03:53 PM
Its actually funny how people keep asking themselves and others what the meaning of life is, as if the answer is the key to opening gates to a new better world. If one pays attention one realizes that this question was answered a long time ago over and over, the reason why we are here in generally to experience. I will however rephrase the question and give a better answer. What is the purpose of incarnative existence? THE PURPOSE OF INCARNATIVE EXISTENCE IS THE EVOLUTION OF THE MIND/BODY/SPIRIT.

We are on this 3rd density planet/realm to evolve not to create a paradise and we are only here for approximately 75,000 years per soul so its a short experience compared to the billions of years a head of us. The evolution in one incarnation of an individual human mimics the evolution of our sphere earth and the evolution of the soul through various levels of incarnation (densities). 3rd density is a young stage comparable to when a child begins to attain self awareness. So all this is basically to show that death is not the end and so don't worry yourself to death about the darkness and suffering on our sphere, its ok to fight injustice and what not if that's your current stage of evolution/thought but if your level of thought is higher you will be occupied with other forms of struggles, if its lower then you wont have the urge to struggle.

So there are two paths offered to an individual in 3rd density, that is service-to-self (STS) and service to others (STO). A complete evolution/balance of either STO or STS (rare) leads to graduation to 4th density (compassion) those "undecided" are given another chance to polarize. Ones higher-self's programming and the planet gives one chances to polarize to either polarities and armed service of whatever sort is a chance offered to an entity to be of service. All fighters (who I will henceforth call warriors) are being of service to the other-self as long as they believe their cause to be just, it doesn't matter what the intentions of their masters are or whether their titles are, communist guerrillas, mujaheddin etc etc. titles and allegiances are transient.

What is good or bad, right or wrong is transient (probability of changing), The Mau-mau fighters of Kenya who were once considered terrorists are now considered liberators etc etc. The only thing that remains constant is the compassion energizing the actions of these warriors that they painfully chose martyrdom. There is no wisdom in martyrdom but rather understanding and compassion extended to its fullest perfection. It reminds me the words of an Argentine revolutionary called Ernesto Guevara a good example of a warrior who chose Martyrdom." At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality".

Anyways I thought of making this thread after I saw this rare colored video of the conflicts of liberation in then Indochina and I was greatly moved by the willpower of the warriors.
If this info I wrote above resonates with you please share your thoughts, if it doesn't please share in a mature way.

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