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Man Attacked 13-Year-Old Who Killed Him in Call of Duty

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posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 05:50 PM
So were did the 46 year old guy end up respawning?
Maybe he didn't like were he ended up and got mad.
I am amazed that someone can get that upset to attack someone over a video game. Then again, people get mad over less. Look at how many people flip the bird when driving even when they are in the wrong.

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 06:05 PM

Originally posted by foundthetruth
reply to post by ThePublicEnemyNo1

There is no mods on xbox live you can submit player review witch is useless. Other than that nothing will happen. Xbox live has millions of members its not like a forum.

So your problem is not the violence rather the age difference...seen as you would like to see him beaten. Kind of letting your emotions get the better of you, like someone we know ay. But would these kids talk shi* to that guy face to face in the street. For me personally if a kid taunts an older man in the street like on xbox live they deserve a slap. Now I know a lllot of grown men who wouldn't stand for it face to face...nearly all of them actually.

So all this man is guilty is keeping his word....NOW IS THAT SO BAD

Yes, I have a problem with the violence of the "adult" and certainly the age difference. Now, if two "Adults" decided to meet up and beat the crap out of ech other over some "fantasy world" game...then so be it, they're both adults and certainly understand the possible reprecussions of their actions. A "Child" on the other hand, who has talked trash over...again, a "fantasy world" game, then getting beaten up by an "adult" is not right. No matter how you attempt to rationalize it, it's not right...period.

As for letting my emotions get the best of me...that's completely laughable
If I understand this situation correctly, this man came to this kids house and beat him up...if I'm incorrect then please correct me. But with that being said, my emotions didn't get the best of me as I never would have done such a thing in the first place. Furthermore, my 13 year old knows better than to talk to an adult in a disrespectful manner on any platform. He's too afraid of what his dad or I would to him if we found out he had been mouthing off to an elder.

But....since this man showed up at this kids house...yes, if it were my "Child", myself and my entire family would have beat his @$$ like I said, then called the police and gladly would have faced assault charges....just saying
The kid should get chin checked by his dad/mom for running off at the mouth. I agree with you, sounds like this kid needs to learn some respect and even more so "Discipline". No, I don't "think" the kid would have behaved that way if he were face to face or on the street. That's all speculation though.

Also, let's not forget IMO, the irresponsibility of the parent(s) for allowing the "child" to play this game in the first place. I don't see the educational value in it one bit. I guess just call me old timey. However, if a parent does decide to allow their child to play such games, then the parent should be held responsible for anything that may come out of the kids actions in the future, but it's certainly not the parents fault in this case that some derranged loser, lost it and went over and slapped up'd someones "child".

This so-called adult was in the wrong as he was the aggressor who sought out this kid regardless of what the kid said on a chat or whatever its called and put his hands on him. Not right.

What do you think the courts are going to say?

But hey, if this man was willing to go to jail for what he did...then so be it...that still doesn't make what he did okay, especially when there's parents out there like me and my husband. What would you have done if it were your child? I guess you would have told your child he deserved it?

Hopefully not

How about this...isn't this guy a father? Shouldn't he know how kids act? Wasn't he once 13? Haven't any of you grown men ever talked trash at that age thinking you were all big and tough? Of course you least one of those questions is a yes!

Come on man...this guy knew better, something's clearly wrong with him.
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posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 03:59 AM
I think it's hilarious that certain people get so bent out of shape when someone dares have the audacity not to side with the poor little innocent kiddie. I can almost visualize your minds exploding that anyone could possibly have the nerve to share the planet with you when they actually have their own views that don't conform to what you think they should.

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 05:49 AM
If I talk trash its usually to everyone at once(including my own team). Its just a game, if you care so much about a pointless insult just block the voice chat. Enough said.

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 06:17 AM

Originally posted by balon0

Originally posted by Helmkat
reply to post by balon0

You are joking OP, right? the kid did some online trash talk so he should be strangled? Thats not the lesson he needed at all. He needed a lesson is manners maybe but nothing else.

So if a guy goes and robs a bank or rapes or kills just a slap in the wrist and nothing else should do right?

People, and I don't care if its a kid or adult, needs to be PUNISHED. If not they're just going to get worst and worst. If that kid doesn't stop acting all high and mighty and talking trash its gunna get into him. Hes going to grow up being an arrogant, obnoxious, spoiled adult whos probably going to rob/ rape/ murder someone.

Alrighty then what kinda "lesson" do you think he should get?

Whatever you can come up with I can bet a million dollars that it would not get the public to know about this. Other 13yr olds are going to continue talking trash as freely as they want.

Doesn't really solve anything now does it?

well, that's all well and good, but, no matter how much trash talk a 13 year old child utters, if it's MY child, and some grown man comes for him, that person will find a sniper round in his noggin instead. some things are just out of pocket,can't put hands on other people's kids.

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 06:30 AM
The guy needs a job, now. Or a better hobby than sitting about playing video games with younger kids.
Also, what kind of person STAYS angry for THAT long, learning who the gamertag belongs to, hunting their address, planning everything out... It's just not worth it and any normal person would be perhaps a bit annoyed, but get over it as soon as they turned their console off...

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 07:09 AM

Originally posted by spy66

Originally posted by Required01

Originally posted by balon0
Wow any gamers here on ATS? Who thinks the kid needed to learn a lesson?

What a great example to teach those punks to learn how to respect others. The internet is not some kind of filter that makes slander and insults any different to saying them in person.

So that gives a 46 year old ADULT the right to strangle a kid? Are you #ing insane?

Moron! A tard like you should be banned just for thinking that way.

It dosent give him the right to attack the kid, But the kid dosent have a right to mock the old man for loosing either.

The kid mocked the old man, because he thought he was safe from retaliation. That is the reason why a lot people attack each other verbally through the network. They think they are safe, and most of the time they are.

People shouldn't mock people they have no knowledge about, that could cost them dearly like in this case. This kid should have taken his victory like a champ and not like a spoiled brat.

You have any idea what COD is? It's a 3D shooter! You kill people, and wether or not you MOCK that person can be viewed from both sides. They clearly say it continued AFTER the game in the in-game chat! So when a 13-year old kid says: I killed you!! You suck! Does not mean an adult needs to give in to that! He is mature and should know better! A KID does things because at that age they have no idea of concequence! Does that mean a 43 year old man with anger issues should attack a kid?

I play WoW and a load of 'kids' play on there and be as cocky as hell and thinking they rock and down-talking other players, yet a sane person would not 'feed the troll' as it's called and just ignore it or say. Yeah you killed/beat me, but be respectful and don't abuse other players. Don't go to a kids house and trangle him!

Doesn't matter what a KID says, it's still a KID with his brains not fully developed yet! They lack 'reasoning' and 'concequence' at that age, witch adults don't. So whatever you say, there is no way to justify what that 43 dude did in ANY way!

When i was 8 i put up my middle finger (flipping off) to 2 cops! Should they pull out there bats and start beating me into the ground, arresting me, and then lock me up? That's what happens when a 43 man would get in the US when flipping off a cop(s) without reason!

Get a clue.
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posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 07:12 PM
reply to post by Required01

You have any idea what COD is?

Hey dude. I am 40 years old. I have played more games online than you can ever imagine. I have also been on the national team. I have play on a level that is way above what is displayed on public servers, so you dont have to lecture me about gaming. I hardy play on public servers because of all the carp that goes on there.

Mostly i only play on public servers to observe my kids play. And if they ever get out of hand "its game over". They have to take a break until they settle down. I dont want my kids expressing their personal feelings "anger" onto other players. They are allowed to get angry and have feelings about the battle, but they are not allowed to express them selves in game so that it creates a stand of. Of who can come up with the worst insults to say to one another.

I often tell my kids that it takes more strength to resist anger, than it takes to give in to anger. I tell them to be the better player and let it be. I tell them to beat them by gaming, not by cursing or mocking. You don't gain gaming IQ by mocking people. And most clan's who are worth playing for dont like brats who cant behave. They want dedicated skilled team mates who have self control.

As a dad i have to have the qualities i teach my kids. So i have to behave when i play, its not that hard to be nice to others even if they are better skilled than me. I have to take it like a man and practice harder, it usually helps

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