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Disbelief Is Not A Choice

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posted on Oct, 19 2011 @ 04:48 PM
I very much intend for this to be rhetorical as I have judged that your response will be biased. Nevertheless, I will read your potential response with extended consideration so far as your conduct does not condemn itself to the proving of the judgment I have made. So, please return the consideration and I can be gracefully wrong about this judgment.

That being said;

Originally posted by racasan
Are legendary animals symbiotic of purity and grace and can only be captured by a virgin – they aren’t just horses with horns on there head

So the claim of a Unicorn in the foyer would require you to find out if it’s just a horse with a horn on its head (misidentified) or a symbol of purity and grace (highly unlikely)

The claim of a god in the foyer has the same problems as the Unicorn claim

If you are told Thor is in the foyer then it could be an actor playing Thor (misidentified) or it could be Thor god of storms, son of the all-father (highly unlikely)

You have clearly "misidentified" the reality/scope of spiritual progression. There is no question of "magical beings" as you make it to be. True spiritual understanding is premised on true things, not wishful things. For instance, the man of ignorance asks himself, "Does __god__ exist?" However, the man of understanding says to himself "Existence exists, therefore I seek to understand more of it." To relegate spiritual understanding/progress to a belief in a flying spaghetti monster is both demeaning (not as though such a thing actually proves to harm anyone's spirit except the disseminator's) and entirely ignorant of the "meat" of any spiritual matter.

Originally posted by racasan
For example
If the claim is a constipated Sumerian volcano god who created the 14.5 billion year old universe with all its physical laws/stars/planets ect 6000 years ago and who had to come to earth as his own son to be killed because a lousy two bit talking snake (beeped) the whole thing up, despite said god being all knowing didn’t manage to see that coming - and who’s existence you simply have to accept on faith or be burned for ever and ever in a bad place and whose representatives require 10% of your wages, is in the foyer

Then it most likely a deception and would simply require you to point and laugh at anybody who fell for it.

Regarding the matter as to whether or not Existence is a being or is simply an idea, and whether or not Existence has manifested as a human animal, these are things that are apparent to me despite your condemnation that they are foolish. Existence manifesting as our brother is grace to the brethren, and foolishness to both the ignorant (idolaters) and arrogant (infidels).


Questioning if Earth exists is just as "backward" as worshiping it as a god. The Earth's existence is beyond debate, and it is not our mother, because we are the Earth. In a similar way, spiritual beings are part of "Being;" And by this I mean that our own individual existence is a "piece" of "eternal existence" (Existence is "being" similar to how we are alive as an isolated "packet" of existence/being.). Just as our body returns to dust after the breath of life leaves us, our spiritual existence does not shine by our own authority, but only as a loan from "eternal existence." Whether this physical reality continues, truth remains. Eternal existence is not changed by subjective or even objective recognition, but rather, eternal existence transforms all things.

This is why Christ said:
“Consider carefully what you hear; With the measure you use, it will be measured to you... and even more. Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.”

(Keep in mind that I am not using Christ's words here as a proof that we are all small pieces of existence, rather, I am using the truth that we are all beings to show why what he said about "Being" is valid.)


I hope this won't prevent Santa from coming this year...

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