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If Hydrogen 0.0899 kg/m3 Oxigen 1.43 kg/m3 is the case;

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posted on Oct, 1 2011 @ 09:29 AM

Originally posted by MichelJCardin
reply to post by Ghost375

It would have to be steam.
As for faster that currently possible; currently is a sad word when it comes to why did anyone think of this new way and nobody did before type of thing; is always happening and nobody is egnologing that it is and it is likely not going to stop happening.
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You can probably spin things faster than they now are but they need to also pull it in and push it in at the same time.
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^^^^^^^^^^And he responds with complete and total calmness and being totally respectful and polite??? Holy crap man, somebody get this guy a peace prize. He deserves it more than Obama, which isn't saying much, but... If everyone reacted as such to an insulting personal attack, wouldn't this world be a better place??? Bravo Micheal! BRA-VO!!
You are a lot more patient than a lot of people here, that's for sure. And I feel it in my heart that you would never injure a single soul, whether they deserved it or not. These are the kind of people we need. Who gives a # how many semicolins he uses or how many "zany" ideas he has. It's what's in the heart that counts!
Stay gold, Micheal... Stay Gold!!

Eta... Well folks, your little world can go back to being normal now. He's been banned. Someone must've finally poked him hard enough that he poked back... You can all have your little party now. The one who was different has been eliminated. The environment is now that much more sterile, you can relax now. :down:
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posted on Oct, 1 2011 @ 09:45 AM
reply to post by ZackMorris

Asking questions isn't bad. But a person should ask questions only after listening a lot. This guy doesn't appear to have listened much. That's why he received harsh responses.

I'll give him credit for asking questions, though. Many people are content with just memorizing and grinding their lives to dust. At least they reproduce; their children can be different.

Usually I look at brainstorming as good. But when it comes to science, it's only practical to think outside the box if and when you already understand all of it and know what is out there.

This does not apply to somebody that's SUPER SUPER intelligent. If there're seven billion people on the planet, there may be a few thousand super super intelligent people. But I think we need to limit it to the top of the top. So maybe there're a few hundred people on the planet who do not need to know the science in order to make better science. It's like looking at a machine and instantly producing a better machine without even knowing the machine blueprints; that would require a super godlike almost alien intelligence that sees things we don't and produces answers at unheard of speeds. We would all be ants by comparison to this person.

But what are the chances this guy/gal is SUPER SUPER intelligent? 200 in 7,000,000,000? People here that're critical are just calculating the odds in their head - they're being reasonable.

6,999,999,800 of us should be listening and reading more than we talk and pontificate.

And this is hypothetical. For all I know, NOBODY is that smart! (there's no free lunch?)

NOTE: In a few months (or so) there WILL be seven billion of us!
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