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posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 08:19 PM
reply to post by xuenchen

Excellent points, and thank you for contributing to this discussion - the point of the OP being that obama's actions in the "speaking arena" have not lived up to his pre-billing.

I also think that has had a very difficult time transitioning from campaigning - where he could say anything he wanted and his supporters would forgive hime and the MSM would attempt to bail him out by suppressing his gaffes - to actually governing, where all of his words do matter.

posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 08:23 AM

as long as you bring up "other people".....

(more from the linked article)

In the case of Michelle Obama, affirmative action did all three. The partners at Sidley Austin learned this the hard way. In 1988, they hired her out of Harvard Law under the impression that the degree meant something. It did not. By 1991, Michelle was working in the public sector as an assistant to the mayor. By 1993, she had given up her law license.

Had the partners investigated Michelle's background, they would have foreseen the disaster to come. Sympathetic biographer Liza Mundy writes, "Michelle frequently deplores the modern reliance on test scores, describing herself as a person who did not test well."

She did not write well, either. Mundy charitably describes her senior thesis at Princeton as "dense and turgid." The less charitable Christopher Hitchens observes, "To describe [the thesis] as hard to read would be a mistake; the thesis cannot be 'read' at all, in the strict sense of the verb. This is because it wasn't written in any known language."

Michelle had to have been as anxious at Harvard Law as Bart Simpson was at Genius School. Almost assuredly, the gap between her writing and that of her highly talented colleagues marked her as an affirmative action admission, and the profs finessed her through.

Maybe Michelle is writing these, pardon us Barack !

Perhaps some pictures make things fall into better perspective?

MICHELLE! help, I thought that new jobs bill was a pushover?

You say WHAT !!!!

Listen to the words ..... it's easier than trying to write them !!!!!

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edit on Oct-06-2011 by xuenchen because: ...I'm speechless !....

posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 11:08 PM
reply to post by Indigo5

My post above, edited to remove a quote,

is responding to Indigo5.

after the edit by Mods, it could be confusing.

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