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Alex Salmond's green energy revolution 'threatens firms with bankruptcy'

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posted on Sep, 30 2011 @ 06:11 PM
I have to wonder what the people of Scotland have to say about this.
Companies are not going to shoulder the increase in prices but rather they will pass it along to the customers.

The costs of Alex Salmond’s green energy revolution are “going through the roof” and threaten to bankrupt companies by doubling energy bills, business leaders have warned the First Minister.

The Scottish Chambers of Commerce (SCC) said electricity is currently about nine times more expensive to generate from wind farms than gas-powered plants.

Mike Salter, the SCC chairman, told the organisation’s annual dinner that Government energy experts predict greater reliance onvery expensive renewables will lead to consumers electricity bills doubling.

He warned this would hold back the Scottish economy and lead to businesses going under. If this is the consequence, he questioned whether Mr Salmond’s “total commitment” to green energy is “misguided”.

In a double whammy for hard-pressed companies, he said the SNPs decision to increase business taxes by £849 million threatens tosuck the life from the economy.


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