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posted on Aug, 27 2004 @ 03:38 AM
Many rules are unwritten in the ettiquite of a scholar, some of them first and foremost;

Scholars are volunteers who "SET THE ATS EXAMPLE" & have committed to contributing efforts, in order to forward the precise research goals set for the project.

Scholars should only contribute to the project they are a member of, or with the permission of a team leader (TL), after review by proper staff. This is to ensure an orderly and properly maintained forum, for "serious and scholarly effort.

Scholars and sources go together, one cannot be without the other, they are as ying&yang.

For the moment the above are primary, more may or may not be added. Further more, TLs should be seen as the project managers, they are the ones to contact if interest is within a current project. New proposals can be sent to myself via u2u, and anonymous contributors may also continue to u2u me.

Thank you everybody, for taking the time and reading this update.

[edit on 17-5-2006 by ADVISOR]


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