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Union or not:

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posted on Sep, 30 2011 @ 01:03 AM
In the midst of our turmoil as a country, and people who bicker over whether or not Unions are good for us, I'm reminded of my mother. Recently she posted a song and stated, "Of all that is said about what we should do as a society about jobs, the only position that's ever made sense to me is Todd Rundgren's Honest Work:


I'm not afriad to bend my back / I'm not afraid of dirt
But how I fear the things I do / For lack of honest work
My family is lost to me / They could not bear the hurt
To see the state their boy is in / For lack of honest work

I hold no blame for anyone / 'Twas I who did arrange
To pay my union dues so I'd / Not have to learn or change
And when I was replaced, 'twas I / Who started down the hill
And drak away my savings 'till / I couldn't stop myself

The Pophets of a Brave New World / Captains of Industry
Have visions grand and great design / But none have room for me
They see a world where everyone / Is rich and smart and young
But if I live to see such things / Too late for me they come

I know I'm not the only one / To fall beneath the wheel
Such company cannot assuage / The loneliness I feel
So many are resigned to be / Society's debris
But I will be remembered for / The life, life took from me

For I'm not afraid to bend my back / I'm not afraid of dirt”
But how I fear the things I do / for lack of honest work

People still fall, union or not. Unions help. Unions hinder. And their opposition? Often just as bad. Whether or not the protests on WallStreet succeed or fail, whether or not someone who is not our media's darling is our next president, we're going to leave people behind...and all we can do, no matter how we strive for a better future, is try to prevent others from falling behind.

And I hope whichever way we go, that our good intentions are not realized in blood.

My maudlin moment for the month.


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