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The Case Against the NWO

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posted on Sep, 30 2011 @ 12:47 AM
I've bought into the idea of the NWO for a while now. I have a friend who's political views differ from mine to the point it is like night and day. He being liberal, I being conservative. He, too, believed in the NWO for a while. After hearing his views on it now, it inspired this thread.

Here is a very abbreviated list of companies by total revenue between the years 2009 and 2011. The total list can be found here-

Company Name Revenue Employees Country

Wal-Mart 421.894 Billion Dollars 2.150 Million United States

Exxon-Mobile 370.125 Billion Dollars 83,600 United States

Royal Dutch-Shell 368.056 Billion Dollars 112,000 Sweden

BP 297.107 Billion Dollars 181,000 England

Sinopec 289.774 Billion Dollars 400,513 China

Toyota 241.590 Billion Dollars 316,121 Japan

Total S.A. 212.815 Billion Dollars 111,401 France

Saudi Aramco 182.369 Billion Dollars 54,441 Saudi Arabia

Volkswagen Group 169.53 Billion Dollars 329,305 Germany

Samsung Electronics 135.772 Billion Dollars 275,000 South Korea

Just from this short list we see 10 of the leading companies (this is not the top 10, I wanted to use a varying list from the top 205 list) from all over the world. Many of these companies have interests that would be far different than other companies on the list.

If you take the total money that these 205 companies make (which is somewhere in the hundreds of trillions) you have to ask yourself. What "group" could possibly be controlling all of these companies and directing their actions on such a scale that they could possibly meet their goals? The answer is NOBODY.

However, let's say, just for a minute, there was a convention with all these companies every year and all 205 companies sent a delegate that had to vote on resolutions, mandates, ect that was the direction of their nefarious actions. This would also prove to be impossible given the fact that each company is comprised of several thousand people and the upper management and owners would all have to be consulted if the direction of this convention were to interfere with the daily operations of their respective companies. This would be a logistical nightmare for any company to the point where they wouldn't even participate in this anyway. It would not be feasible for a company's owner to keep his own company's interests at heart while taking this NWO in the right direction.

While it is easy to believe and pretend to be enlightened by believing the NWO exists, I think the practicality of such an organization is nearly impossible. Even if you were to say there are two camps with an equal control of all the world's resources, these two entities would have to battle it out covertly. I compare this to something of a chess match between two global forces. Right now, there are no powers on Earth that could control things in a manner in which people envision the NWO.

I believe what Enrich Fromm said in his essay entitled "The Dogma of Christ" applies to this situation. People, from the time they are kids, look at their parents as authority figures and as they grow older and they are their own authority look to even higher powers for authority and order. You can find this in the belief of God. He is the ultimate authoritative figure. While the NWO isn't God, I am drawing the same psychological need of a God to the people who believe in the NWO. It is a solid, definitive group that is driving the direction of the world. It is easier for some, especially on this website, to believe that the things in the world are the way they are because of super secret, super wealthy individuals and that is why the world is in such turmoil.

It is my belief, that the answer is much simpler. This is the world we live in. There is no NWO, there are only people living their lives.

posted on Sep, 30 2011 @ 01:11 AM
reply to post by Ketzer22

I wouldn't know if the NWO owns all of those companies, nor do I suspect them of owning all of those companies. I do suspect there is an NWO, how else would you explain the Bilderberg group and Bohemian Grove, just to name a few?

If the NWO, this shadow group does indeed exist, I suspect they got their hands in everything, but that doesn't mean they own everything, although their wealth would be enormous. I'd look to Big Bankers, Big Oil, Gov't, religion, military industrial complex, and other corporations as well.

posted on Sep, 30 2011 @ 01:58 AM
Well, the point in showing the sheer amount of wealth that is dispersed over the entire globe was to illustrate that in order to control something you'd have to have MORE wealth than the people you are controlling. It just doesn't seem like that would be possible the way the global economy works.

And of those 205 companies the first bank that appears is Bank of America and that is at slot number 42. I just think that there are too many conflicting interests in the world to ever achieve the NWO in the way that people think of it as- an evil entity.

posted on Sep, 30 2011 @ 02:21 AM
reply to post by Ketzer22

How much wealth does the Rothchild family have? They are the prime culprits in any NWO scenario.

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