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Bush Vs. Kerry Fight

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posted on Aug, 27 2004 @ 01:40 AM
Ok,ok, everyone is running around screaming at each other about this. The only way to settle it is an old fashioned "duke em out" bout. So please allow me to introduce tonights contestants !!!!

In this corner weighing in at about 1 card short of a full deck is George W. Bush. He's a fiesty Texan with a mean right-wing hook that will shock and awe you, but not quiet get the job done. Alledgedly, he tried to give the judges a nice tax break for some votes in his favor. We'll have to see if that will be enough for him...

And in this corner wearing the camoflauge shorts and the purple hearts pinned DIRECTLY to his chest is John F. Kerry. He's a good ole Vietnam vet, with a good eye when it comes to wife picking. Hes got a mean left-wing sucker punch that'll knock you out when you least expect it...

Should be a great match up, as the fate of the "free" world may very well depend on it. Anyone care to pick the winner and why you think so?



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