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Wall Street protests coming to Bay Street Toronto People Are To Sheeple

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posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 09:36 PM
The comments are pretty harsh
and once again people are to brainwashed to see the reality

Why is it that any time the subject of protests comes up, someone will invariably chime in with "get a job!" I've gone to many protests and I work full time. A protester may have requested the day off from work (ie, used a vacation day), or may do shift work, or may work part time, etc. Saying "get a job" indicates you can't find fault with the issue itself and can only resort to personal attacks.

I fail to see what 'crimes' these corporations have done to anyone. Aside from providing thousands of jobs to Canadians what is their biggest crime? Not having easy to break windows in their buildings for these anarchists to smash?

gadfly / September 29, 2011 at 9:43 PM user-pic what a bunch of whiners.

What are your thoughts on this? Toronto where i live is going to have its own Occupy day but i see it People here in Toronto are to Sheeple to protest against the Markets and to notice the sad reality they would rather believe the Corporate lies from the media then seeing the reality.

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 10:11 PM
Let's say thet I build a factory in your state. I use my funds and take all the risks. I hire 5000 people, many previously unemployed. I pay them an average salary of $50K/yr. That alone is puttwing a quarter Billion dollars into the economy. By the time I'm done buying local goods and servies its more likehalf a Billion per year.

And for that my government and all those street leaches brand me as 'evil'.

My government takes 35 percent of my profits as taxes. Yet when I Keep just 2/10ths of a percent of tjat revenue as my salary I am branded as greedy.

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 10:14 PM
That is one reporters opinion.
I am from nova scotia.

And we had our first #occupyNS meet up today.

More than a dozen people showed up, and the OccupyNS fb page and the twitter account was only set up a day or two ago. And there will only be more.

Corporate investment in Canada has fallen dramatically in the past year. Some people would say it's because corporations aren't making profits. But that's not really true.

Canadian corporations earned $54.1 billion in operating profits in the third quarter, up 7.9 per cent from the previous quarter, reports Statistics Canada. Profits in manufacturing, mining and other non-financial industries rose 10.4 per cent to $41.7 billion and 18 out of 22 sectors reported higher profits.

Yet productive investments remain in the tank: corporate spending on buildings, machinery and equipment fell by one in the third quarter, bringing the fall in investment in the goods-and-services-producing sectors over in the past year to 14.8 per cent. That helps explain Canada's stubbornly-high unemployment, which remained at 8.5 per cent in November. And the latest StatsCan data shows Canadian industry is operating at just two-thirds of capacity.

So where are those profits going? In part, the answer is "offshore." Canadian companies continue to export massive amounts of the profits their employees produce for them, investing them in their foreign operations or in global financial markets. In spite of the recession, Canadian companies have continued to steadily increase what they spend outside Canada. Since the end of 2005, Canadian corporations' direct investments offshore rose by a third, from $452 billion to $601 billion. Their foreign financial holdings increased even more; foreign bond holdings are up by nearly half, stocks by 33.6 per cent and bank deposits -- many in cozy offshore tax havens -- have grown by three quarters.


The entire goddamn corporate system is flawed. For everyone. So its not as prevalent here in canada? We have a population 10 times less than that of america. We have about a 7.5% (official) unemployment or underemployed. Our politicians are still baught out by corporate interests, and harper only has big oil in mind. Giving them tax breaks and letting them take advantage of other loopholes.

Each and every canadian, in order to repay our canadian debt. It would be 16,500+ dollars per every man, woman and child.

The $700 billion US bank bailout under the Troubled Assets Relief Program, was the object of debate and legislation in the US Congress.

In contrast, in Canada, the granting of 75 billion dollars to Canada's chartered banks was implemented at the height of an election campaign, without duly informing the Canadian public.

Canada's media and financial press bears a responsibility in this regard. The matter was barely mentioned. It passed virtually unnoticed a few days before a federal election.

Media coverage was minimal. There was no parliamentary debate. No discussion, no debate as one would have expected from the opposition parties at the height of an election campaign as well as in its aftermath.


From 2009.

article from 2009
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