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Reality: A brief observation.

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posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 06:17 PM
This might not be in the right place, but I got in one of those deep thinking moods and just started writing about what I understand to be reality and came up with this. Im not throwing this out and saying that this is fact. The reason I am putting this out in public speculation is for the chance to debate and solidify this idea as I believe I may or may not be on to something and either way I can learn much from debating ideas. Take away fiction and your left with truth. Anyways, here goes and mods feel free to move this to the proper forum.

When I look at my friends list I often realize that everyone I know is friends with everyone I know and it seems like even my most "unconnected" friends are actually connected to the collective. Either its a really small world or everyone I know are preconceived manifestations of a consistent observation of time and space made physical by the primary edicts of reality.

Thus the mind works like a generator of sorts, you cant find something unless you were looking for it to begin with. When I meet someone for the first time, generally the opening conversation is the spark that gives that person an existence in my reality, until then everyone are just instances of what I perceive to be life, to fill in the space of my reality as space has been proven to be filled uniformly. So with that initial starting dialogue the subconscious creates the equivalent of a .exe file containing all the information I generate about that particular "instance" it then goes to continue filling in this file with new information that I create a need for. Because I programmed my reality with certain conditioning factors those are the first to be added, then these conditioning lead to myself asking questions to fill in the blanks of my preconceived notions of this reality. Thus for any particular "instant" I probe for information such as creation dates, XYZ points, and etc. These instances are able to generate a complete description based on other factors of my reality that my mind has created such as time and space. Also to be noted are many "ghost instances" created by my mind, these are variables that are generated perhaps by the instances themselves to streamline the process due to the notions of my realities condition statements. These ghost instances are stored away until an instance of my reality calls for them or I decide to attach the data of this instance to a visual instance in my space. This for example is like the instance "my friend bob" telling me about his father. My mind adds this data to "Bobs" "file" and looks to connect it to the appropriate instance. Because I havent met "bobs" father it stores this information in a seperate file until I meet an instance that I (by my reality) declare to be bobs father then this file attaches to that instance. Thus everyone I meet is just merely a connection to a former instance and can easily explain why I can connect anyone person to a group of others.

Its also why at anytime when we have fully examined a person or "instance" that they are fully predictable. Even when it seems an instance does something that is fully unpredictable a re-examination of the event and included factors will show a predictability that can be easily understood. It may also mean that there is a loophole or missing information to this particular file and the event was acting within the boundaries of an unknown variable thus causing my reality to perceive an oversight. With this in mind, even if my theory was wrong and multiple realities exist as is the common belief, by knowing all the variables of any particular instance of reality (not to be confused with the people instances) a complex mathematical equation can be applied thus predicting with certainty the possible outcomes of the instance as well as the level of probability. This equation is also solved millions of times at any given time by my subconscious reality and because my reality is designed to choose the most probable effect it manifests it, thus by knowing the equation and then filling in the variables its possible to design a program that exists in my physical reality that could predict every moment of my reality with about a 99% accuracy.

However I believe it may go deeper than that. I think that we each have our own reality and it manifests its own worldspace. These realities are interconnected, similar to the internet. Each one is capable of downloading from a source reality instances that it needs for a particular scene. These downloaded instances retain everything that happens to them in their worldspace at the moment of download however once its downloaded to your own worldspace then its events are based on the variables of your own reality. Think of it as alternative dimensions if you will, as it really could be taken that everyone exists in their own dimension and our realities merely overlap. The ability of inter-dimensional travel will simply mean we have found a way to exit our personal reality and enter the reality of another being as if it was our own, whether this being is aware of such a trespass depends on many factors, such as the insertion point of that reality and who owns the reality. Generally any reality you enter will be centered on one particular individual allowing you to locate the source (as events in your life can be connected back to you, even events such as wars and etc) and will most likely be a reality owned by an instance your aware of. Thus finding a copy of yourself in the particular reality should be an indication that its the reality of an instance your aware of. Inter-dimensional travel, when it becomes feasible should be approached with caution as you may be taken as a hostile take over of the reality your traveling to and then because your no longer in your own reality, your realities power will be the weaker of the two resulting in a dominion of power over your physical manifestation. The only way to avoid this dominion would be a full force invasion of the alternative reality, thus proving your actions were hostile to begin with.

Due to the nature of realities overlapping, the dominion could only occur if part of that reality were leaking out elsewhere (even persay into yours) weakening the power of the reality allowing a stronger reality to influence it. This plays out like gravity in which objects with weaker gravitational pulls orbit stronger ones.
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This leads me to wonder therefore what would happen if one reality orbited another or your own reality absorbed/was absorbed by, another reality? Would the reality become stronger, increase in power, or could it then weaken having to provide a higher workload due to the reality absorbed? Perhaps maybe it would stay the same and the stronger realities rules would force themselves on the absorbed reality? It may also be possible that it creates a collapse. However I think it can be explained in the way a jar of water works. If each reality is a jar of water and one begins to leak into the other then it becomes more full while the other begins to empty. This leads to yet more questions such as is there a limit to the amount of "water" a jar can hold and what happens when this limit is reach. I imagine an overflowing jar where leaking water begins to surround other jars.
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Another question to ask is what would happen if your reality was absorbed by a reality in which the laws of your reality do not exist? Imagine being absorbed into a reality where everything existed upside down, a reality in which oxygen doesnt exist, a reality in which physical material are light forms, and etc, I imagine it would cause some kind of breakdown of one reality or the other. If my theory is correct then the strongest reality isnt always going to absorb weaker ones, it may be possible for a weaker reality to absorb another if enough of the reality leaks out into other realities. The question is which one breaks and how?
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posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 11:14 PM
Someday, everyone will know this is how it is. Pretty good explanation.

The ability of inter-dimensional travel will simply mean we have found a way to exit our personal reality and enter the reality of another being as if it was our own, whether this being is aware of such a trespass depends on many factors, such as the insertion point of that reality and who owns the reality.

This is a new idea to me. At first glance I would have said that we do this all the time, since every passing moment is a new reality created together, but that other person is inside your reality. To be in the others reality, you would have to be the least that's my take on that.

posted on Sep, 30 2011 @ 02:11 AM
reply to post by Swim2themoon

Glad to see someone made sense of what I wrote!

This is a new idea to me. At first glance I would have said that we do this all the time, since every passing moment is a new reality created together, but that other person is inside your reality. To be in the others reality, you would have to be the least that's my take on that.

Its kind of like all these realities exist but what we see off a person is only what has happened in their reality at the time we initiated the first contact from there out there can be any number of alternative deviations from this. Kind of like if we meet and I was selling you fish, in your reality I was a fish seller and lets say I was pretty successful, but then in my reality I didnt do so well so I gave up, in your reality I am still a good fishmonger. Hope that makes sense I will admit at the moment Ive had a bit to drink.
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posted on Sep, 30 2011 @ 02:45 AM
reply to post by thorneakavar

Because of that we have various ghost files (I tend to think of reality as a programming language) such as your friend "Bob" whose father you have never meet, because bob is an instance of another reality with manifestation in your own, you have rules for your realities existence such as everything having a mother and father. Therefore your mind stores all the information you learn about "Bobs" father into its own area and your mind does a constant check to see if Bobs father (lets call him steve) is present.



IF: Condition "Steve" is < = 1 (Binary 1/0 thing)
THEN: Call Function: Steve. Change Variable Steve's Height, Change Variable Steve's X (where X is any number of information about steve to be stored) and so on
ELSE: Main.Loop

When the mind meets an instance that is declared to be STEVE, then it associates all the information stored about steve and also accepts input into the file. Until then it kind of rests dormant as a "Ghost Instance" perhaps even in a read only state until its called.

Think about how many names of people you know, but have never seen but have information on. In a pure setting you would have no way of visualizing the reference instance however because a rule of our reality in DNA a human recieves 23 chromosomes from each parent so we can paint a general idea of what steve looks like from what bob looks like. However returning to the point this ghost instance is like a tree and STEVE becomes an end branch unless we have further information about the process that built steve. Its possible for a ghost instance to exist for a ghost instance as long as you have information about the progenitor of the instance.

Until steve is actually declared however, we continue to process input about the Function STEVE.

Its also possible for STEVE as an instance to exist in BOBS reality with full information, however we can only "download" the information of a particular instance that we actually seek out, anything we are not looking for is consider non essential and therefore the mind doesnt process it. To be noted the usage of "We are looking for" implies actively seeking as well as inactively seeking.

I also believe the realities and dimensions in which the internet has been invented are interconnected to a degree. I havent formulated a complete theory yet, but it may be that the internet taps into the source reality that we all share and was designed across multiple realities to fill the need of all realities to connect to each other, therefore people closely connected to the internet may be dealing with shared realities... The internet therefore is like a mirror of reality we can all connect our reality to it and say for example, you, I, and "Bob" all are on the net, in bobs reality an earthquake strikes lets say England. Bob spreads the story on the net and I see it. Because he told me information about the Space of England that I didnt have my mind stores that and processes it thus making it a part of my reality. You dont hear about it and in your reality england is fine but then we are speaking years later and I ask if you heard about the earthquake of 2011 and your like no, because I gave you the details my reality so firmly believes, it becomes a reality in your own.

This is one reason we as a whole detest lies, it creates a false reality our mind has to clean up when we receive conflicting information that has been preprogrammed.

Another example of this in action involves trying to picture a location you have only heard about, with nothing but a general description, and havent seen pictures of the area or zone.. You really cant, yet places you have been if you try hard enough you can remember in exact detail every rock, twig and leaf (especially if you have an artistically trained mind or are right brain dominated)

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