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What happened to ATS facebook page?

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posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 12:23 PM
So this won't be a long post with linked sources and all that. I am curious as to WHAT happened to all the posts on the ATS facebook page? Yesterday, I believe, every post just went away. Disappeared.

Another question is, why hasnt this question already been asked? That seems like a conspiracy all on its own.

Mods, if you have any insight, please share. Thanks!

ATS Facebook Page

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 12:24 PM
reply to post by sirhc0329

Facebook is doing a major overhaul of it's GUI, perhaps that is the anser?

As for ATS, I"m not sure, but it's probably just for general maintenance, or update of format.

Nothing nefarious to see here.


posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 12:29 PM
all working as it should for me....

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 12:30 PM
reply to post by tothetenthpower

And there was me thinking that ATS had finally seen what facebook was about and had decided no boycot FB.

Here is to wishful thinking :-/


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posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 12:59 PM
I doubt anything nefarious as well, it just seemed weird that all the posts disappeared, I was really hoping a mod or someone "in the know" would tell us what really happened. I still have hope, c'mon mods! ha ha

posted on Sep, 30 2011 @ 11:41 AM
Very strange though. Only one of my hundreds of pages that had all the posts disappear and news feed stop. Thought perhaps the admins at the ats facebook page changed its format? I miss my updates from ats. Was easier to click thru from fb on mobile.

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 12:03 AM
reply to post by MichaelBird

Hey! good to see you on here too. I guess it was nothing.

I sometimes use opera mini to browse, and all the posts disappeared from there. But, if I used a different app for Facebook, everything was there? THEN, everything came back!

I suppose No one was talking about it on here, was because it was only missing for a few of us, for a short amount of time.

Either way, glad its back. I love ATSNEWS on facebook.

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