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Quantum computing, qubits and all

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posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 08:37 AM
It is no longer fantasy !!! This computer will allow to ultra-performing algorithms in the fracture of the 10's

I'm sorry but the article is in French, the person that is interviewed in this article in my wife's close cousin, Michel is an amazing guy. His parents are fantastic people and I am truly lucky to be part of the entire family.

You can maybe use google translate to get an idea??? or maybe get a copy of the Physical Review Letters edition.

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 08:48 AM
The quantum computer is no longer a fantasy of science. He could emerge soon thanks to the work of a Japanese-Quebec team that has managed to develop the centerpiece of the computer of the future from a semiconductor material commonly used in industry. Physicists worked for a decade to create quantum computers, which "actively using the postulates of quantum mechanics" [this branch of physics that describes the phenomena at the atomic and subatomic scale]. "The quantum computer will to develop high-performance algorithms, capable of factoring large numbers (about ten digits), for example, which can only be done by computers today, at least let them calculate the age as long as the universe, "says Michel Pioro-Ladrière Department of Physics, University of Sherbrooke, but said that data encryption in our Internet banking is done through an algorithm based on the factorization of large numbers. A quantum computer would then "communicate on the Internet so completely safe." A quantum computer could also simulate the quantum behavior of drug molecules in the body, "which takes a lot of time with current supercomputers," gives the example of the specialist, which currently totals an experimental laboratory for Quantum Computing . 'All modern computers use the electron charge to carry the current. For our part, we use the electron spin. By turning on itself, generates the electron, because of his office, a small magnet that points up or down. The fact that it does not point in opposite directions allows us to use it as a bit of information (quantum bits, or qubits, in this case), which in conventional computers consists of 0 or 1 " , noted physicist, who currently stands an experimental laboratory for quantum computing. During his postdoctoral fellowship in Japan, it has manufactured using standard semiconductor device consists of two juxtaposed boxes each containing a spin "we get to handle and coupled in a very precise and controlled," said he, pointing out that he manages to manipulate individual spins using microaimants it deposits on the surface of device. And it is by changing the voltage applied to the device happens to change the degree of coupling between the spins of two boxes, "a crucial operation in quantum mechanics." This double box, in fact composed of two juxtaposed boxes containing each one electron spin, is "the minimum required to form the" proof of concept "of a quantum computer that will contain a multitude of boxes. We have succeeded in showing that we can juxtapose in several, "says M. Pioro-Ladrière, whose findings are published in the latest edition of Physical Review Letters. Much work still remains much work to do, admits the researcher. For a quantum system is, it is necessary that the qubits are in a quantum state, where the qubit is either in state 0 or in state 1, but in both states at once, that is called "superposition of quantum states." "For a quantum computer, perform all calculations is lost before the superposition of states, called coherence, qubits that lose when they interact with their environment. Gradually, as time elapses, the qubits become classical bits, and you lose all power quantum, "says the physicist, who attack the problem on two fronts. The time required to manipulate the spin of an electron, the reverse example, is currently too long compared to the coherence time. "To increase the speed of operation, we will play in the design of microaimants. We believe that by changing their geometry and location, we can move from one nanosecond to 100 nanoseconds, "he says. The second approach is to increase the coherence time. The researcher believes to achieve this by using purified materials, which would "get rid of parasites spins of the nuclei of thousands of atoms contained in the quantum dot and turning on themselves loom ahead and create the decoherence. " "But if we manage to exceed a critical threshold in the coherence time, the computer will, once lost coherence, decoherence due to correct an algorithm, and thus to perpetuate quantum computing forever. We will not need infinite coherence time, there would simply reach a critical threshold, the time it takes to perform a basic operation, "adds the researcher. "If our research leads, we will have 'microelectronics industry behind us to begin the manufacture of large-scale quantum computers, "says an enthusiastic researcher.

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 08:51 AM
this won't be around until intel finishes there 2022 road map. Soo at least 11 years

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 09:19 AM

Physique - L'ordinateur quantique bientôt à notre portée

Merci OP !

This is the natural progression in the world of computers because when you get right down to it, being a binary system, you only need a device to store 1's and 0's.

We used Vaccum tubes previously and now we are using smaller and smaller transistors...but one of the main benefits to using the spin of electrons to store this 1 or 0 is the Speed and the power savings necessary to bias (turn on/turn off)) Transistors or semi conductors which is 5 volts.

Also the time savings of waiting for the transistors to latch in logic circuits would be all but eliminated for there would no longer have the latency associated with transistors because electrons operate at near the speed of light.

And due to the Quantum nature of the size of a byte of information you could basically have a supercomputer built into your wrist watch !

This also spells the dawning of the era in which computers and also Robots will begin building themselves which is a very foreboding concept.......

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