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Danish charity work threatend by EU court case

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posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 08:16 AM
Denmark often praises itself as being a socially conscious country. Amongst the initiatives we have are Red Cross, who works not only through collections from door to door, but also through selling clothes and other goods in 2nd hand stores.
All this is run PURELY on volunteer work and the organization is run as a non-profit organization.

Besides those we have a lot of social initiatives that are based purely on volunteer work, and the majority of money from these good doings go to finance children from the extreme lower class to go on summer vacations or receive christmas presents or even eat, by the help of food packages.

However... the EU finds these kinds of endeavors in violation of free competition and they are now looking into forcing these charity organizations to pay sales tax!!

This will in turn mean that a lot of families and especially children will lose out on these packages that can save a summer or a christmas.

The Red Cross itself calculates that such a demand will cost them almost half their income from 2nd hand stores .

This is the world we live in... a world where doing good deeds violates the competition which the capitalists need to keep their own wheels running.

I find it appalling and a new low in humanity. Who will be forced to pay tax next?

Original article from this date. However in Danish. Feel free to translate through Google, or similar.
Charity slam

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