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Anomalies in the wood??

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posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 07:54 AM
Well, me and my OH are just back from a walk in the woods...taking advantage of this glorious weather!
Now this is a walk we have done quite a few times, usually we are with the kids and the dog.

Over the Summer. we were on an evening stroll and OH had the DSLR around his neck as he was taking pictures, just left it to hang in front of him when he was walking..on his chest. I was ahead with the kids throwing stones in the brook, I turned back to see how far behind us he was and the camera flashed, whilst it was resting on his chest and switched off!? The flash is only triggered when the shutter button is pressed and the flash pops up, the flash did actually trigger without popping up?? Which should not happen...we all looked at each other and thought how did that happen!! But, we just thought it's one of those things, although it has never happened before, nor since. We shrugged it off. But on this particular walk, I also noticed a black figure rush through the trees. My OH was telling me it was my eyes playing tricks on me, there are a lot of trees (obviously...we are in the woods!) But they are on different levels as it slopes down to a brook/stream...there are bridges and paths everywhere. Now I know that your eyes can play tricks on you, it was dusky...but I saw a long, thin, solid black figure...although I leant towards the fact that it was probably my eyes.

Now, I have said from the very first time I went, that I have an uneasy feeling when I'm there, nothing to stop me going, but something all the same. This freaked me out a little as the dog whimpers and cries at certain points.
Today however, it felt very OH was about ten minutes ahead of me and I walked through on my own and felt nice and relaxed. We met up and walked, on the way back to the car, we were just chatting and then my OH's mobile phone starts throwing a hissy fit!! We were looking at each other puzzled as we did not recognise the tone, it wasn't his selected ringtone or message alert. He took it out of his pocket and it was cycling through the ringtone's. As we were looking at each other and saying what was that about, we noticed we were in the exact same spot that the camera had flashed a few months ago! We had not gave it any more thought since, PLUS on the walk into the woods, I saw this black figure swishing through the clearing again..only today was sunny, not dusky!! But my OH just laughed at me and said 'come and get me' jokingly, goading me...and perhaps the spirit lol!!

We have got home and checked the phone out, he always has it in his pocket and it has never done this before. It is a Galaxy 2, but we have both had touch screen phones for a few years now and neither have ever done anything when on our person. The phone was locked, a button needs to be pressed to bring it to life, then the screen needs to be swiped before you can opt for any of the icons. It actually took us seven steps to get to the ringtone's, they didn't even play in sequence, once we have checked. The first sound was called Downhill, the second...Chime!?!?

Now I know logically, this can be explained, but it is quite freaky all the same!!

edit on 29-9-2011 by DivineInfinity because: Just to add, I wonder if the fact it borders a Cemetery has anything to do with it!!!

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 08:37 AM
You're not crazy. I too saw a black figure but it was in my house. What I saw reminded me more of a sheet on a clothes line that was rapidly tugged. I was immediately overcome with a sense of foreboding, anger and purpose. Though I had never seen anything like that, I knew on some spiritual level exactly what it was.

Since then, maybe three times a week, my dog suddenly bursts through the back door and races to a dark corner of the yard barking and growling furiously at something I can never see. When she gets to the spot, rather than focusing on a particular branch in a tree, she circles rapidly looking and sniffing the ground and air in all directions as if the object simply disappeared in thin air.

My wife says it's a racoon or possum but I get a sick feeling about it. Lacking rationale evidence, my mind wanders into what my wife derisively calls "ATS land."

What if the veil between dimensions is beginning to thin permitting glimpses into other realities? I've also considered the effect of radiation emanating from the galactic core and it's effects on our DNA. The Source Field Investigation clearly makes a scientific case for such a phenomenon citing multiple experiments using radiation to spontaneously transform the DNA of a frog into a salamander.

What if we are being upgraded with a new operating system and not even realizing it? Perhaps our sensory systems are picking up new stimuli for which we have no reference? Perhaps the OP is more sensitive than her husband AND open to new possibilities rather than dismissing evidence out of hand?

I know this seems way out. I have a background in the hard sciences and am a firm adherent to the scientific method. That very training however forces me to consider extraordinary hypotheses in light of extraordinary evidence.

Has anybody noticed a strange tingling sensation about the face during periods of meditation or during the period of theta brainwaves just prior to the onset of sleep? In certain cases, the tingling is extreme and coupled with a pronounced sensation of BBs under my skin trying to poke through as if being tugged by a strong magnet.

Where else but ATS could I even share or propose such wild theories and find willing individuals able of prima facia consideration of evidence. Have a great day everybody.

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 04:29 PM
reply to post by zarp3333

Yikes!!! I think I would be on the floor if I saw that in my house!!

I like your thinking, I am a believer in anything is possible. I know people slate things as they have not been proven, but on the other hand....they have not been unproven either!!

If I'm honest, I do sway more towards, there is 'something' as I have had quite a few experiences...yet still as it is 'just me' and I can't prove anything, I am not staunch in my beliefs, if that makes sense? At the same time, I don't feel I have to prove anything, if I know things have happened, I will gain nothing from trying to persuade anyone into believing me! My knowledge is all I need.

I have had a quick look online about this particular woods and it seems that there are others who have had experiences there too. So it's not just us lol.....I don't know if there are any truth in the tales, but I'm sure time will tell, I'm itching to go back there.

Today, it was not on the radar until the phone thing happened, but in the will be!! Saying this, I'm not really keen on black entities!! Strangely, the recurring 'ghost' story is that of a young boy who died jumping over a brook in the 50's and there is talk of haunted houses being demolished years and years ago. Like I say, stories can just roll and roll, I suppose I am keeping this particular one rolling, but I am new to this area, so have no way of knowing the history and tales so to speak.

Back to the point, you have made some very interesting points, something to consider. I understand exactly what you are saying and find it most interesting!!

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 06:47 PM
hmm sounds like you may be seeing what many refer to as a shadow person. I however cannot explain the electrical interference with the camea and cell phone thing. When you go for your walks do you always have your cell phones with you? if not I would recommend takin it a few more times and see what happens.

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 03:51 PM
I have saw snippets about Shadow People, I will have to read up on them though.

To be honest, as a rule, we always take our phones out...BUT there are times we do forget them, so I can't say for sure. I will be going back in the next few days and will make sure we have them!!

I find the electrical interference puzzling and if nothing else comes of it, it will just be a coincidence for those two times, but on reading bits about these woods...I think there is more to come!!

posted on Oct, 23 2011 @ 08:59 AM
Well life has been pretty hectic of late and the visit to the woods only happened yesterday.

We were armed with camera and phones, my son even had his camcorder. Nothing happened!! We never spoke of it at all, it was at the back of my mind..the thought of will anything happen, then I totally forgot about it.

On the walk back to the car...after being there for about an hour and a half, my OH said, "well nothing happened, no sounds today" as he said that, there was a huge cracking sound, we all stopped and a huge branch was falling from the sky!!! You couldn't make it up, we just went "woah!!" what was that about, my daughter was looking freaked saying that was more than a coincidence!!

So, nothing really concrete from this visit....just a branch crashing to the ground!! Could be nature, who knows, maybe things like this happen all the time, maybe too much is being read into it by us.

These woods are being used as health walks by us, so we will be there again!!

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