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Five Hours Sleep In 70+ Hours,The Same Life Ending Dream for 7 Days Straight

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posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 04:01 PM

Originally posted by VforVendettea

You are under stress.
What is going on in your waking life?

Disaster dreams often express fears about things in your life that you believe are beyond your control. You may dreamIt is common to dream that you have had or are having a dream. You could be experience a false awakening, in which you dream that you have woken up from an earlier dream, and are performing the activities you normally perform on waking, such as getting dressed and brushing your teeth. Such a dream can be a sign that you have fallen into a rut in waking life.

Link to rest of article

I've done that before. Had a waking dream that it. It's not like that at all; but thanks for your help.

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 04:06 PM

Originally posted by jewells
While I believe the subconscious tries to makes sense through dreaming, I think your state of panic is arising through pure exhaustion.
When my babies were 6months & 18months, I was soooo tired from working 2 jobs & being a sole parent.
I would wake to a baby crying in the wee hours (Mid dream) & not sleep again until I collapsed into bed later (Midnight) the same day.
What was bizarre to me, is that as my head touched the pillow, my mind would take me straight back to where the previous nights dream had ended, & would pick up from there.
Truly strange, & something I had never experienced before.
The dreams themselves were either nonsense ,or I can't remember any standing out symbolically.
I truly think that an exhausted mind does play tricks, doesn't think straight, & has trouble seeing the trees from the forest.
Be kind & patient with yourself , & try to see these nightmares for what they are-
a by-product of a poor overworked mind thats exhausted & needs rest.

Thanks, I wish that was it; but I wasn't tired and exhausted until I started having it every night. Now tired and exhausted are the norm. I just try to stay busy when i have nothing to do and can't sleep or when I sleep for and hour or so and wake up. Trying to go back to sleep just brings it back.

Wishing sweet restful dreams & sleep for you.

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 04:12 PM

Originally posted by ImplodeThisExistence
Ok, first of all... Plenty of people are having panic attacks. It's new and widespread and all due to our very planet and humanity changing. This cycle is ending and there are major ramifications, some bad but mostly good if you understand our multidimensional universe and humanity's role in this grand play...

To me, this dream certainly seems... well, real. I've also talked to many people who are having such premonitions(real ones). Mostly those of a second 'moon' showing up, or vast amounts ships and mind control technology arriving to lead sheeple aboard(for reasons we won't go into here). Yours seems to fit in there and you can bet Earth changes and catastrophes are imminent. Plane crashes... Eh, I can't explain that one.

Your children were obviously aware of something you weren't... perhaps you shouldn't treat them as some type of commodity and value the wisdom of their relatively pure insight, instead. I know I'll be following my heart in the times ahead.

Thank you honestly, but my children don't get treated like a commodity. I my dream I cant find them. I don't know where I am; but their not around me and I get the feeling that they were. I scream for them over and over; but I dont see or hear them.
In reality, my children are 2 grown and 1 child. I am not overly protective; but niether am I a push over. I command respect from my children, not demand it. I strongly believe that that command is because I have always been the mother and them the children and they were taught respect for themselves as well as others. I would never treat them as a commodity because commodities can be bought and sold, children can't.

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 04:14 PM

Originally posted by GeoSorosReptilian
reply to post by IJUSTAM

You need to forget about the possibility of Barrack Obama being reelected.


posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 04:16 PM
so this dream is reoccurring to the part "it's time, it's time" and you force yourself to wake up because you know what will happen. how about you try to endure the plane crash and see what happens. don't go into the building. try to gain awareness, lucidity, and find the lesson

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 04:20 PM

Originally posted by Guarnere09
reply to post by IJUSTAM

My mom just had a dream that she was at a store and heard a loud rumbling noise and kept looking around... In her dream she asked a lady, Is that thunder? The women said, Your almost right... She asked what do you mean Is this man made? The women said yes.((( I Told Her HAARP))).. anyways, She happen to be a on a plane and the water started to come and completly filled the town up, so she swam under water to my little brothers and sisters and talked to them like it was normal? There was more but i cant remember but yes something is coming soon, I had a dream of 2 full moons right next to each other one was a little foggy,, some people said it meant that Jesus and the Anti-Christ were coming soon... My sister had a dream with about my little brother who past away not to long he was 8 but he always said he wanted to be like jesus. Well in her dream she was at a crossroad and my little brother and my paw paw (past away) well my little brother told my sister not to be decieved that destruction was coming to the earth to pay attention and Be Prepared.. Well right after that they were gone and water started to fill the street and my little brother told her to keep walking and dont stop,, well these evil souls i guess came with the water and one stoped my sister acting as if he was my little brother and tried to convince my sister otherwise, well she remembered and told the evil no i know your not him, then the thing got angry and presented its self as a demon so in the dream my sister called on jesus to stop it which he did, she woke up crying and screaming and called my mom. My mom is very close to God idk if you believe in him or not but just figured i would share that with you since all this is going on... ohhh watch the Movie Deep Impact. And Pay close attention.. Black Pres with a budget crisis a metorer, Martial Law, Elenin is in that movie E.L.E anyways im 20yrs old and im ready are you?

I Have Asthma its not because of that

edit on 29-9-2011 by Guarnere09 because: read a post and wanted to comment on it

No Asthma here anywhere.
I believe in God. If it's about him coming back, "Well no man knowth the cometh". If god is trying to tell me, "Its Time" He might want to go hide when I get to heaven; because I'm gonna be pissed that he would put this sick dream in my head for my last days on earth.

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 04:25 PM
reply to post by IJUSTAM

Find a map of your area or one that is at least 100kms inland and seek the highest elevation possible,circle the area and then google it and learn everything you can about it.Then pack yourself a BOB,bug out bag,and one for each of your loved ones,maje sure you always have enough gas to reach your chosen safe zone,then just live your life normally until you see the signs ,everyone else will see the same signs but their fear of the unknown will paralyse them ,into inaction,or they just wont know where to go.

Live your life,but become prepared,it isnt really that much to do for peace of mind,the pole shift will happen,your dreams are really intuition kicking in,react to it and get prepared but dont stop enjoying your life,in fact enjoy it more knowing you and your family have a chance.Just seek high ground,there are designs for a j shaped underground tsunami shelter online ,look it up and if you can find some friends and build one together on high ground,you will only need it for one day,but you will need it for sure.

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 04:31 PM
I worked with somebody who said she used to have terrible nightmares until she started attending church again. The nightmares went away after that. Numberless are the mysteries of the world.

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 04:38 PM

Originally posted by fudmoe
reply to post by IJUSTAM

I did not read any posts, I am offering you my advice as I have had similar experiences and work in this area.

You are most definitely experiencing some kind of PST, post traumatic stress from this. I have had 2 near death experiences, one in a wreck and one almost like yours. It was not a dream more of a "vision" with the help of a certain chemical. I can tell you that you can have just as sever PST from a real even, and an event that is "not real" like a dream. The feeling of near death, or convinced you have died, as I did in my wreck, is a feeling few will ever truly experience, and it can be used for good and turn ur life around for the good.

Most Doctors or MD's will not understand what you are going through... trust me lets just say I know this as a fact from experience, and my line of work. You need to see a Psychiatrist, not a therapist or psychologist. There is a huge difference. Do not let them prescribe you any narcotics, they may try to prescribe a type of benzo (ex: Adivan or Valium) for you nerves or to help you sleep. In fact when looking for a doctor let them know you do not want any. A powerful drug will make the problem worse, or could lead to dependance, which is much more horrifying than your dream will be. Again trust me.

What do you do for a living? Are you in a position of control or manage your own business? Do your decisions in business or just life greatly effect your family's well-being? Are you divorced or have marital problems? Answer if you want be these are more rhetorical for you to think about. What you are experiencing is not a minor problem. It will lead to major blockades in your decision making and greatly effect your emotional stability. Your family has most likely already noticed. Please get professional help, that is why there are there. Some of the strongest people I know go to a Psychiatrist. Its a smart decision, not a move of weakness as most would make it out to be.
edit on 29-9-2011 by fudmoe because: (no reason given)

My sister s a shrink, a very good one. She was one of the first people I spoke with. She has heard about this dream for over ten years. I am not stressed. I am a pastry chef by profession and I love my job. I work hard but only cause I want to. It's not post tramatic. I had pts when I was in my 20's.I know what it is and how it effected me. I have been devoiced for almost 20 years and never give the man a thought. I am happy with my life. I went thru empty nest when my older son left home 2 yrs ago. I'm good with it now, great actually, he became an even better person and has a good life and job he loves. My sister says it's precognative. She thinks Im seeing a future event. Said alot of people are. It is alittle far fetched for me; but i'm starting to wonder if there isn't something to it. This dream is like life. I'm there. I feel everything with the same emotion I feel it now. I can't explain it any other way.It's me that is the one getting ready to die. I see other people, some dead; but the main focus is on my death.

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 04:43 PM

Originally posted by Greensage
You mentioned waking after an hour in a panic. This says to me that your heart was racing, beating out of your chest! That is why you cannot sleep your heart-rate is too high.

You need to start a chart. Starting right now! Take your heart-rate. Count the number of beats in 15 seconds and times that by 4, representing the minute. If I count 12 beats my heart-rate would be 48.

Everyone has a different baseline depending on their lifestyle, metabolism, and overall conditioning. Find out where you are with your heart. Do your heart-rate every hour through the day, then as you begin to see the pattern you will see where you sit at rest versus when you are doing things. Then take the data into your Doctor and show them. They will likely realize that a Beta-Blocker will slow that heart down and cause the conscious connection to slow down. Your mind will drift peacefully to La-la Land, believe me!

I would bet your resting rate is near 100+ from the sounds of it. Those moments which are triggered by your subconscious mind during the dream can be kept to a more reasonable level, so medication would be taken prior to laying down. If you can get your heart-rate, at rest, down to at least below 60 beats per minute, then your mind will ease down and shut down for rest! I would say 48 is comfortable for me.

I no longer have to use BB but they did work and they saved my life! I was firing my heart during sleep in a manner only a marathon runner should do during a heat!

What triggers these things is often the right hemisphere of the brain beginning to mingle with the left hemisphere. It is almost like you are actively communicating with yourself and your intuitive nature and analytical mind are playing a field of view that can make the emotional connections go overboard!

Good luck, get a watch, chart your numbers and report to your Doctor, you my friend need rest!

Sleep Tight! This will get better if you do this, trust me!

Oh yeah, if you wake up in a panic, jot the time and the rate!

NOPE. I though of that. I have a blood pressure machine with heart rate. Needed it for a friend who has heart surgry. Been taking my bp for nearly 5 years now 3 times a week. Resting heart rate is 69. Normal pressure of 90 to 100 0ver 70. I took it once after woke up it was 161 over 105. It's not that I'm having panic attacks. I wake up in a state of panic. I get over it quickly. I just feel panicked when I wake.

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 04:45 PM

Originally posted by mrjones7885
The future is not a fixed thing, but merely a projection of events based on the present. Change the present change the future. Your unconscious mind may be trying to warn you of the danger involved in the path you are on.

That I didn't think of. I will think of what path I am on and where it is likely to take me. Thank You. That was smart.

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 04:56 PM

Originally posted by frugal
Hello. It is stress. I would stay off the internet and take a day off where you sleep, read a good fun book, watch dvds, and eat your favorite foods. Most of ATS is Tabliod Internet for entertainment fun. If it starts to ruin the quality of your life, quit comming back for a fear and anxiety high. I am old enough to tell you that cell phones, TV, and facebook/ ATS can just add stress to an already busy life.

Go simple and enjoy yourself! It's your life, you make these choices. The world is not ending we just have the same old problems we have always had pre internet exposure of news. Take up a new hobbie. Best of Luck!

P.S.) Buy a 50 million year old fossil of a sand dollar and hold this when you have a panic attack. This will put things into perspective. Also lay off the caffine and sugar. Walk four miles twice a week. You'll start to feel more in control of your life.
edit on 29-9-2011 by frugal because: (no reason given)

I don't believe it is stress. Im not a kid, I went thru my stressful part of living. I veiw the world awhole lot differently then when I was younger. I have good days and bad days just like everyone. I handle stress. I don't panic when things go wrong or even when one of my kids got hurt. Seriously hurt. I'm a rock. I am of sound mind or so people tell me. I work and play and live using moderation. I take time for myself all the time, Im not frugul with myself. Im not high maintence. Which is why this is as bad as it is. I have an ordinary, happy, pretty peaceful; but in no way boring or dead in road. In fact I have never been bored in my life. I love to garden and for my halth I run 2 miles on a treadmill 3 times a week and Sundays I run 2 miles outdoors with my youngest son. I'm healthy/

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 05:02 PM
Thanks everyone for your imput. I tried to answer any questions I thought might help anyone. I am off to the gym and the soccer practice for my son. I will check back later if I don'tcrash and burn, but I am hoping I will. Sleep that is. I am tired.

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 05:12 PM

Originally posted by IJUSTAM
I have had this dream many times over the last 10 or so years. A little over a month ago, I started having this dream every couple (2 or 3) of nights, sometimes I would wake up, go back to sleep thinking it's over and have it again. It is so real. I couldn't go back to sleep.
Then about 2 weeks ago I started having it every night. I wasn't getting any sleep; because when I tried to go back to sleep it would start all over again. This past Sunday night I went to bed around 1 am, I woke up at 2 am in a state of panic. "I NEVER PANIC" "NEVER". I SAID , "THIS IS FREAKEN NUTS". I went to my bath and got a sleeping pill. I don't know how old it was, but I was taking it, I needed sleep. I slept for about 2 hrs and woke up in a panic state again. Monday, I went to the doctors. DOC I said, "I got to sleep. I explained everything to him and he said, STRESS. Gave me 6 pills. You go home take one, then take one before you go to bed for a week to get my sleep cycle back and I guarantee you will sleep. That afternoon I took a pill. I fell asleep on the couch for 1 fraken hour. I dreamt the same dream, so real I knew it was telling me something.
I woke up crying.

"People" this dream is scaring the hell out of me. I have talked to everyone I know about this dream. I can not figure it out. I know dreams are suppose to be your unconsious/subconsious trying to tell you something; but god help me, I'm Stumped. I am not a long term ATS member. I just found out about this site a couple days ago. Monday I think. I couldn't sleep and was scrolling the internet and found this site. I said, Why Not. I posted to the number of sites I had to to post this thread. Some pretty bizare stuff, some cool, some just stupid. Please no stupid. I read a couple of the world is coming to an end things and tomorrow is no exception on here and I read several othe dream threads hoping to find something simalar but; This dream feels as real as if I were living in that moment. Is scary as hell and feels like it is telling me I am going to die. SOON!!!!!!!!!!!

I dont have any significant stress or problems, I am very easy going but not laid back. I work and play and enjoy life in moderation and I love my kids everlastingly. I'm so tired, I close my eyes and then an hour later I wake up in total fear. I could handle it if it was just about me in the dream; but it's not. I can't find my kids and it's happening to the whole world around me. I think part of the reason that the fear is so great is: the last time I had a reoccuring dream was in 1986. For a week I dreamt of a plane flying upside down and crashing into water. I woke up that morning to hear the Space Shuddle had crashed.

Here is my dream: Sorry this was so long.

"I'm outside, but not familar with my area, everything has changed, Water was rising, the Earth was shaking, the Stars in the sky were sliding all over the place, There were some kind of explosons in the sky. The sky was black but it was continually lit up with these like fireworks high in the sky explosions. Everything is black, like at night. Something like planes are crashing into the water. I can't find my children and (I always know were my kids are), people are screaming, some are in the water, some are running away from it, some people are dead. I say, Oh my god, the world is coming to an end. I keep screaming my kids names, oh god whats happening? The explosions just keep coming, the sky is a flurry of movement, almost like it is sliding. Everything is moving. Black smoke is off in the distance like a hundred nukes went off and it's rolling my way. I run into this building, people are screaming "Its Time, It's Time" I look out the wall that's not there and a plane crashes right in front of me. I am awake in the dream as if it is really happening right then. I'm not exactly scared, more in shock. It is so real I wake up and all I can think of is "OH #, I was almost dead". When I tried going back to sleep I would go back to the part of running into the building and people sreaming" It's Time, It's Time" Knowing what's going to happen I wake right back up again.

Any one having this same dream (this is ATS afterall), anyone got any ideas? What am I missing that I can't figure out what this dream is trying to tell me. This afternoon I fell asleep on the couch again and the dream jumped to the building and people screaming "It's Time". I woke up and said "OK Already, get it the hell over with, so tired of this dream am I.

Ive had several visions of the end/rapture also. Do not let people talk down what you have seen of felt, for surely it is the creator speaking to/through you. People who are not enlightened with this gift will never be able to understand or fully accept and believe what you are saying.

Here is my most important vision as far as the rapture. The evening I went to sleep on 9/11 watching all the events of the world unfold that day. While asleep I had the most realistic dream ever. It started with me lying on an infinite beach naked, weeping for the fate of the world. As I lay there weeping Jesus aproached also naked, but there was nothing sexual about it we were just people that was it, material possessions meant nothing. So Jesus layed down next to me and held me. He spoke" Be not afraid Matthew for the rapture is near, but be not afraid for I am with you" and he just spoke that and laid there and held me. That was the end of that dream then I woke up.

Next dream of signifigance, I was a man walking on the shoreline of the Medeterranian (or what I believed that body of water to be) I looked up and saw a huge fireball in the sky, by huge I mean it took up like 20% of the sky and it streaked so fast and huge leaving the biggest smoke plume ever then proceded to plunge into the sea. End of dream

Another dream of signifigance, I was literally ascending from the earth moving straight up into the sky, It wasnt actually me but it felt like the spirit me, like a perfect version of myself. I continued going up and seeing the earth get smaller and smaller until I was in out space. End of dream.

An the most recent on and IDK of the signifigance, but I was at an old school of mine trying to get home because I felt as if some disaster was about to strike, so I look up and see all the stars in the sky swirling. It didnt feel like they were stars it felt like it was machinery and our machinery. Dont know what it actually was. So I try talking the one kid into taking me home he says no, I say ok well Ill give you 20$ and he says ok, then we start driving down the road, and for some reason I get the feeling like we have been here before that this road and route have been travelled since the beginning of time. End of dream

This latest dream im not 100% sure about but the first ones im sure were divine inspired. I have told many people my dreams and most brush them off not believe anything or just taking it as crazy talk or whatever. I dont care I say if we are the ones who do get to see the end then we should be the blessed ones for we actually will be seeing the return of the creator. The very first dream made me personally feel like I will be alive to at least witness it starting idk if the rapture will occur before or after but surely I feel like it will occur within my lifetime. And blessed be anybody who actually recieves visions compared to those who are not able too.. Not many have this gift we are all modern day prophets who will never get thier recognition.

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 05:13 PM
I kind of think that my second and final dream are of a similar one to yours...

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 05:20 PM
reply to post by IJUSTAM
I have had the tsunami dream throughout my life and it has just crept back into my life,no rhyme,no reason.But lately I have also had dream where I feel like I've step into another life and no matter the dream the place always feels the same.I don't but into the representation theory,I believe there's more to it.I had a dream last year and was shot in the leg,and I felt it I actually felt the slug hit my lower leg,it was the most unusual dream I had ever had.
Anyway I feel for ya,been through it,insomnia sucks,and makes you unable to function at all.Everybody's different as far as what is makes you unable to sleep,so with that in mind it's going to be a process to find what will work for you.I had to take an old remedy that has restored my sleep cycle(i've since cut way down) and that was the only thing that stopped it for me.Try different things and don't count out the doctor just yet,sometimes they are a blessing in disguise

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 05:39 PM
Well here is what I think even though you may not want to hear it. All the signs are there that the Bible has given us for the end of the world or rather the start of the 7 year tribulation. The reason you cannot find your kids is because they have been taken in the rapture...look at Joel 2:16-17. I think it is God telling you to pay attention to Him and His son Jesus Christ.

I have also had a reoccurring dream. I was driving a red convertible with black interior along a cliffs edge and there was a man in the passenger seat. Each time I went over the cliff and woke up mid air. There was a guy at work that would hit on me and I noticed one day him driving out of the parking lot in his red convertible with black interior. I never even so much as said hi to him after that or looked his way. The dream went away. I think it was a warning dream to me, just like I think yours is a warning dream to you.

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 05:46 PM
reply to post by IJUSTAM

Perhaps the reason you keep having this dream is because you aren't finishing it. I don't think you'll know whether or not this is just some haunting dream or something actually something precognitive and predictive until you can finish it from beginning to end. Maybe that's why your mind is dwelling on it. You should honestly try lucid dreaming. Lay down for a while and relax yourself and try to see if you can picture your dream in your head for a while and maybe you'll fall into it, which should give you a little more control.

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 05:46 PM
A friend sent me your thread as I am extremely interested in prophecial dreams.
Read the intire thread. I agree, it is a prophecial dream. You are discribing the Great tribulation.
You must stay in the dream. It is just as important for us as it is you. You may be able to give us insite into what is coming.
I know you said you don't know that you ae dreaming. Next time you even think you may fall asleep, tell yourself that the first time you here the works its time, you are to remember you are in a dream. Do this over and over like counting sheep.
When you get to this part of the dream, you will remember you are in adream. Look around and see it you see anything like a clock or a road, or a sign. Take your time. You will be in the building, dont go to the wall, go back out the door when you here its time.

You need to see how far you can go in the dream.
You can message me if you like. Good Luck.

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 06:00 PM
OP just a bit of advice to try next time you experience this.

You seem to be "aware" during parts of the dream, like when you wake up, go back to sleep and it starts again.

Try the simple following trick,

Before you go to sleep as you are falling asleep gently bump your head on the pillow 3 times as you say and imagine as having happened the following:

I will wake up at ?am, feeling fully refreshed and having had the best most comfortable and relaxing nights sleep in years

Do this every night for 6-7 days should sort it if you say it ALOUD and mean it, imagine waking up like that, get into the feeling, anticipate waking the next morning like that.

If this fails another old trick, which for anyone reading is great for kids and the often re - occurring nightmare, when you become aware you are in the dream again the nightmare, force yourself to do the following,

Blow Rasberries (in the UK its blowing through closed tight lips so they make a sound and flap open and closed quickly) but you must focus on just that ignore the restjust focus soley 100% on feeling and forcing yourself to blow the rasberries.

What I know will happen is that you will awake straight away from the dream, and like nearly everyone whos tried it, usually just 1 time but maybe 2 - 3 times is that it "Breaks the dream" or the cycle, the pattern, the repetition.

It wont be able to play again its like scratching a CD.

Its a strange experience it must be said just as you wake becoming totally awake and realise you are actually blowing rasberries in body! lol.

Njoy & Love


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