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The Legendary Dungeon of Doom Haunted House (Zion, Ill) - Really Haunted?

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posted on Sep, 28 2011 @ 05:34 PM
One of the Most Terrifying Haunted Houses In the Haunt Industry. This Year Super Natural Investigators Will be Hosting a Live stream online of the Events That Occur October 1st.

It Is said that The Warwick Building once Candy Factory. Has Had Several Strange Occurrences over the Years. including 3 Suicides, And 5 Unexplained Fires.

The Haunted house Web Site

This Year's Commercial

Are There Any other Haunts That you Attend Every Year that Scare You out of your Spine?

posted on Sep, 28 2011 @ 06:07 PM
Thank you for giving me my plans for Halloween as I'm just a couple hours from Zion. They used to have a good haunted theme at the MGM in Vegas, where I live, but other then that there hasn't been a good halloween themed place here in forever...So upon further inspection realized you did not mean utah zion lol my mistake , guess it's back to the drawing board for halloween plans then...
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posted on Sep, 28 2011 @ 06:09 PM
should see my mother in the morning haha all kidding aside...

i do love this stuff ive lived in a couple houses where unexplained situations had come to you would put something in a drawer or desk come back 15mins later it was gone and then randomly it would just show back up where you had orgianally put it had never been moved some times that same day sometimes a week a month w.e....i remember a story confirmed by everyone that was there at the time my parents had walked into one of the bedrooms and the door mirror (the mirror the size of your door that hung on the back). was floating in the middle of the room.... or at my grandmas cottage in middle of no where...sometimes at night you would hear footsteps in the house...yet everyone was asleep or banging going on like construction on the roof...yet no one was out there.....also one of the freakiest things is as i got older i picked up on this stuff more and more...and i can still remember this one time we we're all in the living room it was night watching tv and there was this really loud "BANG" that came from the we thought there was for sure something on the roof because the banging kept going.

so me and my older brother who has 6 years ran outside and he put me standing on his shoulders so i could see the roof and there was nothing at all we went back inside the house...and the noise started up again so we ran back outside and we had everyone else cover all sides of the house...there was 6 of us me my sister my brother mother dad and grandma...and we saw nothing...nothing came down off the roof nothing running away even brought the dogs out who were freaking out in the house...yet nothing they couldnt pick up anything...

the weirdest part is that after that day it became more frequent and it would always start after the clock on the wall struck midnight...up untill about 1am..... i still get the heebee geebee's thinking about it.

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