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Mysterious bell appears in Africville church

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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 12:02 PM
reply to post by Pixie777

I am glad you read my post, but I am not happy that you took something from it that I did not send out. People do this everyday.
I am not scoffing at others. Read my earlier post, I dislike people reading over my post or going to the last one to try to make a point. I didn't mention any thing about insolent comments until my opinion was thrown out the door out of someones arrogance about rock climbers or whatever.
The concept of an alien does stem from a basic primitive mindset if you think that this illusory reality isn't one whole. How can we conclude that 'others' are foreigners, try to understand the the concept of global concept call humankind how can one even fix his mind to think that we are not in it together. This is why I bet 'Aliens' as you put it, refuse to show themselves because of our lack of unity. If the universe started as one mass then what you see is different variations of the same energy. The alien doesn't sit well with me because I realize the inter-connections of life.

what gives you the idea that we are there now?

We are from it!!!lLike parsecs away in terms of distance.

That shows a lack of thinking outside of the box as well, not everybody who believes that 'aliens' built them, built them to help anybody other than themselves, and reason that there are very good reasons why the top points, that are supposedly made of solid gold, are missing, as in a preventative measure to prevent these 'aliens' from coming back. Why would anybody want to do this, unless said 'helping' 'aliens' were negative?

Are we still stuck on aliens?!?! I can think of more reason why the pyramids were salubrious to mankind rather than harmful or for the use of anyone but humans. We are getting a little off topic but, how can we conclude that aliens built the pyramids without even considering the evidence that stands to this day. This is because some of us can't figure it out. So we make great leaps trying to fill in gaps within our understanding. Most people aren't even aware, the ancient Kemetic(egypt) people used electricity. There is no evidence of soot of any kind. But I bet in your 'theories' with out that little fact, one would assume they were "primitive".
I never said I did not believe in ET's, UBE's or any other forms of life. I am certain that alien is not the term that can be applied to them.

True, maybe we should make use of a better word to separate ppl not from my country

Then you go on to say.

I personally also use the word alien loosely to describe individuals who seem to have lost their humanity

In this case, with no disrespect or foul intentions present, you would be describing yourself if you think somehow this is "your" and not everyone's(earth) country. This reflects EXACTLY what I describe. Please, Please, Please tell me you are not in the US , the country that is founded upon "Illegal aliens" and I quote

in the sense of they behave in an inhumane way, they behave in an alien way, as in different to the rest of humanity. You may not believe that there is any separation at all, but personally, I believe that there is a definitive separation from these individuals that behave inhumanely, different, not like us who care. These individuals do not care, have no empathy, only care for themselves. That is very definitely separate. Or would you rather me classify them as the norm for humanity and that nobody behaves in a humane way, we're all the same as the war-mongerers? I'm sorry, I refuse to believe that, hence, I have to apply a separation aspect.

You guys are have been separating yourselves from humankind for sometime now. This can be compared to someone digging a massive whole for others, only to realize, when he/she is finished you are unable to escape your own trap.
This really applies everywhere. The righteous souls are scattered and rare.
What ever ideas of separation you do have, they are illusory and they have been manifested to protect your own misunderstanding or your inability to fix or heal our injured brethren or even yourself. We are all in this together. We just have some humans who really do not have a clue why we are here,and they have and continue to make the matrix a living entity.
Peace Blessings

sry for typos-multi-tasking

**For the record and the record shall reflect. I never once said it was an alien or anything else that hung the bell. I just stated, its not always your first idea that comes to mind. What if it were something else, we would NOT be able to even think outside of the box because we sealed it before we started.
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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 12:24 PM
I explained the practical approach, and then somebody asked me about the motivation. I thought that was unnecessary, but I'll try to explain. If you have been to a medieval cathedral you would not ask this question. Churches can be monuments for people, but they are mostly there to celebrate the Lord. Some of the most incredible works of art through human history has been devoted to the Lord. That a person in the dusk of night got a nice bell up in a church-tower is no surprise. A true believer would do that and more for the Lord. I think religion is to be blamed for this. And, I don't think the person who did this would brag about it. Perhaps keeping it so secret was to avoid government involvement or perhaps his motivation was to get people to think about all the other mysteries of faith?

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 04:56 PM

I'm afraid, as I may be misunderstanding you, you may be misunderstanding me too, I'll U2U you, as you say, we've gone off topic

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