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Rolling up our sleeves... 2013's new presidency

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posted on Sep, 28 2011 @ 12:17 PM
Janurary 21, 2013
1600 Pennsylvainia Ave
Oval Office

The secret service agents in the lead walk in carrying what looks like P-90's and ak-47's mated and had children. The military men pause as the two lead agents come to attention. The newly sworn in president walks in...

"At ease gentlemen," He walks over to the window looking out. He pulls out a cigar and one of the agents who followed him lights it for him. He turns around to the assembled men present. "Before you utter a word Please allow me to lay it out for you gentlemen."

Sitting down he takes a big puff of his cigar, "As you know I did not meet with my predecessor transition team. "
The men in the room grimmaced, "As we sit here the whole world is waiting to see what this darkhorse president does. Well gentlemen, it is this simple. All of you joined the military roughly in the evening but you checked or resigned ect in the morning."

The older military men in the room broke discipline slightly covering the smiles..

"So you know what my next words are. You owe me time gentlemen, and the orders are given now. " The president could tell the rooms temperature was slightly there. In their civilian clothes they snapped to attention...

Taking a deep breathe, "You where chosen because you are the best from your respective branches. I can not fix this country without you. And what I am about to say is going to piss you off.."

The grimace crossed their faces...

"Yes as you notice, some of you are redundant from your branches. You are curious as to what positions you hold, well let me start at the top. As of this moment Van Riper you are acting Secretary of Defense, McChrystal is the acting COS us army, Marcinko is the acting CNO of US Navy, Burton is acting COS of the Airforce, and Wiley is the acting commadant of the USMC.""

The men in the roomed nodded as it made sense.

"Sec Def pass the following orders down as they are... First and foremost immediately I am directly ordering General James Mattis to go assume direct command of both operational forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is to prepare for the arrival of mass reinforcements and keep the situation well in hand until he receives further orders. His departure is to be yesterday."

Van Riper smiled and repeated back the order.

"Second I want this made damn clear to US Military personnel. We are a professional organization, so as of this moment the issue of sexual preference is not of any concern to me or those who work for me. All discharges and Court Martial using this as a basis are canceled. All previously discharged under this may rejoin..."

Their faces showed as thoughts went through their minds...

"Let me make myself damn clear, I demand professionalism. I do not give a rats arse what your feelings are."

Their heads nodded as they realized what type of president they where dealing with. The president looked at Van Riper who grimaced as he repeated the orders back.

"Good enough, Third I want this spelled out for all DOD personnel. Here is my sexual harassment policy. It is written in stone. The word is Zero tolerance. The new procedure is as follows... When a person reports a rape or sexual harassment the first person that hears this does the following. Get a secondary witness to verify the time a report is taken. If the person verifies the accused is not part of security then the reporter is taken to medical, the Chaplin’s office, and jag by security. The part they better pay attention to is this. no one in the notified command is allowed to discuss with any other party the matter brought to their attention. The exception is the investigators or a separate JAG office. If the people involved have any questions they may talk to a non-involved JAG officer over the issue to answer any questions. intake per A violation of this order will be treated as mutiny and treason, ARE WE CLEAR?"

All of them swallowed because they had known that this part was coming. The future first Lady had been interviewed by Oprah, post election results. And the Marine Corps had not liked the scrutiny that resulted from the buried rape case. Van Riper repeated back the orders.

"Van Riper, I want All active field units in the army's command to have most of their commanding officers relieved. Pick any marine you want and put them in charge.." The President eyed McChrystal, "General McChrystal, you are to go deal with all your subordinates and pass this message. They have failed me and let me down, and no matter how far the marines have fallen in my eyes the US Army is still not competent to hold the marine core's units. Furthermore if you can not fix them their will be no more Army operations, for I will turn every Army dollar over to the Marine core. You tell them they have to re-earn the right to operate as commanders."

"Mr. President,"

"General McCrystal I will have the bear basic requirements for the Army and its personnel issued on the way back for you. It is nothing personal, but if they do not play ball with you I will screw them over...."

Taking a deep breathe, After seeing the president was serious, "Understood Mr. President."

“Van Ripper, notify Millington that as of this moment females are to automatically become qualified for frontline combat duty. Notify all special forces training facilities that the next classes are accepting female candidates. This is after the females receive something to prevent pregnancy. My reasons for this are simple, we are a three A school, all our competition is Five -A and I am feeling the shortage. I need that larger talent base.”

“Yes sir, Mr. President," They all spoke in unison.

"Sec Def, talk with the DoHS. I want all communication by Military officers monitored yesterday. If any of the officers have an issue and object to any orders do not council them over this. As promised to General Mattis he WILL have the personal for the front lines. For those officers who disagree with these orders are going to comprise the bulk of the fighting force at the front, which means point."

A half laugh slash grimace came back from the men in the room.

A very tall and big secret service agent bent over and whispered into the Presidents ear. "Thank you agent June. Tell The Recon Colonel, Alexander I believe, thank you for securing Marine one." The president turned. "General Burton, I want four raptors escorting Marine one to Camp Lejuene. They have till I get airborne to be in the air..." Smiling a big smile, "Commandant your with me. " With the cigar in his hand, "The rest of you get into uniform and we will reconvene when I finish with some advance leadership, come to baby jebus training..." The President walked out of the room blowing smoke out of his mouth in a ring.

posted on Sep, 28 2011 @ 12:20 PM
Camp Lejeune

The commanding officer of Camp Lejeune knew this day was coming. He had tried to put in his request to resign his commission. The Fleet admiral in Norfolk personally informed the then commanding officer that the answer was no. It seems that the then president-elect had suggested politely canceling all end of contracts, court martials, and resignations....

As Marine One landed, from on his own base, without his authorization, recon came crawling out of the wood work. They surrounded armed sentries and took up various positions. The whole base was left in formation waiting.

The Four star noticed the eight, armed for bear, Apaches circling the grounds.... The Members of recon surrounding the president came out first clearing a way.

From eight feet away and blocked by two very very big marines, " Good afternoon Mr..."

The President stopped and looked at the General as he got to Mr. , "And HALT!" The recon members surrounding the president stopped when he did, "Who did you used to be?"

"I am general..." With his hand saluting.

One of the secret service agent whispered in the presidents ear. As he held up his hand , "Negative, Agent June I believe Colonel Wayne of the US Airforce is hear to assume command of Camp Lejuene."

An Airforce Colonel stepped up, "Colonel Wayne, reporting Mr. President.." The Airforce Colonel was at full attention and saluting...

"Colonel relieve that bastard of all four of his stars, his command, and load his lard arse up with the rest of his commanding officers shipping them to Mattis. Take down the Marine Corps flag and raise the Air Force's..." The President growled….

This causes even the Air Force Colonel to blink, which also causes the the former four star to lose his temper.. "See here Mr. President, you cant just..." The former four star raised his voice but never finished the sentence.

The recon member had laid out the general, "Mr.President the base rolled" which got a smirk from the President..

The Assembled Officers grimaced... The Commandant had the I am going to kill you general as soon as the President is gone look...

The President watched the various interplay for about thirty seconds, "When the general wakes up inform him and then his staff it is an article 134... They all left a marine behind... And the president of the United states is the accuser. I want the Captains mast held at sea."

The Commandant nodded, "Mr. President.."

"This base is still a marine base, but it is a disappointment to me. You dont leave a marine behind... " And as he got to the formations, "Thats right, a disappointment... The whole lot is nothing but sh..."

It made the gunny he was in front of, get an angry look on his face. Which was quieted because of the Recon personnel in-between them.

posted on Sep, 28 2011 @ 12:22 PM
Inside the oval office...

The Acting CNO of the NAVY was laughing, "He did what?"

The agitated voice on the other end of the phone kept going on, till The acting CNO spoke.

"Get this straight we all serve at the pleasure of the President. I think it is quite damn funny that he sent the last five MCPON's to marine corps bootcamp. If he feels they forgot the meaning of honor, courage, and commitment he has the right to send them to what he feels is a refresher course."

The voice got louder...

“So he told the marines the only reason, “ Having to pause not to laugh. “The only reason they are not in pink tutu’s and saying the sailors’ creed every morning is because the future first lady is protecting them. “

The Voice on the other end was still agitated.

“Well it is, simple don’t piss her off. “ Still trying to contain the laughter, “That’s right do not piss her off. “ Having paused, "Admiral, stand by..." The CNO had paused, "We will finish this conversation." He hung up as he stood up.

The future first lady of the United States walked into the oval office, "You must be ..." Looking over the Admiral's uniform," The new CNO."

"Madame first girlfriend..." The comment brought a smile to the secret services face.

She smiled partially, "Madame is fine Admiral. So he did send the MCPON's back to bootcamp..." She shook her head. " You know he expects a lot from you and the other's. Mostly he expects a lot from you…”

“Mam…” Admiral Marcinko looked questioningly.

“Well before the others get here I want you to know he has all your damn books… They have littered my apartment and house. Even now the whole collection is being brought into the White House.”

“Any heads up,” The acting CNO asked with a smile.

“Yeah he tries to model his thinking after you and the others here. I believe he intends to give you an original set of marching orders then let you improve an fix it. We actually discussed this and his reasons are simple. With all the problems this nations faces he needs to be able to turn the military over to competent men to lead. Burton and Wiley where part of this Fighter Pilot Mafia, McChrystal because he told the previous POTUS exactly what he thought, and you because his opinion is that the navy needs strengthening.“

“And the Coast Guard?”

“He expects yall to work together and find someone like yall.” She smiled, “He also wanted me to let you know that the DoHS granted my Top Secret Security Clearance this morning after He was sworn in. Officially, I am the back-up executive secretary.” Taking a breath, “The last thing is he wants an Admiral Pinkie brought to the white house for a talk. He said you would know who he is.”

He Smiled, then he laughed…

Looking more confused, “there is actually an Admiral Pinkie?”



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