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If Jesus ressurected his body, can we do so too?

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posted on Sep, 28 2011 @ 02:20 AM
reply to post by dominicus

According to the bible....
The Carpenter Jesus did NOT Resurrect His Body Himself...

The Dead can't do anything... As Jesus said Himself...

The LIFE of God (His SON) said, "Without Me Ye can do Nothing."

The Son of God said Himself, "It is NOT I that doeth the Works, but The Father in Me, He doeth the Works."

Another verse from "The Gospel According to John" Chapter 2 verse 19 it is written Quote;

19. Jesus said to them
"Destroy this temple,
and in three days
I will raise it up."

What is the "Temple" and more to the point, what or who is the word "I" referring to ???

In Verse 21 it tells us.... Quote;

21. But He was speaking
of the temple of his body.

So if the Carpenter Jesus is the "Temple", then who is the word "I" referring to ???

The word "I" in this case, refers to, "The SON of GOD" Who is The LIGHT of MEN (NOT A'DAM)

The LIFE of GOD (which is The LIGHT of MEN (NOT A'DAM) according to John
From "The Gospel According to John" Chapter 1 verse 4 to 10 Quote;

4. In Him was LIFE,
and The LIFE
was The LIGHT of MEN.

5. And The LIGHT
shines in the Darkness,
and the Darkness comprehend it not.

6. There was man sent from God,
whose name was John.

7. This man came as a witness,
to bear witness of the LIGHT,
that through Him might believe.

8. He was NOT that LIGHT,
but was sent to bear witness
of that LIGHT.

9. That was The True LIGHT
which gives LIGHT
to every MAN
that cometh into the world.

10. He was in the World,
and the World was made through Him,
and World did NOT Know Him.

11. He came to His Own,
and His Own did NOT receive Him.

This LIGHT is also referred to as "The LIGHT of The World".

And another Name given to this LIGHT is....

"The SUN of Righteousness".

Found in "The Book of MALACHI" Chapter 4 verse 2 Quote;

2. But unto you
that fear My Name
shall "The SUN of Righteousness"
arise with healing in His Wings; etc.

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posted on Sep, 28 2011 @ 06:26 AM
It was most likely his KA body that he had perfected before death. Energizing it during his Isis and Horus sessions with Mary Mag.

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