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The next holocaust

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posted on Sep, 28 2011 @ 03:50 AM
reply to post by Melbourne_Militia

So I guess all the gas chambers/death camps were just there to help "Protect them". And holocaust survivors are all just making it up? And Hitlers rants and raves about the Jews were just taken out of context?

posted on Sep, 28 2011 @ 04:15 AM
reply to post by Mcupobob

I am only sharing a theory and stating the fact that nobody knows 100% the real reason and true extent of what went on. Because our government have never lied before, yeah?

No doubt you would have heard the quote before "He who wins the wars, writes the history" ?

Now back on topic, OP is talking bout a modern day version. The thing is, a perfectly executed and orchestrated modern day holocaust would be made to look like something else and have the total support of the public. You would think that you were supporting something else, a different lie the government spun to you. For example, the War on Terror - yes a contencious example, but most Americans support it, but when you total the number of civilians killed in Iraq, you could call that a Holocaust too.

posted on Sep, 28 2011 @ 04:44 AM
reply to post by Melbourne_Militia

See I hate when people say "He who is the victory writes the history". Not entirely true, otherwise we wouldn't have heard the Indians side of the story about pox blankets and the raping of their land correct? In less we made that up too for some reason!! The Jews and gays certainty didn't win in World War 2.
"One of the most famous scientific reports is known as " The Leuchter report"

Fred Leuchter was called as a witness in a Canadian court case to "prove" that the Holocaust never happened.
His credentials were that he held a degree and was an expert in the design of Gas chambers of which he had designed several for the US Penal system for the execution of inmates.
On further examination it would appear that Mr Leuchter had a degree (a poor one) in History. How this qualifies you as an engineer I am still not sure.

People that he claimed to have worked on Gas chambers for the US Penal system are quoted here.

Leucters report was based mainly on the lack of Cyanide compounds found in "scrapings" from the walls of the gas chambers.
These scrapings were actually a single brick which he took from a gas chamber which had been in the open air for 45 years, ground up and then presented to the Institute for Forensic research at Krakow. The Institute found almost Zero Cyanidic compounds. Hydrogen cyanidic compounds exposed to weather have a half life of approximately 4 days. After 45 years it would be amazing if a SURFACE scraping showed any significant % of cyanide let alone a whole brick ground up into powder

Once the institute realised exactly what it had been presented with it stated that its findings could not be considered accurate. It then conducted its own tests which are presented here.

You then end up with those who claim they know the truth such as Kaps.
He is a regular denier on here with his claims that the NY times reported the deaths of 6 million jews on a yearly basis from 1901. Go to his links, read the newspapers and you will see that they say no such thing.

Then he will claim that the NY times stated that 6 million Jews were found alive. Go to the link. The article mentions "slaves" not jews. There were many millions of non jewish forced labourers in Europe. These are who the NY Times are talking about.

Then his favourite. The U.S. manufactured the Holocaust to divert attention from the 10 million people they killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I honestly believe that his tin foil hat was on a little tight the day he came up with that one.

I will happily suggest you read his links. Something he will not do with my links. I urge you to do so. Then you can laugh at him too.

Bluntly this comes down to a choice of 2 things. You can believe mountains of evidence from victims, perpetrators and eyewitnesses or you can believe tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists with very flimsy "scientific" evidence and claims that a few inconsistencies nullify the claims of tens of thousands of people"

This is from Yahoo answers and to save time and get back to the OP and put this to rest I decided to us this chaps argument. I somewhat apologize to about the tinfoil hat comments.

Now as for a modern day holocaust, couldn't happen during this time in a first world country. To suspicious, especially when distrust of the government is on the rise. TPTB have overstep and the people are catching on. I modern day holocaust carried out right now would only spark a violent revolt. No, if the TPTB want to gain control back they won't go around killing people but instead pull back their reach and create the illusion of freedom, then someway start getting people to start asking for government control again and try once again for full control.
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