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Manufacturing Hopelessness

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posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 11:38 PM
Here's how the Zionist-Capitalist elites manufacturing Hopelessness: when told everyone that War on Terrorism and Global Warming hoaxes is the biggest dilemma in 21st century, they are also told everyone that CO2 Greenhouse Effect and WTC Twin Tower collapse from nothing but fires are the only things that fully allowed to violates Laws of Thermodynamics. so if Laws of Thermodynamics making Perpetual Motion machines and 'free' energy Impossible, but otherwise allows CO2 do Anything by makes Earth Hotter and WTC twin Towers collapse by nothing but fire. this makes people feel hopeless as they are also told everyone that the only solution for this are gives up their money to them, intended to funding Trillion-dollar "scientific researches" like ITER, Hydrogen Economy, and Energy Efficient equipments as well another Trillion-Dollar things: war against Muslim countries. and this is the excuse of giant Corporations to be more Profit Hungry than ever, likely to avoid the Doomsday Scenario that they shoved down to everyone's stomach: humans are the only sapients that exist in the universe only to kill each other, then perished from Global Warming whilst fighting War on Terrorism.
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