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2 Tibetan monks self immolate amid Dalai Lama feud

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posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 11:34 PM
Well I can't find what I was looking for in that book. I guess it's lame for me to claim I'll find some passage from a book I read 2 years ago with no clues on how to find it. I will say the last time that I know of, that monks did this, it was in Vietnam. Vietnamese monks self-immolated in protest to the suffering caused by the Vietnam war, but also somehow felt it would help others both civilian and military know that their pain was shared. It's a symbolic thing, where they show others they have sympathy and empathy for them and they often write a statement to explain why they did what they did, and it usually carries heavy meaning.

I read on wikipedia that there are times the self immolation does not guarantee death, and has a chance of leading to a life of suffering, which all who do this are clearly aware of.

For these monks to self-immolate over something that is entirely political and symbolic is quite something. It's not like they are all crazy and do this for fun, they only do it in extreme situations, and this is simply an extreme spit in the face to Buddhism which isn't the point. The point is they know how much confusion and misunderstanding on the Buddha's teachings this will have, when China appoints some Deepak Chopra to be the Dalai Lama.

posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 05:34 AM

Originally posted by BohemianBrim
well thats dumb.

that would be like a couple catholic nuns setting themselves on fire because the united states govt told everyone it was going to choose the next pope.

why would you take such ridiculous crap seriously enough to want to kill yourself over it?
let china have their counterfeit lama. if any fools choose to follow him or listen to his advice that is their fate, obviously they werent taking the whole "religion" thing very seriously.

honestly, this is just retarded on all fronts.
you dont fight this level of stupid by taking it seriously, you fight it by treating it exactly as it is... a complete joke. you laugh at it and ignore it, until the govt realizes they are wasting their time and give up.

but that seems to be a common character trait in asian cultures.. they take EVERYTHING WAY TOO SERIOUSLY.
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Or maybe you don't take anything seriously ENOUGH. I mean, really? How DARE You sit there and judge from your high horse?!?! How Dare You?! Just because you are willing to do nothing while the world around you falls apart gives you No right to point your filthy fingers at these people and pretend for One MINUTE that you are their superior! Shame on you! Maybe you ought to stop and think for a minute, or better yet, a few minutes... QUITE a few minutes, before you open your mouth-hole and allow this intellectual feces to ooze, slither and be flung forth from it.

FYI... While I dont consider Myself better than You, as I'm sure that just as I am your better in some ways, you are of equal worth in others, however, if I had made such a grave error as you have, I would welcome an even more severe tongue lashing from an individual who is well learned in the area in which my error was made, as we can be forced to stop and consider our actions providing we have attained the level of wisdom necessary to allow us to be humble enough to learn as much as possible and better ourselves in ALL situations. It could be that the karmic debt I will have to pay for losing my temper will be wasted on an individual of such purity as yourself. It matters not, for I have done my duty to the best of my abilities.

posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 08:49 AM
If China selects the next Dalai Lama, I bet he'll be as likable and holy as the latest Pope!

Link is to photo of current Pope for those who just landed on Planet Earth.

It's always been China's plan to control Tibetans via hijacking their spirituality (which is who they are as a culture/people).

It's a poor time to be a 'follower' of anything.....even on FaceBook!

edit on 27/9/11 by RainbeauBleu because: inserted Pope photo link for the newbies!

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 08:06 PM

Originally posted by Veritas1

(government controlled religion is never a good thing),

(government and religion are never a good thing)

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 11:56 PM
Wow,some of the ignorance in this thread is disheartening to say the least and outright running rampant on ATS at an increasing rate recently,at least in the the majority of what I've seen,I guess with the state of the world presently this should not come as a surprise,since it has only helped us get where we are now unfortunately.

Disregarding any individuals beliefs unintelligibly and without prior knowledge on the subject is not considered contributing in any way to the thread in my personal opinion.

I do not claim to know much about Buddhism but I do know enough that letting China interfere by taking control of choosing the next Dalai lama is not going to bring any kind of positive outcome,as we can see by this situation.

for anyone still wanting to question why or call it is called being a Martyr
sad case either way, R.I.P.
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