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hello from north-east england :)

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posted on Aug, 26 2004 @ 01:44 PM
was browsing around and this forum caught my attention, i love the topics and discussion threads, im kind of a forum addict belonging to about 10 and also have my own forum too, looking forward to posting on here
and getting to know lots of people too

posted on Aug, 26 2004 @ 01:47 PM
Heys and welcome this lovely little place we like to call ATS. If you have any problems here dont be afriad to U2U anyone of us


posted on Aug, 26 2004 @ 02:32 PM
Greetings to you Magenta!

It's good to have another "Brit" on ATS! Well, I'm sure you will find lots of interesting discussions on here - but beware!!: it's just soooo addictive!!

Any questions, don't be "afraid" to U2U!

posted on Aug, 26 2004 @ 02:37 PM
Hi there fellow UKer!!
Hope you'll love it here, it is truely a great place!

Check out our general chit chat section at:

our news section at:

Just check out the bar at the top for these and all our other areas

Any questions, feel free to ask!!

posted on Aug, 26 2004 @ 03:32 PM
Hi Magenta.

Great to have another Brit amongst us here.

You'll only be addicted to one forum now.
This is the best one on the net.

Any problems or questions, just u2u.

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posted on Aug, 26 2004 @ 06:41 PM
Welcome to ats anyquestions
send me a u2u have fun cya around

posted on Aug, 26 2004 @ 06:55 PM
more and more englanders by the minute...

welcome!!!! have fun... might see you round war on terror or anything else sensationalist on the board!!!

u2u for anyfing!


*Budvar? What bu* hic * Var!* ug!

posted on Aug, 26 2004 @ 09:13 PM
Welcome Aboard Magenta. I may not technically be a 'Brit', but I hail from a British Colony

Hope you enjoy your time here...and if you have any questions or problems, feel free to message a Staff Member for assistance. There is a list of Staff Members on the lefthand side of the main forum on one of our names and you'll be able to send us a message.


posted on Aug, 27 2004 @ 05:06 AM
thankyou all so much for the welcome! this really is a cool place

posted on Aug, 27 2004 @ 07:58 AM
Welcome and enjoy your stay here at the great ATS!

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