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Tonopah wind turbine project and some TTR odds and ends from the FAA database

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posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 03:59 PM
For background, to erect something tall near an airport, it is required to apply to the FAA to prove the structure meets their safety standards. The FAA maintains a database of the reports.

I noticed a number of new towers in the database just north of the Tonopah Test Range and made this kmz file for google earth.

Clicking on the link should open up google earth and take you to the spot. If not, you can save the file and open it up in google earth. The names seen by the markers are the specific FAA report names.

Now the odds of this getting built are zero. The USAF hates wind turbines. They show up on the aircraft radar. The only reason I mention this project is perhaps there are now decent roads to the Monitor range (hills just north of the TTR). There is a road leading to the hills, but I never took it since it wasn't much of a road. If you can see shrubs between the tire tracks on google earth, you know the road isn't used. If this facility does get built, the roads to the turbines should be great. But even the research for the project might make the area more accessible.

If you look carefully at the imagery dates, the area where the wind turbine project is slated to be built is listed as 9/8/2009. Right below the area, the imagery is dated 10/30/2009. Hopefully this means there will be new imagery of the base itself, which dates back to 2007.

If you have been reading the NOTAMS for the TTR (KTNX), construction of new arresting gear has been mentioned. One of the projects can be found in this FAA report:

Lastly, what got me started on this was the mention of an old Navy project in the hills north of the town of Tonopah. The report is missing from the FAA database, though the whole year itself seems to be missing, so the fact that one report can't be found isn't cause for conspiracy theory.

I've been to this location and the sign indicates it is a FAA facility Reality? Who knows.

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