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The Constitution of Common Sense.

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posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 03:17 AM
I suppose this was more of an experiment for me. Maybe more of a social experiment. I have let ATS and other conspiracy theory type sites consume my thought process for awhile just to see where it lead me. To see how far down the Rabbit Hole the below listed things would take me. It's taken me quite far. So far in fact I believe I have found the end of that Rabbit Hole.

Here is my story and my conclusion.

Sometime in 2002 I had a friend of mine introduce me to a 911 truth video, which lead me to the NWO, Which lead me to the Illuminati and the Bildaburg group, Which lead me to the Federal Reserve, Which then lead me to our corrupt government, which lead me to harp, which lead me to climate and earth control, which lead me to our slavery, which lead me to the the mind control. Which lead me too the alien space crafts, which lead me to elenin and nibiru, Which lead me to Alien contact that have arrived here on earth, which lead me to the lizard people. Which has ultimately lead me to ATS.

I thought this was a good time to look into what all the hype was. What the thought process was of a conspiracy theorist is. What is this all about?

I have had scriptures read to me about the end of times more than I can count. And how I'm not a christian if I believe anything else but the scriptures. I have been screamed at for being truthful about how I see something and commended for agreeing with what I don't. I have been reprimanded for not agreeing with racist statements and called a racist by those that are being racist themselves. I have seen mathematic equations that would make your head spin. I have seen many make a normal word look like an equation that points to the end of the world. I have been called one of the "sheeple" and told to wake up, to STFU and any other possible thing you can thing of. But I still continued to move forward. At times I have ruthlessly honest and graciously timid.

I have read about and watched probably a thousand different conspiracy theories. I have discussed these theories with probably more than I have researched. I have posted on forums across the internet. I have bounced things off of everyone I know. Openly talked to them about this and that.

As I have researched and researched and researched some more. On pretty much every conspiracy theory I have run across. These are my findings.

1. A Conspiracy theory is just that a theory

2. Most conspiracy theorists are not experts in the field or have no professional experience pertaining to their theory.

3. Most conspiracy theories are repeated information from one person to another. Tell a secret to one kid in a class of thirty and see how that secret changes by the time it gets to the last kid in the class.

4. Most theories are a combination of twisted facts and puzzle piecing media, internet articles, second hand information and you tube videos to steer the theory into the minds of others as factual information.

5. Most Conspiracy Theorists do not take the time to research where their information is coming from. The author of a book, the author of a website, or the author of a video. Why did they produce the information? Where did they get their information? How credible is that source?

6. Most Conspiracy Theorist are thin skinned. Debunking a theory is def. A no no on conspiracy sights. Most people do not like to be proven wrong. This is especially true of the Conspiracy Theorist. Give the common sense reasoning and expect a lashing. You have now become the idiot in the thread. Common sense is like kryptonite.

7. You are either with them or your not. You are either a Troll, Disinfo or a Shill sent by the government to make sure that Conspiracy theorist are dazed and confused. So that they can't spread the word that there is a new threat to the world. Your either Team Conspiracy or Team Shill. There is no in between.

8. The end of the world is today!! How many times have I seen this one. From Elenin to nuclear blasts in bunkers under Virginia. Based upon no factual information at all.

9. If you don't believe me than you are one of the "sheeple" and your to stupid to see what's going on around you. I am more of an intellectual and can see what lies before me. Meaning the facts that I can prove. I am as awake as any of you.

10. Conspiracy Theorist can talk the talk but not walk the walk. I read everywhere how the Gov are taking our freedoms by fearmongering. But no where do I see these same people doing anything about it. How many users are here on this site alone. And not one has said. Grab your shoes, get your coat we're going to Washington to stop what they are doing.

11. You tube videos, obscure websites and MSM seem to be the factual information for Conspiracy Theorists. Somehow a 14 year old that makes a video about an alien craft on you tube becomes a major source of a debate and fact.Theorist claim that the Main Stream Media (controlled by the GOV) lie to them and yet they post those same MSM reporting as a fact when presenting their theories.

So let me lay a few of these Conspiracies to rest.


If our Gov in fact did kill 3000 people on 911 what will change? The nation is divided on this issue. So no matter what the truth is. Nothing will happen. No one is going to jail. No one is going to overthrow the government. We already know the GOV lies. There's no conspiracy there. That's a fact. They lie and we except it and move on. So 911 is a moot point. Whether it's proven that the GOV did it or not. We will never prove it. EVER!! There is no paper trail, there is no irrefutable evidence only theory. There will always be your side and their side.


Ok so we all now know there is a shadow Government. Great!! What now!! We now know about the Bildeberg group and the people that attend. What they do at their meetings. Conspiracy Fact.


Again we now know the FED is not a government agency. Again nothing has change. Same # different day.


Proof that they have empty jails for who? we don't know? you and me? Terrorists. Illegal Immigrants. Civil Unrest. Awesome What now? Exactly! Nothing at all!!


Awesome a coment or Dwarf star may run into the planet. What are you gonna do about it? Send Bruce Willis some nukes and a good theme song to blow theme out of the sky.


Ok so now we have proven they are there. What has changed nothing at all.


The end of the world as we know it. Again nothing to do here either.


As awesome as this would be and as badly as you want to know the truth. You either never will or you definitely will.

I get it. There are a million videos of UFO's out there. But not one that is a FACTUAL REAL alien space craft.

As compelling and as entertaining as this has been. The one thing I know for sure for a FACT. Almost all Conspiracy Theorist believe that something bad is coming almost always doom and gloom. And even if it were, there's nothing you can really do about it. And even if you as an individual thought you could. You would need an army to accomplish it. And we all know that this will not happen because you are sitting here right now reading this instead of grabbing your shoes and your coat and doing anything but Theorizing about how you could possibly change the world. This is my last post on ATS. I will reply to your post and close down this account. Thank you.

posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 10:34 AM
Dear bftroop,

I have heard over and over that "this is a conspiracy website." Yes, but that's not all it is. I have left the conspiracy theorists alone for the reasons you have cited, but I have found something else.

There are a few people on ATS who are willing to think and listen on subjects such as humility, wisdom, and Original Sin. If you're lucky, and can avoid the hate-trolls, you can even sneak in a discussion on the Middle East.

I've found economics, politics, medicine, and law threads that were interesting. And I've found a few people whose minds stand out above others'. I don't always agree with them, but at least we can talk.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

With respect,

posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 02:33 AM
reply to post by charles1952


Hey great that someone replied. And I noticed not many do when you tell it like it is. I am still amazed by how far people will push a story with a very small amount of fact. The funny thing is. I have found a few extremely intelligent people here and the site is entertainment for me at most. So I may lurk more than post at least for now. But thanks for reachin out. Not many on ATS are like that.

posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 02:09 PM
reply to post by bftroop

Dear bftroop,

Maybe an open thread is not the place to do this, but I want to tell you that you have lightened my heart. Not because you have decided to stay on with ATS, but because you've decided to give humanity another chance.

You've learned that you have to be careful, though. If you don't mind a bible verse, " be shrewd as serpents and simple as doves." Matthew 10, verse 16.

Some threads I just run from because I can see the hatred coming; some, but not all.

Anyway, take care. U2U me if you want, maybe get away from the website for awhile and spend some time with "normal" people.

With respect,

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