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Enigma Game Re-Examination Thread (In otherwords condensing all info in order to streamline the game

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posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 02:05 AM
CURRENT OBJECTIVE: Re-examine clues in order to find the Unredacted version of the clue we are missing.
(Note as we progress, this objective will change)

I feel that over the last few days we have jumped around a bit too much in the game and found way to many clues at one time, thus drowning ourselves in fire so to speak. I am starting this thread as a way to recap, re-examine, and rework the process taken to get where we were. Any of the people who are up to date are welcome to post in this thread however if its not to much, I ask that everyone contributing to this process limit themselves to one or two posts editing the original with updated information (in case you run out of characters in a post). Part of the reason for starting this thread is its hard to go through and backtrack a hundred some pages that are mostly people who discovered that the first password is PAGE ONE sixty some pages into the game.

So if your posting here...

You should be up to date on the current status of the game, there shouldnt be anyone coming here from page one, if you havent seen all 13 of the pages found as of September 26th 2011, then you probably wont be conductive to the efforts being attempted here, I ask kindly you go to the main thread, catch up, then return here. Short of this, any posts will most likely be detrimental to the progresses being attempted here.

Please keep it conductive to the game, no posts about wasting time with games, trolling, or posting information that by now is common knowledge. We are all playing the game for whatever reasons we choose and dont need to justify the means. I would also ask that if your not sure what this post is about, then please dont post you can find what we are talking about here. you will have a few days of reading ahead of you if you decide to partake as we are already 100+ pages into the game.

Please keep finds substantial to progress.

This is a complete reworking from the beginning in order to pick up on things that are missed, think of it as trying to the solve a puzzle from the end.


This page was found from a twitter feed giving us the message ENOEGAP, we typed this in as "page one" giving us our first look into the rabbit hole. Examination of this page provided us with the following info:

That the character is Kent Allison

Its a journal of Decade 137 entry 0981

Intended target was Nov 14 2009 and the president is supposed to be hillary clinton

The message provides a backdrop for whats going on and explains a few things but is cut short, indicating we need to find the next page.

TPE is mentioned often and is an important term.

As of now I believe we are finished with this page and nothing more can be gained from it.


I have to cut this post short for now, I will return to it in about 12 hours since I lost track of time for work. Feel free to add any relevant information I may have forgot about page 1 in the meantime.

posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 05:31 AM
I just discovered after so long you cant edit posts, so if you read above, about editing posts to reflect new info, then obviously that wont work most of the time. The current objective is the latest clue, I am currently crawling over all 112 pages of the original post looking at the exact process we used to find things and getting the whole big picture.

41 pages into the game, someone mentions the twitter update with message: P7 failure... could this mean that page two is actually page 7 from a re-examination, or more likely, is this the status of each of the pages being added for the game. Note that it is believed page two was found by accident, and may not have been discovered at the appropriate time, I believe our accidental discovery of it lead to attempts to locate it being successful and having found it we went from there.

Page 2 was found using the Passcode TPE CE9782 it was a combination of the term TPE (given to use in the first clue) and the mentioning of the adjustment.


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