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Percussion Section

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posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 12:47 AM
I want to see pics. The kit you have, had or want. Tablas, bodrans, berimbaus, glockenspiels, whatever all percs are welcome.

I don't have a kit at the moment but in my dream of dreams I would have a simplified hybrid of these two kits.

Pat Mastelotto's DW toms and kick though I'd rather the natural finish.

And Flo Mounier's cymbals. Well actually just his ride, both crashes, one splash and his larger china. Of course his hat as well.

I still haven't found the perfect snare but ultimately something with some chunky depth to it and a piccolo snare on the side for contrast. Heh it would probably sound terrible together but I can dream can't I?

Either that or just some really old rich shells with new furniture.

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