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"Google's" GOP Debate:

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posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 12:17 AM
Anybody ever truly think about what Google's GOP Debate means???

It's simple, Google is an easy to use tool for TPTB.

Eric Schimdt is one of TPTB. He has been sighted at the Builderberg meetings AND Camp David along with Berkshire Hathaway's and Goldman Sachs' secretive annual shareholder meetings which a few people on here have been keeping eyes on.

It is known, that Google, Facebook, and Youtube all track your data. Google tracks search terms.I found it interesting during the debate to find out how many people were searching for SVUs, Obamacare, and Iraq.
However, you can easily find this all out on I bet you didn't know this.

Will technology companies allow for fairer play in the future? Or will TPTB use it for more access to the unknowing public.

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