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What If World Leaders Are Not All Dark Hats, What If They're Mirrors, We've Been Given Choices

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posted on Sep, 25 2011 @ 01:06 PM
With the times ahead, certain astrological/biblical/mayan, signs coming together, with a political fascism revealing itself as well, it seems we are at a pinnacle of results, or reflections as if in a mirror, where things can still go either way.

A message came to me, most unusual for it was similar to contact I've had, but how? who? In this message something was expressed that I'd never quite seen in this light before, but all the pieces of all the research for the past 3 years came together in this message.

To begin with, I sincerely and with great love for every person on this planet including the leaders, corporate heads, royal families and think tanks, wish to express that while I think some have truly allowed themselves to be taken over by the Dark Side, or Shadow, and seem to work at stirring the pots, and doing all they can to lower frequency here, I have faith in the integrity, light, intelligence, and goodness within some of them no matter what we're seeing on the surface, its still there in them.

Now that considering I see cosmic arrests being done and have posted this, is a big step, because what just came as a message changed my understanding.

We're at a pinnacle of human evolution.

Advancement is possible in ways that would solve every problem we've been dealing with, including over population, ie reducing child birth to fewer familiies, increasing equality and redistribution, homes and food for all, advanced sciences with clean energy, reduced work hours, with no forcing. Those homes and basic goods would be for everyone, but we can also really be mature enough to realize we need to shine our lights and use our talents and gifts to benefit others.

As teachers, doctors, nurses, farmers, cousnelors, designers, scientists, musicians, artists, caretakers of systems and this planet.

But no forcing and total equality with mothers of young, elderly, and disabled. Equality and respect for everyone.

We have the ability to create a beautiful garden on earth.

And in all the human dramas and events that have taken place, we were offered choices.

Many different flavors of democracies, with Norway shining it's light as the most progressed and equal, and yet the highest standard of living, to right wing fascism and left wing fascism/communism.


Compassion, programs, which governments we choose. All is noted.

Free energy and all the disclosures that have been leaked out where put out by the leaders with intent.

So was the Venus Project.

Its all about choices. And they are mirrors. Though some may truly be working for the shadow side, most are fully capable of working with a wide awake, intelligent, aware/alert humanity, who has the good will to gain unity and value everyone, instrinsically, without judgments.

We've had choices in unity, choices in divisions.

But the technology is coming out, the progression is going to happen. We still even at this pinnacle have choices.

We still can grow up.

We still can sidestep facism as the only option to upgrading and overcoming fundamentalism and radicalism and wild west ism, and every man for himself ism, because the technological releases are clean energy, propel us forward into the next era and level 1. But........some of it is quite simple technology and scalar.

In the hands of radicals and also in the hands of common street gangs, cities could be destroyed, vengeances taken.

How mature are we as a human race? Are we willing to work with the leaders, and work with each other to establish a wonderful progression, a eutopia, of both freedom and equality/equalizing sharing.

I see the leaders are mirrors and I'm so sorry for losing faith in them as a whole.

We ALL need to take responsibilty here!
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posted on Sep, 25 2011 @ 01:18 PM
It seems that though there are two forces/polarities always trying to take the upper hand, and always trying to influence us, its all just a mirror, reflections or our inner selves, and we are really supposed to pay attention and start deciding, dreaming, working with everyone, and the leaders to choose, to work through our angst, and immaturities. To see the choices and try to strive for the best, most wonderful, and inclusive of all.

posted on Sep, 25 2011 @ 03:14 PM
This world and all the injustice and corruptions, seems to be coming from within us, interactive to our spirits and our own need for maturity.

There are a lot of events coming together end of this month and into Oct, with Sept 27 kind of a pinnacle, a turning point for humanity.

How do we choose to advance, with fascism and dark side tactics, or do we have enough love for our children and our fellow earth inhabitants, to really grow up, and start to clean up this act, and realize that we don't have to go through these kinds of steps to gain unity, or their advancements, we could do this in much better ways.

posted on Nov, 15 2012 @ 02:57 PM
I think this post fits this thread.

I actually feel this gratitude towards any who are a part of the human story here on earth, leaders, ptb, workers, fellow men and women, all who contribute, (some perhaps not as we would wish) to our lessons and growth, hopefully helping us expose or overcome weaknesses and thing that need working on in our souls. I don't wish to blame anyone, not the politicians, or those who may very well have dedicated parts of their lives to try and make a difference, in a game that is defines with boundaries.

We have a crappy world because of the weaknesses and crappy things in us. Things we need to look at. It could be better than it is, that is for certain. We've got to look at what we can do. Not just yearn for a great future or upgrade, nor accept a 2012 ending, or anything that is silly, but instead look at each day as a gift, and try to find the solution that blesses our lives and everyone around us to the best ability.

More humility and less anger at PTB and what is Dealing in this world is more positive and productive, taking the fault back home to us, and working on what we can do.

Compassion is needed for those struggling, and we're the ones who can make a difference in the lives of another who is operating out of selfishness or harming others. Not to give up on people and either through example, efforts to show and demonstrate what love is and work is and integrity/goodness is, and treat everyone with the benefit of the doubt and with good wishes for their success in soul growth, happiness.

Instead of blaming others need to look at what we can do to turn things around.

I want to thank everyone and that includes those in management positions and say I love everyone.

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