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Lil video disproving all 911 conspiracies by PENN and TELLER

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posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 06:35 PM
reply to post by Chesster

Read the art of war by sun tzu.

War is about deception. 911 was a psycological operation on the nations around the world to get people to give up more of their freedoms in our march towards the new world order mentioned by george bush snr in his 1991 speech after the gulf war ended. The "New World Order" is a plan by the elite intellectuals to try to unite all the worlds nations into a one world babylonian dictatorship and they can either do this by force or through manipulation. (ie the way the nazis did it when they blamed jews for everything - you are seeing the same old tactics of ancient times being used on your today)

Conspiracies require more than one person, so saying that it's not a conspiracy would mean that you could rule out all the secret activities of members of the skull and bones society, freemasons, theosophic society, the members who gather together at bohemian grove to perform satanic rituals etc.

When a person belongs to a secret society or meets in secret with the leaders of each nation with the view to hide the plans from the public scrutiny you know that something is going on behind the curtain where the media can't access. This is why people like you need to get off your butt find out who belongs to these organisations, where they live, and watch where they go and who they meet with and the connections since in order for conspiracy to exist it must require more than one person,

If for instance a guy is a member of a secret society and swears an oath to keep secret the existence of things from the outside world and is ALSO a public official it means he can tap into outside help from his brotherhood which the public is not aware of (for instance a judge could be a member of the same secret society as the guy who is accused of a crime and then that judge might go easy on the the guy being taken to court which he knows is part of the same society as himself in exchange for help from him in some other form later, or just as part of the oath that he kept when he joined the secret society to "protect a fellow brother") and this brings up a conflict of interest. If you swear to be loyal to your nation and to the public that relies on you as a leaders, and then ALSO swear a secret oath to a secret brotherhood then it is seen as a way for you to cheat the system because the two people know each other and exchanging favours or betraying the trust of the public when they obey the secret oaths in the brotherhood they belong to over the oath to serve that nation's laws.

TV is not a good referee for judging what is not true or what is not false since the media is historically being used as a mind manipulation tool and what you don't see on camera is much more interesting than what you can see. Do you understand that nothing you see in any movies dealing with history is historically accurate? Do you understand that many books that are printed have mistakes that do not get corrected?
Also do you accept that a government is run by people and people can make mistakes (whether honest mistake or for deceptive intentions to gain from their priviledged position) or deliberately cheat the system. (ie political kickbacks)

"cuz someone is intelligent, and look smart, they are not capable of lie" is a stupid argument.

Nazi scientists that build rockets are smart, scientists involved in creating weapons like nuclear bombs are smart but they also have reasons to lie to cover up the existence of something that needs to be kept in the dark so the public is unaware. Being smart does not mean you are honest or have no reason to lie. Lying is part of military strategy.
Being an expert on something does not mean you are telling the truth. There are dumb people who tell the truth and smart people who lie. (actually it would not suprirse me of conmen are hired by government organisations for certain skills they have - this is needed if you are spy)
If you are an expert in assasinations and killing and go on black ops missions you are not going to want to tell people what stuff you do.

If you are fighting in wars often you want to cheat the other guy with tricks and deception. Instead of feeding good information you might feed fake information (counter intelligence) to lure them away from the truth whilst trying to steal secret and factual information from an enemy.

The danger of the NWO-ers (globalists) is that they are not loyal to any nation. It's not that "the government is bad" but that they are involved with governments and try to get inside powerful positions of influence to allow for conspiracy.
If you come to a conspiracy forum you better come prepared and be open to the idea that people must lie to further an agenda or you will get laughed off and not taken seriously.. The whole point of politics is often to lie to people and the media is a powerful tool used by corporations who own it to spread lies to help influence daily behavior. If you don't look at the history of propaganda and how it can be used to control people you are coming in without the needed knowledge of how exactly so-called experts can be used and placed to further a corporate agenda. Because this world is ruled by money and people need it, it is by nature a world full of deceptions because people ultimately need to lie to survive in it. It's always been this way since the beginning of human history. And it hasn't changed and it not unique to america. It's a global conspiracy of powerful people against those who feel that power is getting more and more centralised as time moves along. You'll hear more about global agendas to rule the world as people start to wake up to more and more attempts to create a single worldwide system of control. This is a plan by what people refer to as "collectivists" who treat people as just resources for them to use. They don't believe in individuals freedom, but only in a type of hive mentality where there is no innovation or ability to govern yourself without their interference. These are the guys who belong to satanic societies and control all the money systems in the world.

Americans watch a lot of tv so over time the propaganda they see in movies and tv shows has subtle shaped their opinions on real world events to lead them to trusting leaders on the face of what they say rather than fact finding. Fact finding is something that takes effort and time so this is why the average joe doesn't bother with truth. They are too distracted by the sports, entertainment, and other things to care.
In general the weapons that we use rely on money to fund its creation. During peacetime there is no funding for weapons. So the idea is they need to "create a bad guy" to fight in order to get the funding for advancing the technology in military weapons. This is where we get war on terror idea from since it means anyone from any nation can be the bad guy which allows the military to keep us all in fear enough to want to fund more advanced military technology and expand power to the four corners of the world to build the globalist empire. Without a bad guy people would just be happy as things are. That doesn't benefit bankers (who lend money to impoverished nations that fought in a war) or weapon manufacturers (testing weapons and building better ones than last time) or the globalists (whose plan is to make the world more "interdependent" instead of independent).

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posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 06:53 PM
I find it very interesting that when ever a "truther" brings up WTC7 and what caused it to collapse (it wasnt hit by a plane or debris yet fell into its own footprint) the debunkers suddenly ignore that and keep on with the name calling and disinformation. I would like to hear a solid explanation on why it fell at free fall speed and into its footprint without the building being hit. So you debunkers need to start there before you start spouting out nonsense about so-called truthers. Oh and to the OP that said how could they conspire to commit that act and nobody says nothing need to look at the manhattan project, the development and test flights of the B-2 bomber, and also the development and test flights of the blackbird. Thats three examples that show the government is very good at keeping secrets until they want us to know. DENY IGNORANCE please OP

posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 07:45 PM

Originally posted by Chesster
reply to post by googolplex

The Israelis knew? If they didn't tell anyone how DO YOU KNOW/

Sounds like an antisemitic response in a facade of analytical thinking...

Anyhow who do you believe did it, who flew the planes... granted the whole records thing is strange... but the outer shell of pentagon mostly houses the unimporant people, there is only five sides, 1 in 5 chance to strike that one spot...

ANyhow so you believe RUmsfeld had something to do with it over 2 trillion dollars the American people would have forgotten about anyways?

You do realie the citiens don't need a building collapsing and a terrorist attack to forget about politics... hell a rerun of ALF would have distracted the public...

and ALF rerun is cheaper than cat litter. You don't need a multinational conspiracy to do it that involved i would assume over a 100 people and 2 dif cultures who rarely get along to get along..

I mean just sit back and analyze human psychology can you see a group of people doing that, HUMAN beings! And all of them staying quiet. Heck I don't, I don't care how much money is involved I know for a fact a conspiracy of more than 3 people would have at least 1 defector with a conscience.. and I do not believe a conspiracy could have existed and lasted this long...

The conspiracy to deceive the public is not new. It's a requirement to having the plan work out. People need money. Generally those that will do anything for money, power, or who are out to gain something by following on are going to do it if the temptation is there. Bribery, deceit, betrayal, blackmail are ways you can get things to happen. How do people get conspiracies to work? You get them to join a group, offer them what they need, and make them one of your followers. Have you ever heard of cults? Are you familiar with the concept of people using hypnosis and mind control? Do you believe that people in general can't be tricked into following something just by being a convincing liar? (the person going along with the plan could be ignorant that they are lied to and still carrying out the plan for the people masterminding the conspiracy)

If people have enough power or money and influence, the victims who are being deceived often won't question the people in those positions out of fear, ridicule, or their career. There are loads of different reasons for why people can lie and/or unknowingly help a conspiracy to be carried out. Building a top secret weapon for instance involves the compartmentalising of information so that those working on the individual parts don't know what the parts are going to be used for. They are not told anything and just given only enough information to do the job.
Like I said: war is about deception. Give them a convincing enough lie, and if they can't check to see if you are telling the truth then they can't question your reason for doing something. Governments are run by people. People are not perfect. There may come a time where your girlfriend or wife cheats on you. Or your friends lie to you. Or maybe your boss puts some blame on people working for the company but knows it is his responsibility. Not everyone is perfect. Some want to manipulate others if they can gain something out of it. Most humans if they think they can get away with a crime without getting caught, will commit a crime if they think nobody notices.

Do a test: put $200 on the ground with your id in the wallet and film to see if the people return it to you instead of just taking the money for themselves. See how many of them do it. If people are perfect you will get a 10/10 return rate.
Is it fair to say that if the person is dishonest that there is a possiblity that people who work in positions of power can also be dishonest too? This is what people do. Does not mean they are bad people overall, (they have families and care for people and are capable of love etc) but that even good people can be dishonest and do bad things if the cost for telling the truth is too high for them to pay. (ie fear of being ridiculed, exposed, judged if they admit to something they did wrong, or scared that harm will come to them if they go against their controllers - just as people in ancient times long before governments had ever been founded)

Try putting lollies on the ground and tell a little kid not to eat them while you are gone. Film them secretly without their knowledge. If they don't follow your orders, it shows that "innocent" children are capable of lying. So why not adults? Or "citizens"? People that make up a govenrment are humans. Humans are capable of being victims of deception or deceiving you. (as long as they think they can get away with it - but that is why you need to secretly film their reaction to know the truth in the experiment)
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posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 07:58 PM

Originally posted by ForestBehindTheTrees
I find it very interesting that when ever a "truther" brings up WTC7 and what caused it to collapse (it wasnt hit by a plane or debris yet fell into its own footprint) the debunkers suddenly ignore that and keep on with the name calling and disinformation. I would like to hear a solid explanation on why it fell at free fall speed and into its footprint without the building being hit. So you debunkers need to start there before you start spouting out nonsense about so-called truthers. Oh and to the OP that said how could they conspire to commit that act and nobody says nothing need to look at the manhattan project, the development and test flights of the B-2 bomber, and also the development and test flights of the blackbird. Thats three examples that show the government is very good at keeping secrets until they want us to know. DENY IGNORANCE please OP

Are you serious? It is a literal undeniable fact that WTC7 was hit with debris from tower 1. Where are you getting your information from? A vacuum?

posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 08:21 PM
reply to post by Chesster
How exactly is he proving anything?All he did in the video is call people names and when you resort to name calling you lose....The video failed

posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 08:46 PM
reply to post by Observer99
'I must say that was the most entertaining post on this thread
I couldn't have said it better myself

posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 09:00 PM
Hi all! I am back! Just wanted to say thanks for all the compliments and new information, I will be reading and watching the posted links for next few.

Anyhow, Like I stated before I have no definitive proof on wtc7 except for a theory that psibly the CIA sealed the office to delete the files...

Post EDIT!

Does anyone have the seismec graph for that day in that area? Also would acoustic levels/resonance/sound waves/bass levels of a building rumbling down affect it's immediate neighbors?

Think walls of Jericho bible story
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posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 11:25 PM
reply to post by Snake Plisskin

I'm sorry sir, but you assume to much from the secret societies, I belong to a few and I can tell you its not that deep, at most they give you scholarhips, and of course a network, but any group of people is a networking group. The secrets and oaths have nothing to do with world demise, or anything of that nature. In fact most of the time the oaths are actually about elevating the whole of humanity and bringing out the best in a man

posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 11:31 PM
reply to post by Lynexon

I appreciate the compliment, but I do believe that people do need to separate the gov conspiracy theories from the private sector ones.

Because by it's very nature greedy people will be forever willing to back stab each other for a profit.. and exposing any type of conspiracy as an insider would gain you enough profit to literally make you emperor of the world, if anything like that was exposed we could imagine that the whole of planet earth would rise up and everything would change.

i will admit there are greedy people, but at most they price fix, anything beyond that would have a giant self destruct button in it by it's own creation since it would have to rely on way too many humans.

reply to post by munkey66

Gov has a history of changing laws do to any event....

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posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 02:00 AM
telling you man , you believe a government that single handedly got rid of the biggest piece of evidence in the case.The person that supposedly committed the crimes in the first place.
Wouldnt you want to question that criminal first and get some form of justice for the famalies .
At least to have him questioned in a international court of law !

Nah just dump him in the sea

posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 02:08 AM
reply to post by sapien82


well wouldn't you think perhaps they are questioning him, ust because Bob and Bill down the street didn't talk to him, doesn't mean some of our nations intelligence forces are not.

For all you know the CIA could have sent scuba divers down, recovered the brain, hooked it up to a mac, and know everything about him.

Besides the admitted planner is in CUBA still, OSama is just a figure head like Hitler, while subordinates do the dirty work...

Osama was nothing but a beard, Hitler a lil stash, and russians loves goatees and big stashes... more of a propaganda mouthpiece and instigator than an actual planner, heck I wouldn't be surprised if he was shocked when told he was in it from some speech he forgot he gave one day in the desert.

It's just how things work. I think the biggest piece is still the planes floying into buildings... but then again that is just me.

posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 03:40 AM
reply to post by Chesster


Ok so your willing to believe the official story on 9/11 , but are also willing to believe that the CIA have recovered Osamas brain and hooked it up to ask it questions !

Ok , well fair enough , you can believe what you like , but in my opinion thats the biggest loss of evidence in the official story is to be beleived.

Why kill the one person that was supposed to have caused the entire thing , instead of take him to a international criminal court. Im sure there are many thousands of people who have died because of this man,
their famalies have not been given justice when Osama was killed by the US forces.
Then all of a sudden the men who captured him all died in afghanistan !

Yeh ok , and the US government still wants us to believe the official line , you dont think that
reeks of conspiracy. Since when do the most wanted criminals ever get taken in dead.
the FBI always make it a priority to capture them alive for criminal prosecution.

that one fact alone is the reason why no one , should believe the official story.
They killed the main perpetrator , or supposedly killed him, I still think he is alive
on some CIA retirement plan ,living it up with 2 virgins a week on some tiny tropical island.

posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 05:51 AM
reply to post by sapien82

I was being sarcastic, I think the guy is being nicely interrogated anyways...

And most high profile dictators/terrorists are taken dead, so that was a bad example.

We would never want an international court doing anything, look how they faled when bringing NAZI's in, most got off...

posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 06:35 AM
nah man , most of the nazi's ended working for the US government !

yeh but still , you take out the mastermind of the whole organisation , after all he was given the blame by the US government , then the guy just gets killed
I dont buy it !

posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 02:00 PM
reply to post by sapien82



It was most likely a mix of super heated turbulant air, seismec waves, audio waves, and the already general unstable and probably cracking sub lime stone foundation, New York is on an Island.

Thank you and conspiracy is over.

CIA is cleared of wrong doing and so is MOSSAD which I can't believe some of you all would even suspect, shame on you anti semites.

posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 02:14 PM
What secret societies are you in chesster?

The sailor moon and spongebob square pants dancing brothers in ignorance?

I'm sure you and your little group of friends can't even begin to comprehend the amount of wealth and power that the secret societies at the top can wield for influence.

This is like trying to explain to a drunk why he can't drive. You are that drunk.

I've said this to many people....and I will say it to you. You simply don't want to know the truth or are stuck in denial. The type of ignorance you possess is down right dangerous.

Have fun with the rest of your troll thread.

posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 02:42 PM
reply to post by godfather420

Look atmy avatar and guess..
and yea i'm at the top, trust me no conspiracy!

They get drunk and have a good time and help people out in the frat, so yea I assume you are a trucker or gas station clerk to assume any secret society is trying to plot and rule and control.

We aren't

At most we help each other, that is all. Not everything is a conspiracy, and most people in secret societies are great people with long traditions of caring for their fellow humans.

You sir are very hateful, this is why we have secret societies, to keep hateful people out.

posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 02:48 PM
reply to post by Chesster

another sarcastic post ?
well the content seems like its sarcasm , thats a mix of alot of things together , how can you prove that it was that mix that took down the building , you do seem quite sure about it !

CIA and MOSSAD absolved of any wrong doing , they dont quite belong in the same sentence do they ?
america has a secret service that willing to test strong hallucinogens on the populace without their consent , then you have a secret service able to commit any act against the people of america without their consent or knowledge !

posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 03:02 PM
reply to post by Snake Plisskin

....march towards the new world order....

I always get a kick out of that - as if there was ever a world order to begin with, now were going to march to a new one!!

I don't know if you've been following history for the last, say, 10,000 years but there really isn't much order out there!

posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 04:10 PM
If it makes any of you all feel better... I think that the Pakistani general that was linked to transferring money to the hijackers, was actually working with Iran.

I believe that Irans secret services enlisted and in some ways participated to facilitate the attack.

Makes more sense that Iran did 911 I have a few threads that prove it also.

Plus it makes sense Iran proxied Pakistan to proxy Al quaeda.

wow.. holy cow this is the real truth. It's like the Godfather movie.

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