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The No Spin Zone is nothing but an enabler

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posted on Aug, 26 2004 @ 07:53 AM
What a tool !!! I cannot believe this dude, I was listening to him last night about his brilliant talking points, and he's just as bad as the other brainwashers out there. He was talking about the RNC and how he wants these so called "terrorists" spanked and to recoeve the thoughest sentence possible...
My problem with him, is that he uses such words as "terrorists" so liberally, and applies it to anybody that tries to buck the government... Where is that thread where that guy is talking about this subject? I looked all over for it last night, it was something like the re-wording of definitions, meaning that it's making these words apply to more situations rather then being more thorough, anyway, this guy was right.. If someone can send me the link, I'd be glad to email it to apathetic friends and husband...

Anyway, there has been a few times where i've noticed small things like this, and if I hadn't been pointed this stuff out, it probably would of went over my head and I probably would of began to be immune to such talk. Which is what they want, Bill is no spin stopper, he's a spin enabler. He's a puppet for fox and pnac, he's not independant, he's a farce, he's making money because he's a sell out, just like many high paying employees in the media and political arena are.

Funny too, because I tell my husband this and because I think what I do he assumes i'm going "liberal" on him... :shk: which is the last thing i'd want to be, I want to be me, with an objective mind, and smart enough to point things out without automatically being stereotyped.. See what this world is coming too?

Just like if your against bush your with the other guys, and your automatically labelled un-american, un-patriotic... Which is one of the twelve steps to fachism... :bnghd:

When will we learn!?

[Edited on 26-8-2004 by TrueLies]

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