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I Lost 30 lbs In A Week, I Need (Serious -Please-) Opinions

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posted on Sep, 25 2011 @ 11:53 PM
reply to post by simone50m

You are starving yourself.... I would suggest going to WEBMD and asking there. I doubt anyone here can give you any real advice other than saying the fact that losing 30lbs in a week is not normal.

Grains are good for you more so than the red meat fyi.

posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 12:18 AM
Your body is probably in starvation mode. Make sure you get the essential nutrients, and have an intake of atleast 1200 calories a day. You don't want to drop below that number, it's the cut off point for your body's metabolism.

You must work on getting your metabolism back to normal. If you stopped eating meat, your body shouldn't have a severe reaction to it. If you stopped eating grains, and you cut them out, you would lose weight, but not 30 pounds.

It varies with the individual, but you could be having a fluke. There are countless things that can trigger it, and with all the different aspects of grains, it could be a wide range of things. It's unhealthy to loose more than 4 pounds a week. And that is being really generous.

Run a detox diet for a little bit, two or three days, get atleast three figestive cycles through your body (Green vegetables, Green tea, grapes, fatty nuts. Stay away from hydrogenated oils, Raspberries, Blue Berries, Bananas. Try an stay away from Apples, Oranges, and peaches. They carry high levels of pesticides.

All natural, nothing to do with processed garbage.

Good luck, dropping 30 pounds is horrible to do in a week.

posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 01:09 AM
The OP's diet is NOT Atkin's and NOT ketogenic simply because it's grain free. The carbohydrates found in fruits and vegetables other than leafy greens will keep blood sugar high enough to prevent ketosis. Only when carb consumption falls under 30 g/day for a few consecutive days will blood sugar levels be so low that the pancreas produces glucagon instead of insulin to convert body fat to glucose to raise it.

The rapid initial weight loss the OP experienced is from a reduction in calories and the diuretic effects of starting the diet.
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posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 01:16 AM
reply to post by simone50m

Start eating normally, including some grains at least, but if you don't want to at least eat meats, and fish. If you continue to lose weight and feel dizzy etc I would go to a hospital if I were you, you could have some parasite in your intestines.

posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 01:21 AM
You lost 30 lbs IN A WEEK and asking for advice on a conspiracy forum?

I am not a doctor or anything remotely, but 30 lbs in ONE week sounds alarming and you NEED TO SEE A DOCTOR - especially since you say you are feeling ill.

posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 02:07 AM
I lost around 50lbs over the course of 2 months, but my sodium intake was considerably less, I ate healthier (dropped fast food from my diet) and switched to water instead of soda. With me being basically on half the diet you are/were on, I'd say it's totally plausible for you to lose 30lbs in a week, though I'm inclined to believe it is water weight (maybe not all of it, but some of it). Another thing I'm curious of is if you have CHF and if before you lost this weight if you were able to do "pitting" or if there was any swelling in the extremities. So many questions... But as with always, take what you see online with a grain of salt (see what I did there? haha), as it could be something serious and only a few of us are actual professionals here. (Before the nay-sayers "call me out", I'm an RN, BSN ... and I don't care what you think)

Weight loss as a symptom can be caused by diseases affecting almost any part of the body, including ongoing infections, AIDS, cancers, depression, painful mouth sores, missing teeth, chronic liver disease, kidney disease, respiratory disease, thyroid disease, heart disease, and chronic diarrhea or other digestive disorders. It can also be caused by loss of appetite due to dementia and by certain eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia as well as malnutrition. Or some drugs such as amphetamines, chemotherapeutic agents, and thyroid medications. Lots of choices....hell even parasites!

posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 02:39 AM

Originally posted by calstorm
Definitely drink plenty of water, your electrolytes may be off, so you may need something like Gatorade.

Except stick with the "like" gatorade...something with cane sugar. Despite what the liars from Monsanto are telling us via their multi-million dollar television commercials, they're not the same, and HFCS is really bad for you (especially you, making a drastic dietary change.)

Really, you do not *need* meat, but you do need protein of some type (via nuts, beans, etc.), complex carbs, simple carbs, and all the various vitamins and minerals for a healthy diet.

As to what's going on, it could be many things: insulin completely out of whack from your drastic change, lack of nutrients making your body eat away at muscle as another stated, unable to process foods properly because of missing nutrients...Try to adjust your diet toward more complete nutrition and see how you feel. Hopefully better!

posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 03:16 AM
Who ate all the pies?
Who ate all the pies?

You fat bas***d
You fat bas***d

You ate all the pies!!

Only half kidding, its been a few days since I took the dog for a walk so im feeling a little bloated myself, drink plenty of water, if you dont like water dilute it with a cordial, apple & blackcurrent my fav. Drink a protein shake in the morning. Dont starve yourself, thats what makes you feel weak, eat normally 3 meals a day, cut out the snacks and get exercising, dont have to run, just go for half hour walks, have a swim, breath fresh air.

posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 04:06 AM
years ago i read a book called "Back to Eden." the author was a health food fanatic, he even said black pepper was bad for you because it contained no nutritional value and didn't digest (but that's pretty much true for the cellulose in celery whereas black pepper has anti inflammatory effect). anyway, he said that when you do a fruit and veggie diet, you start dumping toxins and dislodging gunk from your intestines/liver/cells, which will make you feel very bad, but it's a process of cleansing. i'd avoid meat and try bean and cheese for your protein, instead. also, might want to drink more veggie than fruit juices just in case you're having a hypoglycemic type reaction.
all of the above is of course, if you don't have allergies to any of those things. if you're having blood sugar related issues you might want to see a doctor .
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posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 05:39 AM
its impossible to calculate a BMI based just on age and weight, you need to know the length of the person aswell,
it would be a starter, its something one can relate to when making a diagnose based on nutrients

heck for all i know you could be 4 foot 9 inches and weigh in at 200lbs and stopped eating cotton candy a few weeks ago
you could be close to 7 feet and weighing in at 200 lbs and stopped eating cotton candy a few weeks ago

in these cases 4 foot person who excretes 30 lbs a week is a no brainer , youve accumulated an unhealthy amount of body fat and youve need to get below 120lbs if you want to live beyond 60
and the 7 foot fellow id say is underfeed and its a possibility you have parasite

what im trying to say is that sure there is a general guide line as to how and what to eat and when ,
but giving advise just based on age and weight is pretty much a shot in the dark

posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 06:23 AM
I gave up read meat and white bread a long time ago, i eat grains for breakfast though. I'm 5'9-10 165 lbs

posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 07:08 AM
I have lost 50 lbs in the past 8 weeks. I was feeling sluggish and sick. Found out I have not been drinking enough water and was getting dehydrated. Try to drink around 8 cups of water a day. This has made me feel normal again.

posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 07:45 AM

Originally posted by simone50m
reply to post by bigfatfurrytexan

Thanks BigTexan. Sorry to you and everyone, I pulled an "Epic Fail!" But I was feeling genuinely frightened by this never ending state of weakness and spaceyness.
I HAD NO IDEA such would happen. I even fancied that my energy would --increase-- !
I also had no idea how much I was playing with fire (with my life.) Like, "Goll, it's just food!" Ya know? It's not like I decided to mess with illegal drugs. The combination of my age and other data, my health, the types of 'food', Well, I guess those can be even more dangerous to mess with, when it's all done wrong.

Despite the advice of all those on this thread, you were not playing with your life. As long as you were having veggies and meat, and you are not diabetic, you were just fine. I would recommend doing it again, but this time removing fruits and milk from the equation (veggies and meats...that is the key).

You would get to feeling higher energy levels in a few more days, once the fat burning metabolism began working efficiently. The sluggishness is only the first few days, while your body adjusts to not having massive amounts of sugar available for energy.

As Getreadyalready said, this isn't a dietary habit you want to oft repeat like bodybuilders do. But it is something that should be seriously considered if you are overweight and want to change it.

In my house, it is only my son and I on a diet. My wife doesn't want any part of it. Of course, I revel in her rubenesque physique, and would have it no other way. But that is me considering what I think is beautiful over what is likely healthy. Since she and I are both happy with her, we just leave it that way.
Do what makes you happy.

posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 07:50 AM

Originally posted by LadySkadi
reply to post by simone50m

Please, OP - you cannot be this delusional. How long are you going to continue this troll thread?

Actually, I sorta hope you keep going, it's high entertainment at this point.


It may have become a troll trhead. However, keep in mind that what the OP is talking about it something that is possible and has happened to some of us.

I have had VERY dramatic results in weight loss. I might be needing a name change to "Littlescrawnyfurrytexan" before long.

If people have paid attention to what I have posted, most all the information needed to lose large amounts of weight is in there. I am down almost 170lbs since January 3rd, and it isn't hard.

All I am trying to do is throw a lifeline to people who feel trapped and desparate. Like that lady who purposefully gained enough weight to be the Guiness Record Holder all because she was desparate for help and couldn't find it (she used it as a media tool to get attention so she could get help). It shouldn't get to that point. And I have a way to avoid it.

posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 10:49 AM
reply to post by bigfatfurrytexan

Hi BFFT. My post is not meant to take away from that, I suppose the thread has progressed past the OP which is a good thing, at this point. I have reminded myself that you can't help those, who don't want to help themselves... I think the message and info. you've been giving is relevant and hopefully it will help someone else in the future. In fact, a lot of people have shared stories and provided encouragement and relevant info. regarding health and fitness and again, hopefully all this info. is useful to others down the road.
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posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 02:36 AM
reply to post by 27jd

That's pretty interesting information. I have never heard that before. I have been a milk drinker because I love it with cookies. But I may have to put in some research and look a little further into it.

posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 07:38 AM
reply to post by simone50m

When someone switches from a diet of terrible, low integrity foods to a diet of the highest integrity foods possible, pure fruit and veg (especially raw) then you better believe there will be heavy weight loss and an initial feeling of horribleness.

Some people, depending on how large they are, can lose 20 lbs in one day. But this weight loss takes place out the bowels. You would definitely notice "bathroom time" going on. But you said this wasn't the case at all. So it's hard for me to believe the account. The bowels, kidneys and skin are the eliminatory organs. It would have had to have come out here, you should have noticed bathroom trips through the roof.

As far as feeling like you described, 100% normal. In fact, watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and see the detox symptoms this individual goes through as he starts his 60 days of raw, living juice only. People like him (and most) will have their bodies suddenly thrown into a state of rapid detox, thus eliminating (finally) some of the dozens of pounds of impacted matter as well as stagnant lymph throughout their entire body.

You can stop this healing process by eating some cooked foods or meat if you wish or if the detox symptoms are too severe. But rest assured, these techniques to regain vital health have been well proven and researched for a century now. From great teachers/healer's of the 19th-20th century like Arnold Ehret, Bernarr Mcfadden, Norman W Walker, Herbert Shelton, etc. to true living masters like Dr Robert Morse who is currently teaching people how to heal themselves from terminal/debilitating diseases with an extremely high success rate and has been doing so for 30+ years. These people have lived and taught by their own example. Raw, living foods for complete cellular regeneration. Extremely simple and extremely effective.

Try it for a week sometime and see for yourself how amazing you feel. I'm on day 95 of 100% raw fruit and veg and have more energy in my mid 30's than I did when I was an athlete in my teens. I will be doing this for one year to address longstanding health issues such as excessive thinness (among others) which has resulted from a lifetime of damaging and degenerating foods. So because I want to heal, I will be eating raw, living foods. I'm not simply interested in gaining weight, been there done that. Besides, how is chronic malabsorbtion suppose to be remedied by pounding the "chicken breast, tuna, rice and complex carbs" into me? Again, been there done that, and truth be told, the exact opposite is the answer. Raw living foods to restrore the cells of the body.
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posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 08:18 AM
I just wanted to ask if you have started any new medication recently? Some medications can cause you to lose weight as a side effect and you may not even realize this. I started an anti depressant and lost about 15lbs over a month. Had not changed my diet at all etc. It stabilized after a few months but I do not eat or want to eat as much as in the past. I did not read this entire thread and so this may have already been mentioned? But it could be coincidence that you started a new med and went on a diet and the two together have cause the extreme weight loss. Just my two cents. Hope you figure it out!

posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 09:11 AM
I think at this point,you must call richard simmons.He might give you a pair of those nice red shorts,and you can go on tv and stuff.

posted on Oct, 1 2011 @ 12:48 PM
reply to post by simone50m

I posted earlier - was concerned about your health. Still think you need to get protein - but also...

I am certain you are on to something here. ...Processing changes molecular structures, if not the molecules' chemistry - and structural changes are WAYYY worse.

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