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"It's a UFO! Kill It!" Beaufort Farm Incident

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posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 06:23 AM

Originally posted by Kandinsky

If a UFO quietly hovered in front of you, would you start shooting it?

In the case of Bennie Smit, this is exactly what he did. When the police arrived, they joined in and only stopped when the object was hidden by brush or farm-workers were in the line of sight. This was in South Africa in 1972 when bullets were cheap and workers even cheaper…

Hi Kandinsky , thanks for posting this very interesting case.
If a UFO suddenly would quietly hovered in front of me I could not shoot at it even if I would want to do that because we have no guns in our houses in Holland you know.

But I don’t find it strange that Bennie and those policemen did shoot at that egg-shaped object back in 1972 somewhere in South Africa.
I assume that if they all never had heard or seen anything like that before [and how could they] and see it suddenly “flying” and hovering around the way it did in front of them with such a colorful light display it must have been pretty disturbing and threatening.

"When I saw it, my whole body got goosebumps. I sprinted home and got my .303 and told someone to call the police. I knew I was safe if I had my gun."

Originally posted by Kandinsky

Bennie aimed at the star-like light and hit it. The object no longer glowed and became a solid dark grey that slowly fell from sight and disappeared…

This is quite remarkable because it looks to me as if he had indeed damaged a very important part of the craft.

Originally posted by Kandinsky

Bennie Smit was ridiculed and Van Rensing and Kitching were chastised by their superiors. Years later, in 2009, Smit claimed to no longer believe the object was from space and instead thought it was a military secret that got lost on his farm. Van Rensing explained how he and Kitching had returned to the station and been criticised for firing without due cause...

Too bad that such things happen and I think that it was and still is an important reason for why other people who also had such encounters keep their mouth shut.

Originally posted by Kandinsky

We were scared and had to decide in a split second what was best. If we had brought it down, and there were aliens inside, then we would have all been heroes."

Could be, but I do not rule out the real possibility that when they had brought it down and there were indeed aliens inside it, that instead of becoming all heroes it would not take long for them to become dead heroes.

Originally posted by Kandinsky

As a curious epilogue to the bizarre encounter, at the beginning of the following month, Smit's farm once again had UFO sightings. In the final account, his concrete water reservoir mysteriously exploded...

Quite remarkable in my opinion, I wonder, could that have been a warning or retaliation?

Originally posted by Kandinsky

Essentially, we have a multiple witness sighting of a solid object that was hit by bullets and apparently left landing traces. The testimonies leave two main interpretations:

1 - They saw what they say they saw
2 - They took part in a hoax

Whatever the object was, I can't think of anything of ours that could be unidentified at less than 15 metres away. Likewise, nothing since in our technology is ovoid or floating that can take rounds from a heavy rifle at close range. Nothing we have is up to 2 metres in size and can disappear. If indeed it was something from elsewhere, it's anyone's guess what purpose it would serve hanging out around farmlands in trigger-happy country.

So it was a ‘gun-metal grey’ 2 metres in size egg-shaped object, capable of “flying and hovering” around with a remarkable colorful light display and even had landed and left unusual marks (2.5” diameter) in the ground and after Bennie aimed at the star-like light and hit it did not longer glowed and became a solid dark grey that slowly fell from sight and completely disappeared.

After reading this all I go for interpretation 1 and that it was very likely because of its small size a remote controlled unmanned craft from elsewhere, .

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posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 09:53 AM
I did a search to that radio show from Brian Vike with Sergeant Piet Kitching you spoke of but could not find it so far.

But during reading the information in the link you posted I noticed these very interesting points.

The trio then decided to cut a reed and tie a handkerchief on to the end of it so that one person could go into the thick bush while the others stood on a hill to guide him.

"I was just as scared as the others and was relieved when Bennie decided to go into the bush with the stick," Van Rensburg says.

Smit got within 15m of the craft before it flew off.

Van Rensburg says: "There were nine marks in the clay and the three-legged craft looked like it had landed there three times.

"The marks were very deep - at least twice the depth my heeled shoes made. I weighed 90kg and hardly made a mark."

All the other information about that object/craft and these remarkable points make my conclusion even stronger and definitely rule out the hoax possibility, at least by me.

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posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 12:21 PM
October, 17 2011, 14:05
Serbian Border incident.
Serbian military border base in (censored) fired three SA-3 exo-missals on 3 UFO’s spotted crossing in Serbian air space. One UFO received direct hit and exploded in air spreading debris over huge area, second UFO was damaged, lost control and landed four Kilometres close to (censored) village in Serbian territory.
This was not easy target, UFO’s have radar signature of basketball but actual size was Boeing 747, said Colonel S.......(censored) , but unfortunately third one manage to escape on other side of Serbian border and we was not allowed to fire another missal even we have perfect kill-shot .
Search recovery helicopter patrol send in area and recover space ship remains but for surviving occupants was all ready late. Occupants of UFO tried to escape from burning debris and they were shot by locals. Whatever they are they are NOT from this planet, said one of locals, we expected to
See Americans, but we was disappointed ,they was ugly gray creature, they tried to negotiated with us but they have weapons in hand and they not respond on our warnings to put weapons down
so we kill them all.
This is third space ship accident in same area this month, Serbian border base have zero tolerance
for crossing Serbian air space. Reinforcing Serbian air corridor with new more sophisticated radars
and more SA-3 rocket systems. Shoot first ask questions latter is policy establish in Serbian military
after NATO bombardment of Serbia.
(I have not doubting source of this post, you can believe or not, I know is not first time Serb’s shot UFO, back in April 2011
After small volcano of gun fire they shot same type of UFO very close to Belgrade it’s was packed in crates and sand to China, they even make joke: if we need one for us , we will shot another one)
Seven ALIENS was recover from debris, not showing signs of life, they was still in military ambulance
When suddenly from nowhere enormous ALIEN ship landed on same place, apparently ALIENS was
asking for ALIENS remains., more than two hundred people was on site this evening , not just everybody lost mind by shocking sight lot’s of cameras continue to roll all documented materials are on Serbian internal internet link’s , all photos, video footage and testimonial are a viable there.
Serbian High Military Command order was followed, Shoot first ask questions latter ......

posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 01:07 PM
At the current time.... my belief is - That if I was close too anybody who had the intention of shooting at a flying saucer with a gun, I would either try to deflect the firearm with physical force, or try to grab the firearm and wrap it around a tree.

posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 01:23 PM

Originally posted by Kandinsky

Together they collectively lost their tiny minds and started shooting at it with the .303 and their side-arms. 15 rounds in total were fired. The eighth round from the rifle struck the object and caused a thud that moved it slightly and altered its colour from red to green.

So it seemed to like being shot at.
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posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 01:28 PM
reply to post by cyber

Typical Serbian mentality - But I don't believe that story, you posted for a minute. Or that anyone, or any state or country, at the current time, does not have the capability, or wherewithall, to shoot down a fully functional flying saucer from another star system.

And thats that!!!



posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 02:02 PM
What Serbian mentality has to do with international law of defending own air space?

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