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Kerry needs to hammer Bush on conduct of the Iraq war and the war against Islamist radicalism.

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posted on Aug, 25 2004 @ 11:51 PM
Why is it that as each day passes John Kerry just canít get off the ground? Why hasnít he gone after Bush on the Iraq War? Islamist radicalism is something else that I do not hear John Kerry talking about. What is wrong with the Democrats? Do they not understand what the most important issues in this election are?

The Swifties' ability to dominate the news with incendiary nonsense is, I believe, a direct result of Kerry's unwillingness to dominate the news with tart, controversial substance by challenging the President on Iraq.
People need to start thinking about what is going to be happening in this country after the next terrorist attack. My attacks on Kerry are because I am a Vietnam vet and I am unhappy with his actions after the Vietnam War. Understand I do not trust Kerry, but I am open-minded, he needs to show me.

This election is going nowhere, and Iím starting to feel more and more insecure each day. I think Iím going to uncover my bunker and start filling sandbags again, maybe stock up on fuel and food. Anyone else feel like our leaders have gone off into left field?
As for me jumping on Kerry, hell Iím just a guy with a computer, what I got to say doesnít keep America alive.

**Note: NOW Iím hearing (from Kerryís own camp) that Kerryís wounds for his first Purple Heart may have been due to his own actions, not from enemy fire.

ďAnd the beat goes on.Ē


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