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posted on Sep, 23 2011 @ 11:51 AM
Hello ats. I have crusied anound this site for months an finally to day was the day to join. But unlike alot of the other intro's i did not join because:
A) Holly crud just found this site because of the dream/prediction i had!!!!
B) Chicken little the sky is falling the sky is falling

But im just kidding (no disrespect to anyone) but this is a intro an simply put thats what i intend to do.
I am a 29yr old stay at home mother of 3. live in ohio, an have oppinions about everything. I believe there are always two sides to every coin. Weather we like the out come we truely need to see both side before we come to a concluesion.
Before i go any further let me say my spelling is crud. I know you know it i dont need to be reminded of it. But bear with me an I think for the most part you will always know what im saying. I put this out there because i believe with all my heart that from the rants i have read, that some members are/were teachers lol.
I will be on most of the forums but will only post when i feel i have something to add, an also look forward to posting my own too....

P.S. okay so i know i said i wasnt going to jump in head first but....
I posted on a thread about obamas 9/11 ann speach, there was alot of talk about the bible passage (earth falling away) not fitting in. well he used those same words at the gifford thing at begaing of the year.

P.S.S also there is new merciedze(?) bends commercial with all seeing eye at the end between the buildings


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