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If we look at human history, the chances of Aliens being benevolent is actually very good...

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posted on Sep, 23 2011 @ 07:00 AM
if there are two camps of off-worlders, malevolent and benevolent(just an example),i feel
that the benevolent faction would have had to use force to perpetuate itself
against any aggressive actions from the other. both sides prepared to use
violence and force not just the malevolent side. this leads me into thinking
that perhaps an uneasy truce is in place or that the benevolents have the upper hand by
means of technological superiority.
my baseline i come back to on a regular basis is that there are no warring factions.
i suspect they are observing and in stand down. for what reason who knows, however,
wouldn't it be a surprise to all if it was the case that the most precious gift in
the universe would be to spend a lifetime experiencing existence in a body here on
terra firma. maybe they are simply in a state of waiting for their turn in a solid
body perhaps like a holiday.
with no solid evidence of intention i guess the litmus test would be when they actually
appear to all. this is the crux. if they appear and interact with world leaders, handshakes
and hospitality then pat the backs of the leaders,i would be worried. if their presence
became apparent worldwide and the governments declared them hostile, would this be a sign
from the world powers that they wish to perpetuate their own hegemony at the cost of the rest
of us?
perhaps it is all about dna. i found joseph p farrells works on the question very interesting. the i ching
and dna having identical characteristics.

has existed since life began all the vital processes of all living creatures whose structure,
form and heredity are programmed in precise detail universal claim

the basis is plus and minus double helix of dna

four letter are available for labelling this double helix: a-t,c-g (adenine,thymine,cytosine,guanine)
which are joined in pairs.

three of these letters at a time form a code word for protein synthesis.

the direction in which these code words are read is strictly determined

there are 64 of these triplets known whose property and informative power has been explored.
one or more triplets program the structure of one of the possible 22 amino acids; quite specific
sequences of such triplets program theform and structure of all living creatures,from the amoeba to
the iridescent peacock's feather.

two of the triplets have names:"beginning" and "end."they mark the beginning and end of a code sentence
of some length.

i ching
all processes of living development throughout nature are subject to one strictly detailed program
(universal,physical, metaphysical,psychological,moral claim)

the basis is the manifestation of the world principle in the primal poles yang(__) and yin(_ _)

four letters suffice for life in all its fullness 7=resting yang ---, 9=moving yang ---,8=resting yin - -,
6=moving yin ¬

three of these letters at a time form a trigram, a primary image of the possible eight dynamic effects.

the direction in which the trigram is read is strictly determined

there are 64 double trigrams precisely designated and described by Fu-Hsi (3000 B.C.)in very vivid and
precise images of highly specific dynamic states (e.g., "breakthrough" or "oppression") with in each
case six possible variations of this state and subsequent transformation into another one of the 64
hexagrams-a program of fate,as it were,in which each individual is at all times placed to operate the
"switch" of fate,from which point onwards the "train" continues along its appointed "line"

two hexagrams have names: 'before' completion and 'after' completion' (frequently opening and closing
"melodies of fate" in the oracle).
above is Schonberger's table of dna i-ching comparisons.
this information is courtesy of joseph p farrells book-genes,giants,monsters and men.

i typed it in txt so please forgive any omissions.
the above got my attention as dna has only recently been discovered and mapped whereas the i-ching has
been here for a longer time.
the reason i posted this is i am considering the possibility that any alien race with knowledge of
the structure of dna and manipulation techniques could have inserted favourable information into
the helix way back when.information could possibly be hidden within and perhaps dormant for the time
being. perhaps the i-ching was also a gift given many thousands of years ago. this would add weight
imo to a suble benevolence albeit a pragmatic one.
regards fakedirt
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posted on Sep, 23 2011 @ 09:43 AM
that was a fantastic post fakedirt
there are benevolent aliens,but you're wrong about there not being a war(or more precisely a struggle)

the IChing /DNA thing you outlined is spot on though .and I never had it explained that way before!

posted on Sep, 24 2011 @ 12:24 AM
reply to post by MrsBlonde

hello mrsblonde
thank you for the compliment. i may very well be wrong about the war issue. its just speculation from my end and i do welcome opinions from others.
regards fakedirt

posted on Sep, 24 2011 @ 12:32 AM

Originally posted by Caioneach
If you ever read about the history of humanity youll see that we as humans really had no regard, respect, or love for out own lives. 1000 years ago people were killed very harshly for small things. A life could be ended at the drop of a hat and it was normal. If you didnt want a baby you could just bury it and walk off. If you wife made you mad you could kill her in front a group of people and it would be perfectly legal. Slavery, bigotry, sexism, the killing of those who were different were all wildly acceptable only up until recently. it is only as we have grown more advanced that we have grown to appreciate nature and life more. There was no such thing as "human "rights back in the early 1900's. that concept didnt take root until later. Now we are far more protective of life and safe with how we do things than before.

so does it make sense when people use human actions as a gauge for how aliens will act and say theyll be violent? the answer is no because the trend shows otherwise.

Anything is possible and an advanced alien race could very well be evil or malevolent, but if we use ourselves to gauge wat could happen we actually see where the outcome is good.

So for all the people who want to use human nature as a gauge for how an alien race millions of years more advanced than us will behave i say go ahead. Because were only appreciating life more as go foreward.
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edit on 22-9-2011 by Caioneach because: (no reason given)

Just about all Human action is governed by the need of resourses. Once that is taken out of the equation and a being...Alien or not....has no need by replacement of devote their life to accumulation of resourses....then what is left is a search for knowledge.

People tend to be a lot less violent when they are content. Split Infinity

posted on Sep, 24 2011 @ 09:35 AM
well Split Infinity since you brought it up
our 'Aliens' must be the poorest creatures in any dimension! It seems that no matter how much they acquire it will never be enough

or maybe that is the end game for them ?Whoever dies with the most toys wins

posted on Sep, 24 2011 @ 09:55 AM
I would say so. Considering the fact that those who have inhabited the earth throughout humanities existence have been a universal blight, I'd say that other civilizations have been very benevolent to just let us exist.
In a way I'm kidding, in another way I am not.

All jokes aside, yeah, I'd say most of them are benevolent. I won't be so bold as to say that there isn't any malevolent civilizations out there, but the majority are benevolent.

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