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Century 10 quatrain 72- Nostradamus

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posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 03:52 AM
Who's to say the king of terror is a person, not a thing?

when did El Nino kick up ? July 1999...

posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 04:01 AM

Mars is a roman god, and doesn't have a one for one correlation to Ares, the greek war god. Mars is associated with plains, fields, and agriculture. The month of "March" used to be, in the old roman system, (at least I think I am recalling this correctly) associated with either planting or harvesting or the season in which that is done.

True, Mars was a Roman God, but was in fact their God of War/Soldiering. You will find that Ceres was the goddess of farming, fields and such like.

The ancients didnt name their planets "after " Gods, they where one and the same. Ie; Mars/Aries (God of War) WAS Mars the planet.

posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 08:35 AM
Yet the myths say Mars found this warfare somewhat exciting,as I suppose we all do with these movies and war footage.
But Mars visited the field of battle and was attacked by a human who thought he was an enemy.Mars was hurt and ran from the scene.
Therefore I think he WAS a person,although Diefied.
The "immortality" of these "Gods" was the ability the Visitors have to heal almost instantly and to rejuvenate.
The "Gods" also feasted and were lustful.
"Lustful in the extreme."2IC
Perhaps this is the animal part of us,if unchecked?

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posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 08:44 AM

Originally posted by stgeorge

Mars,if it means God of War (I am not sure which Diety that means. Poseidon?)

Mars is the Roman name, Ajax is the Greek equivalent.

posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 10:53 AM

Mars is the Roman name, Ajax is the Greek equivalent

No. Ajax was one of the suitors of Helen and so was one of the members of the Greek force against Troy in the Trojan War. Ajax killed himself, so he was not a God. You will find that Aries is the Greek God of War, and therefore Mars equivalent.

posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 11:01 AM
"Who is to say the king of terror is a person and not a thing?" he asked.

Because nostradamus mentioned the arrival of the King of Terror.if a natural phenomenna,it would already be known, already there.Like hurricanes,earthquakes,volcanoes.Which of these is King or worse?
No,I pointed out that it was King Of Terrier in the original French which means King of the World.
I think it is also Tibetan mystism that says The King of the World dwells beneath,and will one day come to the surface?

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 09:46 PM

Originally posted by stgeorge
"Who is to say the king of terror is a person and not a thing?" he asked.

Because nostradamus mentioned the arrival of the King of Terror.if a natural phenomenna,it would already be known, already there.Like hurricanes,earthquakes,volcanoes.Which of these is King or worse?

But it is already there. The El Nino kicked up badly in July/August 1999, and we are still feeling it's effects today.

posted on Jun, 26 2019 @ 07:02 AM
I had to sign up here just to respond to this discussion. I am a pilot.

The funny part is you will continue to sit there in complete disbelief because you can never accept that it is this simple or real.

Please, enjoy my book. Remember, if you want to interpret his prophecies, maybe you should get out a little bit more than what you are already. The best of them “get out”. John of Patmos. Edgar Cayce. Me. Nostro. Aboriginal Elders.

posted on Jun, 26 2019 @ 10:17 AM
I seem to recall that there is some sort of linkage with the OP Quatrain (king of terror) and some other Quatrain which alludes the 'King of Terror' is notable because that person is linked with a nan who wears a Blue Turban

the world today... or even in the 2001 was recognized that the 'Blue Turban' is linked with the India sect called Sikh'

Royal blue or navy blue turbans are common among Sikh ministers and gyanis, especially in India.
The blue is the color of the warrior and of protection.

Why do Sikhs wear Turbans? - SikhNet | Sharing the Sikh ...

so Osama bin Laden was not being pointed he wore no Turban--- only a scarf/bandana/ and could be considered a mastermind-of-terror but not a King-of-Terror in the early stages of AQ organization

the actual King of Terror is likely the 'hidden hand' behind the proxy army of Jihad fighters...a globalist/Deep State strong-arm character or organization... the UN wears 'Blue helmets' along with India's Sikhs' wearing Blue Turbans....and the CIA actually created/funded/organized AQ then IS/ISIS...

perhaps the favorite-Son-of-Fürth (in Germany) needs vetted out for being the hidden-hand/'King of Terror'... the good Doctor Henry Kissinger to those of you scratching their heads about the 'Fürth' reference

posted on Jun, 26 2019 @ 06:07 PM
I was truly fortunate a month ago. My wife and I went on a day long Loire Castles tour, and we had the most knowledgeable lady guide, that I could imagine. My wife is handicapped and was riding a Travel Scoot, which actually opened some extra doors, so to speak.
It was raining steadily, and the guide and her assistant didn't want momma to try and go back down the slick stone steps from the Fortress of Amboise's front gate, so they opened a back door and the four of us zipped down the spiral carriage way, in a tower, that the French Kings used to enter and egress without everyone knowing. The Travel Scoot is the latest one with outside shoe brakes, and I was hanging onto the backrest, to help with the braking. So when we popped out of the hidden door at the base of the citadel, back into the steady rain, we ended up at the little restaurant together for lunch.
The guide had noted in Catherine de Medici's bed chambers that she dabbled in Black Magic. Nostradamus had been her confident after King Henry was killed in a Jousting accident. The guide also told about Mussolini trying to take Leonardo's bones, which are interred at Amboise back to Italy, to be buried as their famous son.
So I shared my discovery of the 14 years and 6 months old surviving twin brother of Louis Joseph, who was switched into his younger brother Louis Charles cell, so that he could die and be accorded his true rank of Dauphin.
After over two Centuries, this did happen in 2005, and at least his heart is in it's correct niche at St. Denis's Royal Mausoleum.
Leonardo's bones were hidden in WWII, but are now reburied in the "Hunter's Chapel", at the side of the Fortress. So history really does double back on itself in those old Royal corridors. Time will tell if she passes my "Twin Bro. Hypothesis onto some of the researchers in France.
I've been fortunate to have some of the Nostradamus continuum flow around my family here in the U.S.A. But we're only a fragment of a much larger puzzle. I just hope that I opened her eyes a little. This thread is one of the American fulfillments so it can be cracked in English. Many others fulfill on the Continent, and will require people to solve them in Benelux, French, and German languages. Another poster here, in an earlier thread noted that "The Great King of Terror" could come out of thin air, as well as come through the skies, as is usually interpreted.

Many of Nosty's dates are contrived so that you cannot solve them before the event has occurred. I feel that this one hit very close to home, here in Idaho, on July 12th, 2001 AD. If you look closer, the year 1999, equals Dec. 31, 2000 AD, since there was never a year zero between 1 BC, and 1 AD. Indian sites correllating their Vedic calendar to our Western one, put in a (+1) between BC and AD. I like a plus one year, after 1999 to generate the correct year. Then comes July 31, 2001 AD, when the giant river of Chlorine Dioxide poison gas streamed in front of me in the early evening.
Even better, there are two 19's hidden in the numerology of this same verse. The buttress Century is IX, plus X, which gives IXX or 19. The second is a bit like the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, where a point in the Chartroom is shown by carving off six inches of the Staff of RA. In Nosty, dropping out the ciphers (you cannot cut off zero inches), will give you the second 19 in this really dense verse. So nineteen days shy of July 31, 2001 AD, equals July 12th in the early evening, in the Pacific Daylight Time Zone.

Living in Tokyo, Japan, the clock had already turned over to July 13. So solving the King of the Mongols, to be Adm. Yamamoto, or more precisely the Japanese Bio Chem warfare section, Unit 731, gives the Legend of the 47 Ronin, or rogue Samurai, writ very large in deed. July 13, here is my daughter, Diana's 27 birthday, and in Japan it's a focal point for a long delayed second Pearl Harbor Attack on America. Isoruku means 56 in Japanese and it's the inside pair to fill out a magic square of those old Ronins. Run the numerology and it really jumps out at you. Living on Tokyo Time, this is the second "climb Mt. Nikata" point of no return message of the first half of the Pearl Harbor attacks.

Prior to our latest European vacation, I boned up on Leonardo, by reading Walter Issac's biography of him. Now I just wish that ol' Walter had written his book before we were attacked on Sept. 11, 2001 AD. Leonardo did do overs by removing the eyebrows or lashes from a second work. Century II, q. 27, also generates some 9-11 numerology by removing the top left serifs from Century II, or 2, Roman Numeral. Long story short, Both of these two verses, C. II, Q. 27, and C. X, Q. 72 are joined at their hip. Reading in English, that magic square of Isoruku, dates fifty six years after Sept. 1, 1945, in Tokyo Bay's Japanese Surrender to the United Nations. Just like with the original 47 Ronin, the Black Dragons laid low for fifty six years and then launched a Chem/Bio? attack on us on 9-11, 2001 AD. This was thwarted at the last minute by the heroics aboard Flight 93, over Shanksberg, PA. That little Military jet/drone following along behind the passenger jet was going to fly laps over D.C. after the Heavy crashed into the Capitol Building, and dowse the Federal grounds with probably the same Anthrax which was turned loose, earlier in the mails, in order to muddy the waters.
So two unrelated poison gas attacks, were ruined here in Idaho, by a stiff and steady wind which blew away the poison, and later by passengers rushing the Thugs holding down the Cockpit on Flight 93.
Before all of the present Coup evidence surrounding the Mueller Report, a previous military Coup on Sept. 11, 2001 AD was way out there. What I like most of all is my using Pearl Harbored as a verb, twice. This gives "Torpedoed too Early", for both of these King of the Mongols attacks. Japanese write backwards so the magic ronin square is 731, 11, 9, 56 years after the end of WWII. What I do not know is just who named the Imperial Japanese Army's Chem/Bio warfare plant, Unit 731. But just like Vesuvius wiping out cities full of Romans exactly ten years after they sacked and burned Jerusalem, count ten years of 28 day Biblical Months after our Sept. 11, 2001 AD attacks, and you are faced with the 3-11 2010 AD Great Sendai Earthquake and Tsunamis. You add one Biblical year every Nineteen Years to get our Gregorian Calendar to line up. And this Divine punishment is still tracking with the Fukashima nuclear disaster, which continues to unfold.

I really doubt that there will ever be a third Pearl Harbor attack, after they finally get Fukashima cleaned up. But the various Northern Japanese Tsunamis killed more people than Vesuvius's AD 79 eruption ever did. You Tube now has dozens of clips of different cities being wiped out as the cameras rolled, ten Biblical years after our Trade Towers crashed down, in a diversion attack which has always been a hallmark of Japanese Military Strategies. The main attack was always going to be to wipe out our Nation's Capital Grounds in Wash. D.C. But by the Grace of God, both attacks came one or two days early! But the last and best question is who named Unit 731? Our secret Manhattan Project sites were named after pre-existing cities like Hanford, WA. and Alamogordo, N.M. Was there an Isoruku, one two punch code, going all the way back into the early 1930's?

posted on Jul, 23 2019 @ 05:14 AM
Or maybe it referrs to a person being born in 1999.
Astrology has been used in many cultures to predict both pregnancies and births.

posted on Jul, 25 2019 @ 01:16 PM
a reply to: Chazam
These fulfillments usually weave together. This 1999 verse in C. X, Q. 74, not only dates itself, but it lines up with C. II, Q. 27. The verse about Nosty's 500th year male decoder, lines up precisely with my tune up of my then newish 1985 Mercury Topaz. I asked for my old schoolmate, Bob Sattler to do it's 12K factory covered tune up, so I could button hole him on his dad's Mussolini Photes, which we saw in 1957, when we both were in our 11th year in Fifth Grade Class.
My daughter, Diana's 27th birthday was the morning of the day after that terrible Cl O2, gas leak, which dumped out a rail tanker car of Cl, mixed with a second carload of O2.
The twin verse of the 500th year decoder is the parallel Phoenix Bird's 500 year interval between it's genesis, and it's "Burning Bed", as my wife calls my little dustup with an electric blanket, trying to torch me, sleeping on a Soma Water Bed, in Oct. 1984, about 14 months before I decoded my own adventures, related in his book.
I'm preparing a book, which will be cut off right at the end of November, 1985. I'm sure it won't make any money, but it will serve me as a copyrighted "placeholder", for any future Kindle, or Amazon, P.O.D.'s where there are "back doors" for their authors to go in and change out texts. A smallish Trade Paperback, will solidify my claims, period.

Trying to wax eloquent, I think that Nosty meant to say, "He who was the Mercury Man, Hood Ornament, of his own age!
This is if you can get your head around, Mercury Topaz, as a reflection of "an Ornament of his age"?

When the Romans desecrated the Temple of Herod in Jerusalem, it took ten years of months until Vesuvius vented, pardon the pun, the Wrath of God, upon the Romans. Counting from the Sept. 11th, 2001 AD attacks on the U.S.A., it has likewise taken roughly a decade to the terrible earthquake/tsunamis, and the Nukes at Fukashima, to again, vent the Wrath of God. So in the end, if we are really at the end of those Pearl Harbor bookends attacks, both have ended with Nuclear Explosions.

I have to wonder if the Japanese even conducted War Games, using their new 1937 Unit 731, chem and bio weapon lab, in long delayed "second front" attacks on us, even before Adm. Yamamoto, dispatched the IJN fleet to hit Hawaii, in Nov. of 1941 AD. If so, then maybe the terrors of Mar. 11th, 2011 AD, will finally cool their jets. "Vengeance is Mine", sayeth the Lord. Our Feds still haven't owned up to that "little military jet", which the campers at Shanksberg, PA. described to the T.V. field crew from KDKA, Pittsburgh, who covered the crash scene of Flight 93, near there. That T.V. report only came over the air, once, and then was censored.

posted on Nov, 24 2019 @ 12:19 AM
(Seem's Valid, this is for the Comet MABUS = 25 Years for Antichrist)
(Not the Black Sun or Like that = 27 Years for Antichrist)
(Nostradamus gives two values both are not correct for "antichrist", which is mankind's sin against whoever person)

(think like this)

1993 Twin Tower Terrorism (with black sun smoke in 9/11/2001) = 27 years to 12/21/2020 (Black Sun, BUT NO WIFE IS TAKEN NOTHING CONSENSUAL FOR MOSES, only humanities crimes against him)
1994 Jupiter Strike by Comet (Toynbee IDEA) ...... plus 25 Years to 12/21/2019 COMET MABUS

The year 1999, seventh month,
From the sky will come a great King of Terror:
To bring back to life the great King of “Angolmois”,
Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.

(Remember What We Said ? How Moses has not taken a WIFE, nor has there ever been anything Consensual for both parties, that is the law .............. you need to understand July 1999 was valid for a WIFE but this is the LEGAL ANSWER)

(NO WIFE OR WIVES TAKEN) ================== 1999, seventh month =============== 2019 for "666" to 7/8/2061 Halley's Comet ============== IS VALIDIS VALIDIS VALID

(have not decided, weather Moses will just leave this earth, and let humanity fight with its sin without god, but probably not, will have to make assessment, weather is still viable to lead some people selectively with god's mercies) (not point of discernment yet available) (soon)
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posted on Dec, 21 2019 @ 04:07 AM
It predicted 9/11, actually.

He says 1999 and sept mois..

We reverse the 9 for 1, and the 1 for 9.

So now we have 9111 and sept mois.

It happened on 9/11, and the last 1 is the actual year, 2001, the only year which fits in perfectly.

The sept mois is not the seventh month, it is the month of September. And confirms the 9 is the month meant for his clever code.

The 'King of Terror' is meant tongue-in cheek. The media labeled Bin Laden the great king of terror, and created him as such. That's what he means by calling him a great 'King of Terror'.

As with all quatrains, they are grouped in four separate quatrains, which match up as one event. There are three other quatrains on the 9/11 event, as well.

This answers why some quatrains are not clear, or obscure, or seem like failed predictions - because they are taken as a single thing, when they are one of four together in a group, each group depicting the one, single event.

posted on Dec, 21 2019 @ 05:03 AM
a reply to: turbonium1
That's interesting. I always thought the same however I justified it as Sept was the 7th month then so just add 2 to both year and month.

Although the fact that we can manipulate the words after the fact might be the case also.

posted on Dec, 21 2019 @ 07:24 AM
a reply to: Krahzeef_Ukhar

Yeah Sept7ember, Oct8ober, Dec10ember, we used to have ten months
The Romans added two months August after Auguastas and another I think may have been June after Juno

posted on Dec, 22 2019 @ 02:26 AM

originally posted by: Krahzeef_Ukhar
a reply to: turbonium1
That's interesting. I always thought the same however I justified it as Sept was the 7th month then so just add 2 to both year and month.

Although the fact that we can manipulate the words after the fact might be the case also.

Adding a 2 to the month, and adding another 2 to the year, is actually revising it to fit an argument, but that doesn't work, because we must uphold the original quatrain, add nothing, remove nothing, it does not include in the quatrain itself.

A quatrain does not use words unless they mean something, and cannot be edited out, or added to.

Everyone should have known that when he says 'In the year 1999 and sept mois', that is not the actual date of this event, because he never gave the actual dates for events in his quatrains. Like most, I was once naive about Nostradamus, and looked to the so-called 'experts' for interpretations of the quatrains.

These 'experts' all said that it was actually the date of the event, which I now realize is so stupid, and they are clearly NOT the experts they claim to be.

The 1999 is simply flipping 9 for 1, 1 for 9. And that alone looks wrong, or the year 9111. So there is another clue he gives us, which helps us to solve the puzzle - Sept mois. That's the trickiest part - the Sept mois. After knowing more about how his clues work from the moon landing hoax quatrains, I realized that he wouldn't be so vague, about the actual date of the event, as to only give the month of it, and not the day itself.

Of course, it certainly helped to know that the event already happened, which gave me the 911 to start with. Hindsight helps to figure it out, but not all the time, because the quatrains contain many riddles, and puzzles, which must be solved in order to flesh out the actual events.

And stay away from the phony 'experts', and figure it out by yourself, if you wish, even though it is very challenging work, the rewards are worth it, if you achieve it.

One more very important hint, which NOBODY ELSE has ever known, because I only found it from the moon hoax quatrains ....

All of the quatrains are in groups of 4, for each event all separate from one another in the book itself (other than the moon hoax event, at least)

The moon hoax quatrains were in three consecutive quatrains, and the 4th was far away in the book, the one clearly mentioning the moon landing event.

It took a long time for me to decipher the other three quatrains as referring to the moon landings as a hoax, but it was quite a revelation when I finally did!

Anyway, I then thought why would he have 4 quatrains for an event, but only 1 or 2 for other events. After I deciphered the 4 quatrains on 911, I knew they HAD to ALL be in groups of 4, but we've never looked at it that way, before the moon hoax and 911 were grouped in 4, so this is how I look at the quatrains now...

One more puzzle he left us - there are 942 quatrains in total. Which cannot separate into complete groups of four, there are 2 remaining afterwards. Those two quatrains are not predictions, they are the first two quatrins in the book, describing how he prepared for his predictions. That leaves 940 quatrains, grouped in 4 each, for 235 events.

posted on Dec, 30 2019 @ 10:21 AM
a reply to: turbonium1
All the experts are phony.

Everyone claims to understand but nobody has predicted anything prior using these quatrains.

Perhaps you're onto something.
Personally I think 3001 fits better, maybe 4001.

Why are you so sure it's 2001?

posted on Dec, 30 2019 @ 01:24 PM
a reply to: Krahzeef_Ukhar

The year 3020 is coming up for Masons.

posted on Dec, 30 2019 @ 10:15 PM
a reply to: turbonium1
If you haven't read my earlier posts, there wasn't ever a year zero, A.D. The modern English language sites in India match their ancient calendars to our's by adding in ( + 1 ) between our B.C. and A. D. registers. I simply put this + 1 year following Dec. 31, 1999, as it's a series of years, not a calendar's date. So you get to Dec. 31, 2000 A.D. Then adding seven months into 2001 A.D. gives July 31st. Now here is where Nosty got extra tricky. Using the Buttressing Century IX, + X, gives XIX. using only Arabic Integers, 09, 10, or 91 minus the Arabic number for the verse, or 72, gives a second 19. I deduced that Nosty was back filling from July 31, 2001 A.D. This gives July 12th, 2001 A.D. And this little jewel is the link up to C. II, Q. 27.

What most interpreters mistake is that his verses come in pairs, or sometimes link up together in daisy chains. And this is the date that those 9-11 jihadis were "called" , by a Killer Angel, to exact a "Pearl Harbor Class, wake up call, on our Eastern Seaboard, some 2700 miles to the East of the Washington, Idaho border.

Now here is where things turn to the Repetition of History dept. Pompeii was destroyed in A.D. 79, exactly 2 Julian months after the General who was in Herod's Temple in Jerusalem, as it burned to the ground, "Grasped the Purple", in Roma, after the end of Vespasian's reign as Caesar. Vespasian missed the burning of the Temple on the Mount, as he raced back to Roma, just as news of Nero's suicide reached Jerusalem. Then he held the Fort, in Roma, for ten years, from A.D. 69, to A.D. 79.

Counting ten years from 6, 9-11, 2001 A.D. gives the devastating Fukashima nuclear core explosions in 2011, A.D. One whacked out Harvard Professor has nearly uncovered the Sibylline Oracles' connections, but he is still stuck in Prophetic Fudge. As for me, I'm still waiting for some scribe to realize that the Japanese Black Dragons of Isoruku Yamamoto, not only used his numerical given name to time their attacks, these same sweet hearts must have War Gamed their dastardly Unit 731's chem and bio capabilities, against the U.S.A. out to the limits of Isoruku, or 56 years from the day that Gen. MacArthur stuck a sharp stick into the eye of their Emperor, on Sept. 1st, 1945, in Tokyo Bay, aboard the U.S.S. Missouri.

This means that the 9-11 attacks were supposed to be the legend of the 47 Ronin, writ very large indeed. 4, + 5, = 9. 5 + 6, = 11. 6+7, = 13. and 7, = 7 Japanese write from right to left, so this magic square gives 731, 11, 9, some 56 years after Sept. 1, 1945. Of course 1945, plus 56 years, gives Sept. 1, 2001 A.D. That little military job flying right behind Flight 93, which went down near Shanksville, PA. would have delivered a terrible blow with Anthrax, to our Capital grounds, just as thousands of Federal Employees were evacuating the Gov't buildings, out onto the Greenery. Flight 93 was going to take out the U.S. Capitol Bldgs., with the little poison bird hiding in it's radar shadows, as it flew straight into D.C.

Additionally, taking off the top left serifs from Century II, in Roman Numerals, adding 2 + 7, for 9, gives 11, 09, 27 years after my daughter, Diana's birth on July 13th, 1974. Too bad that Walter Isacson never got around to writing his biography of Leonardo Da Vinci, until much too late to pick up a master's painting, showing both eye brows, and then the do overs without them.

Only the Balkan Prophetess, the blind Baba Vanga, has noted a nuclear war in 2020 A.D. But Fukishima is reaching a boiling over point, where radioactive waters must be released into the Pacific Ocean. But the horrible part of this is that it won't disperse radionucleartides, rather the micro-organisms in the Sea will re concentrate them to the power of 6 or 7. My uncle and a neighbor scientest in Downer's Grove, Ill. did testing after a large Nevada A Bomb, and found these kinds of concentrations in a widow lady's home canned beans and strawberrys. At the top of the food chain for strawberries or salmon, we can expect to absorb a million times the Fukashima water releases of radiation, per acre feet. Those Downer Grove exposures were discovered just three weeks after the Nevada testing. Somehow, the big Red Coca Cola machine in the Argonne Lab's commissary was also tested by my uncle's neighbor as being "Red Hot". And this wasn't his job, he just got suspicious about those big bad nukes out in Nevada. So he cooked up some home brewed radiation detecting equipment from the toys in his lab, at Argonne. Today, that same lab has been renamed Fermilab.

But you just do not read about this in A.P. press releases. I haven't put all of the connections into this post, so you'll have to go back and research my earlier ones, under Carpooler. Poor old Baba Vanga may have been the only one to "SEE" this nuclear devastation, coming in 2020 A.D. Any day now, the Japanese will start purging horribly radioactive water from those multi million gallon holding tanks. They simply have no more storage tanks to hold it out of the Ocean's biosphere.

Oh!, and have a Happy New Year, this 2020 A.D.

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