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Write-in Candidate……Military Rule

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posted on Aug, 25 2004 @ 08:20 PM
Maybe I’m having one of those “out of body” experiences, since suggesting that we voluntarily vote for Military Rule, just does not sound like me.

However, think about this. In November we have another election for President that shows signs of being as moronic, and controversial as the 2000 election. Forget the vulgarities of unverifiable electronic voting machines, rights stripping, and plain fraud. The present corrupt press medium, and the pick a channel parrots, are saying the country is pretty much split 50/50. Half don’t want any more of Bush, and half doesn’t think Kerry will be any better.

I personally think that enough people in government were involved and supportive of the crimes of 9-11 that just changing regime in Washington will not be enough to insure that all parties involved are prosecuted. Due to the magnitude of the event and associated crimes the military would probably become involved anyway. Maybe having our country watched over and protected by Military Rule is needed, while we try to unravel some of our internal problems. We the America people are the military, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, aunts uncles, cousins, mothers, and fathers. If the corruption behind 9-11, and other plots against this country is so subversive that the people of military are willing to kill damn near everyone else, to protect a group of known criminals, we have absolutely no chance at all in the first place. America will fail, and we will have failed America.

Four years of Military Rule might be just the ticket.

Too many people think we won't see military rule..

What they need to see, is the BRAINWASHING taking place in colleges and universities today. Young men and women in the ROTC today are TRAINED wearing ALL BLACK UNIFORMS. Bring to mind the SS of Germany? It should. I have seen this taking place first hand. And when they talk in the hallways, upon seeing any 'civilian' they resort to hushed tones. This is fact, and those that don't believe it can check it out for themselves. Remember this is a JOB to them, a source of income. They know while getting their college degrees, that there really aren't many jobs out there. But they believe shrub's 100 year war will always keep them employed, even if at a much lower salary than a civilian job would.


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