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Avoid The Mind Traps/Pens!!!! Dandelions Are Free!!!!

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posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 01:26 PM
OK, this is going to be expressed, in a sense out of frustration, due to rather long chats. The one in the chats has really given me a few jewels, by his performance, really thats all that be said about these long hours of chats, its a performance, with an intent. And I see through it, even bring that up.

For example, yesterday I wrote this: "sometimes when you write to me, its as if you are continually pushign at buttons, to see what I will say, and it doesnt feel right, like something artificial, if not I apologize"

To which he replies: "be weary and trust your gut..I may not always be of light as you have well witnessed".

So often we go in circles, and with me giving the same advice about prayer/meditation, its all about Love, try to access pineal, listen to binaurals or dolphins/whale song to form the rainbow bridge, ie get out of the left hemisphere!!!! And I say it over and over, surely someone is getting bored. You'd think.

This was a carry on about hell, souls choosing to be evil permanently due to a misunderstanding of the harm it takes to create psychopathy, and the need for healing.

In any case, it was many hours long spanning over two day. In which case. It is like going full circle, each new problem or what deliberately feels like a test being put on me, to try and shake my belief in Love, and all along the same answers from me, but there is this CIRCLE that keeps going and repeating in the conversation, and its like he deliberately can never see the DOOR, or escape hatch.

Finally speaking from within, my own truth and connection to truth, not able to say alot on this topic, a direct message came within,a guidance that there was limit here to what I was allowed to say, an actual limit to how far one can discuss shadows and mirrors and healing. But, I say, WHY is it that when someone is a free thinker, there is a force here that tries to put them back in the chicken coup, tries to pen them. We're not in the same grades, but we're still intrinsically equal, of the same family, the same people, and my image for this equality: is that we're all like dandelions. flowers of the field. completey equal.

But dandelions contain a secret. They're Free.

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posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 01:32 PM
In our talks, I finally was saying, WHY? Does this force try to trap us, and control our free minds?

Surely with our differences in belief it would be apparent that there may only be 1000 to 1 million people out of 7 billion who think like me.

So why would the dark side, in my mind I'm thinking Jesuits or agents, be so intent on trying to force us into incorrect lines of thought, even to the extent of emotional blackmail. So he says, I will prove you wrong. I will go to hell (the hint being because I believe that all will be healed and freed in the end though this can be quite a stiff process of perfect knowledge and shadows/mirrors where you must face some severe harm to others) that this is giving him permission, therefore my fault, he would want to sin to prove me wrong, and then be healed, and then afterwards, choose to be evil again.

Why would this force, insist on trying to enslave a mind?

Then it came, well is a free mind that dangerous to them?

When someone never followed the world, because the world was so corrupt they simply reached within to the God/Goodness stone and tapped into their Knowing since childhood.

Is that so dangerous to them.

Would 1000 people, 500 people, even 1 person who's thoughts were free, who could see another ending to the play, prevent the "dark" side from carrying out its plans, its visions for earth.

Is even 1 free mind, superman in the system?
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posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 02:01 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

It all starts with a doubt.

The "why" is the source of the "problem", though I simply prefer to refer to it as an "option".


posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 02:04 PM

The thing I see is that if there is a REAL conscious enslavement of the true selves here then your mind may be interacting in more planes of existence that the average being cannot enter. Others who may be observing may be ALARMED by you reaching these potential planes of existence. So when they do see you rising they come down to your level of awareness to attempt to miss guide your mind/soul/energy. This again is why I say Unity_99 that some JUST WONT acknowledge you me or another as family. To this potential mind you speak on we may be nothing more then enslaved souls and when you start cutting off the Metaphysical chains it causes ripples. This is why some are destined to be sent where their energies can be reformulated / CASTED. Because like many who are trying to figure this school out (on a POSITIVE LEVEL) and are projecting into the cosmos/spance/energy field their conscious thoughts w/ questions of truth PATIENTLY awaiting their REFLECTING/MIRRORED responses. Others are only into control of the output projections of the consciously enslaved in order to prevent a REFLECTION/ MIRRORED RESPONSE that may burn their control mechs to STAR DUST which they don't want. It is easier to control if they have the consciously enslaved projecting fear-death-evol --their field of play-- LOL BUT NOT ONLY THEIRS
back on topic - because the REFLECTIONS MIRRORED BACK ARE WHAT THEY CAN MANAGE BETTER AND manipulate the minds better with. They don't want the minds projecting a GOD being of GOOD who will come and show them their reflections in their faces. No, its preferred it seems to keep the minds on evol or ignorance steering them away from truth into their field
ohhh their elder energies mm mm mmm

So do try and not allow any to feed of your soul force and keep shinning BRIGHT my friend pulling the proper mirror in to FOCUS for the positive and magnifying glass for the deceptive ADD SUN/SOL energy to their magnifying glass and you got what they wish not to be. I don't know who your encountering but do recommend you remain sound on your beliefs and not weaken over repetitious post back and forths. If they wish not to see your LIGHT then..... ALLOW them to go to a more manageable plane of existence where some more suitable for their actions can MIRROR AWAY THE EXACT SAME ENERGIES THEY ARE SENDING. they should be happy you are trying to prevent them from ignorance or a MIRRORED REFLECTION they wont want to see due to their deeds.

Take care my friend.


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posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 02:15 PM

But, I say, WHY is it that when someone is a free thinker, there is a force here that tries to put them back in the chicken coup, tries to pen them.

You have your answer in this statement: because a wily chicken is one liable to escape, and every chicken flown the coup is one less you get to eat.

It's possible we're only trapped in these patterns because we threw a chicken in a cage to begin with. Our own agricultural practices are being utilized to farm us. It's just an infinitely more sophisticated pen.

I like the dandelions analogy very much.

I hope you escape your dead-end conversation, it sounds like a pointless bummer.

posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 03:01 PM

Originally posted by ErgoTheConfusion
reply to post by Unity_99

It all starts with a doubt.

The "why" is the source of the "problem", though I simply prefer to refer to it as an "option".


Yes but doubt in Love is the problem. Its the very essence of what we were discussing to me. Though he was probably seeing it from his own thoughtscape. To me, to even suggest a system akin to his belief and to imply that one must stop sharing the opposite, or you're leading others into wanting to sin, for example, is so twisted.

It twists Love and Goodness out of shape and makes the Highest Love and Goodness in Progression that is in existence, by anyones definition of God/Goodness, into something that is NOT LOVE and GOODNESS and I won't defile what Love and Goodness is.

So that would be such a grave error that no one would allow that, that is the kind of error that twists this concept into: A smiting God demanding animal sacrifice and telling you to murder your defeated enemy down to the mother and suckling baby.

In short, this is NOT God and Not Love and Goodness.

To even think that there are entities/spirits, souls that enjoy extreme harm of others as a choice, is also a twist on Love and Goodness.

Spirits have weaknesss/vices. Ie. vanity, or a love for candy. These weaknesses can be worked on in various schools, missions and assignments and will be seen with mirrors and healed. Child Spirit will grow into Mature Soul.

The Seed will become a Wonderous Flower, not the same flower or plant it left, but its own Flower.

But extreme harm is different. This takes extreme harm put into a spirit, to get that output.

I know what Love is. And the Perfect Plan is a Perfect Ending For The Play. However this can take "time" whereas in infinity, we have to look again at this to understand.

For example, if we take someone very negative, serving the dark side, an ancient god of old, not going to name him here. He will one day be healed.

But as that clip of film finally moves ahead. In the infinity, there are other clips of him moving forward from behind.

Though its not linear like that at all either.

Infinity is all at once, like infinite fractals. And all the clips are not in linear pathways, but can be chosen from different scenes. It is too much for this level of mind to understand, especially the non linear expressions.

Consider this in terms of Infinite Schools/Universes, with infinite energies and intellects/spirits/soul, and you can see how there is always this negative force in existence on the certain levels, though not higher where the separation of elements occurs.

But one by one, everyone moves ahead, when they bottom out or when the reason is right.

A friend shared with me, while in this chat, in fact he asked me to share this with him, when he himself had had his time battling the shadow in his own life, something dark had flowed through him. He said it was like being completely cut off from yourself who would never feel like this, and there was temptation (I suppose power is the cookie) to give in, but you are so lost, so removed from yourself, that Your Higher Self, must throw down the rope to help get you out of this pit.

We're Family, and the Good Loving Family always seeks those in need and throws down that rope.

There is a time when those truly lost notice the Light that was always with them.

When all the knowledge in the end, when the universe itself completes and rises to the next level, is shared, and all are healed, there is no going back. We will be, some of course already, but all then, in the Universal Understanding, Telepathy, able to feel each others inner most thoughts, having shared everything, even those terrible painful lesson that we wish no one learnt, no one chose to go that route, the hard way home that they allowed in themelves, we will learn so much how NOT TO HARM OTHERS, that we will be grown up more. And not childish any longer. There is no fall back then, when all are SOULS.

posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 03:27 PM
When this is understood, all will share in the knowledge. However this is not law of one, nor is it the concept that we had to go through the two paths, for we didn't.

One does not need to fall in a swift fast river, to know what drowning is like, nor does one have to put put in a keg of hot oil to know what burns are like.

We have lines of defense against becoming what we would never wish to become here. Because these are NOT equal paths. One involves harming others terribly and betraying love and family, and in the end, facing this with the feelings of the other. Its hearbreaking for Family above who are only One Element and Tender Caring Sensitive Love in Every Progressing Levels to Witness this in any way. There is a river of sorrow running through the universe, so intense and deep, it needs to be addressed and mitigated or put out.

These are not equal paths as the mystery school believes.

The first line of defense is the very conscience we are born with, the heart of a child within. That is the part of us troubled by some of what we read in our own religions that says wait, thats not Love. Its the part of us that if we honor, and develop and hone, will develop true discernment to see through the world. We can also choke it out with weeds and distractions and perks, ie. big screen TVs.

The second line of defense is through hurting others, conversations, arguments, harsh words, we say or do something, or don't do things we should, and then so deeply regret it. We are sorry and attempt to make this up, or sometimes the person is gone, and we can only say this in our heart. This second line of defense is also there to work through our vices or weaknesses if we can see this clearly.

Most don't seriously harm, dismember, rape, torture or abuse others. They don't see however that we're being forced into co-dependency with governments and corporate heads that are harming others, starving others and the wars and abuse, including in farming practices and nature.

Most don't know what to do with this.

But we have lines of defense that protect many from making total trainwrecks of their lives.

This other pathway, both in terms of earth tests, and also in the Entity/Spirit behavior, is the trainwreck of ones life, and its a very hard path filled with great remorse, suffering, pain and is to be avoided at all cost.

Anything beyond this, in terms of the entities/spirits or the spirits/seeds, students, is just AI, the shadow mirror program itself.

Now it is also important that in no way does anyone judge another, for even with these lines of defense things are far more complex than this one way of putting it. Everyone will share their knowledge in the end and will be so grateful to each other, with gallant love, on bended knee expressing gratitude, that there will be no holding something against another at that point, no putting oneself down anymore, but gifts developed to truly help others, other children or clips that need that help, we will be much wiser. So the healing is going to be wonderful in the end, with every heart humbled and grateful.

Some of the complexity even comes to the spirit body form itself. Even our Spirits have form, and there are harder forms to overcome. Some are more predatory in design, some less. Some things are really complex, some beings themselves on those levels are like mirrors. This is not a simple answer, for its complex and yet, the ending of the play is perfect.
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posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 04:41 PM
I agree with much of what you say Unity the problem arises once you see things for what they are as well as the ever expanding scope of infinity. The levels start to become more apparent with each little event as a block riddled within infinite moments.

The biggest Why? Is the rewarding of evil in this reality. Evil can reach beyond the scope of death as well as love just not quite as abundant a fashion.

Why is it that the righteous face closed doors and manipulation while those who reciprocate receive love and material riches? The promotion of cheating lying thieving killing stupidity is priority number one in this trap.

You cannot work and pay taxes without supporting killing and torture. And its not a small contribution 47% of our budget is THE MILITARY. In this day in age the fact that anyone would even take a soldiers job is depressing.

As time moves I feel the alignment fast at hand yet I am scared as to what will manifest.

posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 05:19 PM
reply to post by Ophiuchus 13

You speak on really deep levels both awareness and also on a higher level, both with an understanding of Love, and yet an understanding of the mirror too, or a sense of consequences, recasting, as you say.

Here is another mystery, that is touched on by Yeshua/Jesus in the scriptures, Matthew the Parable of the Sower. He says, to those who have more, more will be given (progression, and enhancement), to those who less, even the little they have will be taken from them (regression, halfing of soul energy, which can be unto infinity save that this is principle not practice).

Some think of this loss as reformat, as shredders, but what is given me is no one loses their true essence or self, though if you've watched What Dreams May Come, this is a depressed shrunken mindset, with memory losses, and reduction of awareness, its like being in a smaller more limited box trying to find ones way out and back, when the shadows let up. This by the way was a suicide, and the outcome of lack of faith and extreme depression, this was not the same thing as those who are conducting occult ritualistic murders in horrendous ways of their own children and others, something so sickening that they don't understand the level of deception they've been roped into. Any time you're harming someone you're harming yourself.

One thing, no matter what people think of in terms of reformats or reshaping, Light and Love is protected. In the chessgame, the negative side has no power over the light side. And the True Creators/Designers of this Universe School, are the ones who will be grading/working with those souls who are not harming others in serious ways.

Also each clip of our lives hangs in space forever, so memories can never be lost, people's lives can never be lost, and all is restored in the end.

But I remember a time when I doing the dishes, and connected to the earth energy grid via the water. Oft times when connected to water, many things occur for me.

This time, suddenly was aware of something very menacing and negative monitoring me as if very close. It felt like a predator breathing down my neck, almost that close and in my mind came this image of a very big, tall macho, big chested male "demon" or gargoyle. Sort of like the way Gary Oldman's depictioin of dracula when he is with his love, and is found, and he stands for moment in monster form, then collapses into a pile of rats.

It felt like a poised moment, like the calm before the storm. I sort of froze.

Within a flash Higher Self was there, and we became in her world, in my vision. We were in a meadow with flowers and a stream, that formed a still pool, like a mirror. I was seated in an old fashioned dress.

The man, with the big chest, walked to the stream and looked in. His reflection was a beautiful woman also in old fashioned dress, with long dark blond, light brown hair. And he transformed as if stunned and remembering who he really was, and the opposite macho patriarchal warrior male he had become.

At that moment, the most beautiful man stepped in, he held out his hand to his beloved soul mate or sister, my own interpretation would be his true love who he was waiting for.

And everything gone. I was doing dishes again, and all was well.

posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 05:23 PM
Love from the field of dandelions.............

posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 05:53 PM
reply to post by mistermonculous

The analogy between farming and how ETs treat us, not to mention entities, is real, but its also exaggerated by some ufologists. It tells me bloodlines are involved. The thing is about cruelty to animals, not deny your body or family of nutrients needed and even essential. There is a lot more illusion to this world too, but thats not something all are going to see, and even bringing it up can bring on quite a debate.

Sometimes we're in private rooms in hotel earth, where those around us got ahead of us on the lessons, and some behind. Some is just perception.

What is reality. Is it not a biochemical reaction in the mind center that only transforms the energy signal input from the senses.

We should always live with the highest level of our own understanding, ie if vegan then vegan, or if trying to live cruelty free and giving thanks to the Higher Ups and all of nature, then this is also the way.

Big farms and callousness should not be the standards, nor big nets sweeping all marine life into its shredders. Its terrible what is happening.

Small farms, local run for many things, though overseas is good for those things we cant grow ourselves, but the highest ethics. If we could take back our power and only purchase that what we know came from ethical caring families and businesses, who prove themselves in other ways too, this would make a difference.

If only banks (though I truly don't believe in money system, more open source or venus project model) could also be the same.

We need to be aware.

But those on low incomes, with children in school and fast time schedules, they cant afford to pay extra, they're in debt each month or barely scraping even.

So the solutions have to be inclusive of everyone and respectful of everyones income. Or they're meaningless.

I really wish more were awake, conscious in this system and could meet up in communities and form citizens counsels to think tank, organize, and even pool up resources and get some businesses going to replace the corporate pyramids.

And heritage seeds, indoor gardens for apartments, solutions. The problems are big, its the low cost solutions we need.
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posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 06:15 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Are you sure it is your friend who is doubting in love, and not you?

Is it not possible that the very act of allowing someone to doubt Love is in and of itself a perfect loving act? Is it not vital in order to have truly chosen Love?

The only doubt that will ever matter in our lives here, is our own doubt that anything is ever done, seen, felt, heart, or witnessed outside of Unconditional Love. Just because you/we may not be able to see the Not Love as also Love under current circumstances doesn't mean they aren't. I don't deny that there is such an experience as Not Love, however I have yet to find a circumstance where it isn't ultimately foundationed upon Love.


Originally posted by Unity_99
One does not need to fall in a swift fast river, to know what drowning is like, nor does one have to put put in a keg of hot oil to know what burns are like.

I disagree. We may know that we will experience something that we expect to be negative, but until you have done something you do not know what it is like, you only know what your biases and belief filters tell you what it would be like. There are physical representations of making pain happen to promote healing faster than it otherwise would. The simple version would be ripping off a bandaid. Trying to avoid the pain actually just creates more pain. Accepting the pain for the purpose it will provide to move forward allows it to switch from being an "evil" to being a "good" despite the negative sensation experienced.

We as a collective infinite points of awareness need *someone* to *actually* fall into a swift fast river and drown in order for the total awareness to have that experience available for reference. The more variations the more accurate the "general" understanding becomes, even the awareness of those fringe circumstances where jumping in a swift fast river or putting a hand into hot oil were *better* outcomes than the other alternatives would have assumed before actually trying it.

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posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 06:18 PM

The analogy between farming and how ETs treat us, not to mention entities, is real, but its also exaggerated by some ufologists. It tells me bloodlines are involved. The thing is about cruelty to animals, not deny your body or family of nutrients needed and even essential. There is a lot more illusion to this world too, but thats not something all are going to see, and even bringing it up can bring on quite a debate.

You know, I've gone some weird places with this. When I'm out in the deep end, or perhaps on the right track, I tend to think that predator/prey relationships are archaic, unnecessary, and maybe even a giant cosmic perversion. I would compare raising and eating another creature as akin to strip-mining coal when you've got a bank of solar voltaic panels all set up and ready to run.

Extremist? Yeah, definitely. And only applicable to humans; a species blessed with empathy and other options, protein-wise.

And heritage seeds, indoor gardens for apartments, solutions. The problems are big, its the low cost solutions we need.
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Word. It's not all that difficult. I started 200-some veggie plants this past season for three households, and my set-up is, *cough*, pretty humble.

posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 06:46 PM
reply to post by ErgoTheConfusion

You would have to be within the conversations I've had to understand, and this only broaching upon them in the smallest way, as I don't wish to expose any vulnerabilities or harm him. He is loved too. But to put this carefully, while sharing, he was up to his tricks again, ie. putting something out the way someone behind the scenes would try to test your hypothesis as if to suggest this would be leading someone (now he is the victim, so he's carefully constructing both roles) into wishing to sin, to defy the idea My response was that, not everyone is going to see the same thing, and its not even needed here, here its more about Love. And upping our love, feeling more about others, and looking at patterns repeating in our own lives (mirror) to find some areas we need to improve, repairing relationships. This last part was not spoken, but has been brought up in mutual chats with others in the past.

So wasn't really trying to make him see it, just standing up for Love, and that its not twisted into something else.

What happened, and why this thread sprang out was it suddenly dawned on me because he kept writing the same things over and over about sending himself to hell, being "healed" as I believed and then he would prove me wrong about being able to still go and be evil. It was a setup situation. As so often happens in our chats.

To me, why try to force me to agree with something that would insult what Love truly is and therefore I could never lie about this, and not stop forcing this.

So directly, I began to ask why, he was trying to pen me, why was free thought being met with this attempt to force into the twist of Love?

I was not forcing him, this wasn't about forcing. This had merely sharing, of course people are in differing grades and paradigms here.

That cannot be confused with this world however. In this world, the negative side has the podium and is doing something so wrong, it goes to the very line of what can be called free will if you stretch it. They believe wrongly that only they may speak and pump distortions and stress and trauma and promote violence and negatiavity/harm in students, but that if anyone speaks up from the truth and Love side, if that side even tries to communicate or have the microphone even once, they're messing with free will.

That is very very distorted thinking. Love may speak up plainly and clearly because there is way too much dark squares. In fact if you read Isaiah 28 with discernment realizing this guy was speaking to TPTB today and in his time, the same bloodlines, and really knew what they were about, and he had a real voice within that shone that light/message, you'd see what he basically said to them.

1. due to their corrupt lifestyle, he said wine and drunken lives, but this means corrupt, they were not in contact with angels basically (the words he used can be easily interpreted to mean, its a frequency match the contact).

2. that they were in contact with the dead, and he spoke of hidden lairs (dumbs) and they would not hold, water would rush through them.

3. that all their contracts (this means the way they have sold out humanity in their coding all religions to saturn/abyss even, and their outright trading of human souls, and also, their distorted views on karma and cosmic laws) were VOID. All contracts null and void and broken.

4. the last paragraph dealt with their true purpose, if they were really setting themselves above others, in any way, which is actually the first error.

This one asked, how many times does the field have to be plowed to get a crop in? Once should suffice? That would imply recylign humans by overburdening them and stressing them out, in winterland hellzones was NOT what Goodness/Prime Creator and the Higher Ups, ever intended. It was more Get in and Get our fast!

ie truth not lies. Good examples not corruption.

In fact then he spoke of the good example and instruction the children should receive.

I had the Spirit with me when I read this and meanings just leapt out and I was smiling my face off. I also saw in the last sentence(s) an image of Christ, renouncing the world, living humbly, and washing the feet of his disciples, not lording it over anyone.

This also means, that we are to speak up and shine the light and love, not just hide it away.

But we shouldnt argue with others, this thread was out of a persistant nonstop shouting in big caps at me trying to drive into me that he would harm himself by what I beleived, and then ignoring all the posts I made about, "why the attempt to pen free minds?"

I know that this was something else, not a normal chat.
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posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 06:54 PM
I was being tested by someone on an agenda. I knew it very well and kept bringing up what I've said in my first two paragraphs and even linked the Dandelions Are Free site to him.

An example of the testing just previous was he went on for some time about how I should define to him what my definition of things he could do and not go to winterlands, in other words what constituted less serious harm, as he suddenly claimed to feel like experimenting and push the boundaries of his limits to learn more.

It was basically trying to trip me up to cross some kind of karmic line to encourage or mislead someone.

Whereas just kept repeating that the answer was to pray and ask how to help others and think more of others.
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posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 07:56 PM
There are 2 key elements to unraveling and understanding the matrix here, touched on in the small amounts shared.

One is that a Free Mind, able to see a different ending, understanding LOVE is LOVE, and Fully Loving, is very dangerous to their agendas. Even small amounts of people wide awake in this way.

We need to start to use our own minds and connections within, to see through the lies taught us, and to really think deeply on Love, what it acts like, how it would treat a child, a school, what defines what Love and Goodness is?

And apply this to not only the world around us, but also our own faith/beliefs/spiritual practices. To discern, those things that lift the heart and bring unconditional love, and compassion, that would NEVER forsake another, and would swim the farthest ocean to rescue a loved one, from those distort love into control.

Also, another look into this matrix is the kind of challenges given to me the past few days in countless hours of chats, were specific in trying to trip me up. Trying to assign karma to me, or either control me with guilt into these pens, OR try to lower frequency so that harm could occur, ie, fit into their idea of cosmic laws and balance.

On this part, a little more should be said.

1. Their laws are distortions. Yeshua, Christ Jesus, wrote in the sand with his finger. Isaiah told them all their contracts were null and void. These are some of the true lights in the scriptures.

2. We are not expected to betray our strong belief in our heart, ie. there is no way I would distort love into control or callousness with spirits/souls, and twist true Love into El, the Caanite word for Saturn. Not a chance.
This actually hands his own threats and consequence to himself. He is responsible for seeing himself, what is the conscience in his heart, and the mirrors in his life, and if he really is seeking, the Guidance that we are are so graced with.

3. There is a permissions thing that goes on in this free will school, ie. The more we develop our discernment and love, and try to correct and even seek for help with more difficult areas. The more we give permission to Love to operate in this world. ie. miracles, guidance, and actions. Also protection. The other side is true as well, and so its almost an attempt to allow harm to occur to another.

For example, someone insisted I read a channeled work that was very blatantly negative. I can sense jaki, negative energy, like a musty, cloying, negative aura. But I don't speak up well for myself, and can be kind of passive aggressive. ie. passive and unable to speak up until a line is crossed, then get upset. I know this about myself and have prayed much about this very thing. This person had a bit of a forceful side that reminded me of abuse in the past so I froze. So I promised to read this work that was completely against the strong recognition in my heart.

Then I thought, I promised so I must try to do this. So I began and read a few chapters. I saw through it and the distortions. Also was really shocked to see it was channeled on a ouji board. This is the Cassiopian Wave.

The result of this work, was, the next morning. My youngest son, then 9, came running down the stairs. He threw the quilt on the floor and was in tears. He said, the quilt had paralyzed him, so he could not move. I took it aside, and started questioning him suspecting something. He said he awoke paralyzed and there were hooded jacklys in the room, and everytime he tried to move, they would touch his stomach with a stick/wand/prod, and it was like being punched in the gut.

I immediately became ill for over a month, with a huge lump on my lymph gland and needed strong antibiotics.

I closed all permissions realizing the gift, my Spiritual Father had given me of energy recognition, that I had all my life, was a good guidepost, and this was faithless in me to ignore.

Permissions. That showed me, that negative waits to pounce on love if they slip up, in their books.

There was another time too, similar lesson learnt, though that time it was borderline, because I had not gone there, when pulled. Someone pulled me, so this breaking the negative rules didn't apply, and their consequence was met with a rescue. That was an experience that involved my entire family, my children even, and my son had missing time.
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posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 10:03 PM
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Fair enough. I will most gratefully and respectfully accept that I do not have an adequate vantage point.

Thank you for sharing though. I will read through again a few times to try to make the most of what you're offering.


posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 10:27 PM

On the 26th the moon will be on the equator.

On the 27th is a new moon (practically on the equator), and lunar perigee. This means new moon on the equator as close to earth as it is going to get in this orbit. ...

what does this mean? well this particular alignment obviously is once in a zodiacal age, perhaps tens of thousands of years will pass before we get this exact alignment again with the moon at perigee.

I 'm adding my posts on the astronomical allignment and why so many PTB may be in Denver.

I see this as the anti christ, its abbadon or apollyon, its also the symbolic return of Quetzcoatl.

Elenin meant 9 11.

Revelations 9 11.

This could very much be why someone was trying to get me to trip up and say something that would lead someone into sin and be put in danger with permissions. Well if someone was an angent or mystery school initiate this could be the case.

I personally renounce and denounce all negativity in the name of the true Christ, the Spirit of Peace and Love's true example, Jesus, and in the name of the Spirit of Peace and Love by the highest definitions of those words in my heart, and by the Name of the Highest Love and Goodness in existence.
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posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 10:44 PM
My friend, the Magicians Apprentice was looking into this idea, and searching within he said: revelations 12 came to mind, the woman clothed with the sun and the moon at her feet. She gives birth to a great red dragon. (china may be involved or symbolized too)

His tail will throw the stars from heaven. Ie. Elenin disappeared, broke up and will its chunks hit earth? Will they cover this in the Satellite breaking apart?

My friend said about this male who would rule the world, he would be brought to god and his throne. The Queen represents the Spiritual head and Administration head of Israel and by proxy Egypt, so, this might be why she would be there.

He then said 1260 days till armeggedon, angel war. And then, Christ and the Good Family will arrive.

So roughly 3-4 years?

I'm doing think tank type of speculative, throwing it together, throwing it out and hoping to shake the tree and see what apples fall out!

Odd how I always thought the dates where roughly 2014-2017. That is just inner idea that I've been posting for some time.
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posted on Sep, 23 2011 @ 04:42 AM
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WHY is it that when someone is a free thinker, there is a force here that tries to put them back in the chicken coup, tries to pen them.

The force is called reality.

When people persist in believing in things that are not true, they keep losing their way and bumping into obstacles that force them back to face the world as it really is. That hurts, and you suffer.

The good news is that real life is a zillion times more exciting and enjoyable than all that superstitious stuff.

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